UK: The Rumours Start!

united kingdom UKUK – A day after the BBC confirmed its national selection process, Twitter gave us our first rumours of who some of the 6 UK acts could be. Tweeted and deleted relatively quickly were the names of  Nicholas McDonald possibly with a song called ‘Beautiful Life‘ and Jessica Wright with a song called ‘Heartache at the Disco‘. Other names being mentioned are Liss Jones (Voice 2015) and Michael Rice ( X Factor 2014).

Nicky McDonald, from Scotland, came 2nd in the 2013 UK XFactor when he was only 16 years old and had a number 6 album the year after… on RCA… the label tasked with finding some of the entrants.

Also today, Stephen Jones , a talent scout posted the following on Facebook:


Stephen has worked as a Talent Consultant behind-the-scenes on seven series of Simon Cowell’s The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent where numerous artists he has helped uncover have reached the final live shows — several of whom have gone on to sign to major record labels including Sony’s RCA, Epic and Syco Records and enjoy chart success. Stephen has also previously been a judge, on a Song For Europe (Eurovision UK entry)

The 6 finalists, chosen by 3 different routes, will be revealed on Friday 22nd January on the Ken Bruce Radio 2 show between 9.30am and 12.00 noon where we will find out if any of the rumours so far are true. Usually they’re not!

16 comments on “UK: The Rumours Start!

  1. Good news for OGAE UK members, we get first chance at the tickets for the national show 48 hours before everyone else so everyone in OGAE UK who wants a ticket can have one. Thanks BBC :)

  2. Oh no… Not McDonald. I hated him. Such a bore Zzzzz

  3. Oh no, please not another X Factor reject!

  4. Agree with Jade, please not Nicholas McDonald!

  5. There is nothing I can say at this point … except: Good luck UK! :)

  6. Spanish songs showing now in live broadcast with a few of the singers present

  7. ok in the end, good British friend Uk ESC fan of mine,asked me to send on the following! :-)

    GB through the ages…

  8. Rumpors in Greece: Today Eleni Foureira who wants to go to Stockholm told during an interview that she would gladly accept ERT’S invitation but she heard that the latter will follow a different approach this time opting for more alternative artists.

  9. Eesti Laul hopeful I WEAR* EXPERIMENT – “Patience” :

  10. off topic : The austrian songs are out.. You can listen to them here (full versions) : http://songcontest.orf.at/artists

  11. If anything, UK should be proud of their last year result. They beat three quality songs…:p

  12. Lots of rumours about the being one of the UK finalists…three former contestants from BBC’s The Voice:

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