Spain: Snippets Online Now, Final on 1st February

spainSpain – The 6 Spanish hopefuls have had 30 second snippets of their songs released this morning and you can now listen to them online. One song has been released in full but the other full songs will be released tomorrow. See what you think from the short pieces we can hear today… 

Maria Isabel – ‘La vida sólo es una
Electric Nana – ‘Now
Salvador Beltran – ‘Días de alegría
Xuso Jones – ‘Victorius
Barei – ‘Say Yay!
Maverick – ‘Un mundo más feliz

TVE has conformed that the national final will be held on Monday 1st February 2016 at 22.30 (CET).

Maria Isabel’s official video has been published already:

47 comments on “Spain: Snippets Online Now, Final on 1st February

  1. Maria’s “La vida solo es una” is the first single of her last album . Here is the full song :

  2. And the mediocrity continues…

    Xuso Jones most likely winner

  3. Electric Nana FTW

    I also like Maria Isabel – ‘La vida sólo es una‘
    Salvador Beltran – ‘Días de alegría‘

    Good luck Spain

  4. Off topic : NRK has published the snippets of this year’s hopefuls … Laila’s and Agnete’s songs seem to be the best ! Agnete is the front singer of the group The BlackSheeps , runner up in 2011 ! http://www.nrk.no/mgp/stage-dolls-blant-arets-mgp-artister-1.12756061

  5. I’m not really crazy about any of them, however this doesn’t really surprise me as it’s Spain and I rarely like their entries.

    All of the songs sound either really bland or really messy. I guess my favorite would have to be Electric Nana but I can’t see that getting into my Top 20 come May if it actually wins. Hopefully the full-length songs will change my opinion.

  6. Electric Nana:

  7. For some reason I can’t listen to the snippets. I tried to find the songs somewhere else and stumbled across Electric Nena’s full song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilEQ5v60vWM

  8. María Isabel, Electric Nana, Barei, Maverick and Salvador 7/12 LOL
    Xuso Jones 3/12

  9. I actually like xuso lol. it’s pretty predictable and I’ll probably hate it once I over-listen to it but for now it is super catchy haha.

    barei and maria are also really good. electric nana wasn’t as good as I expected. the other two are not my taste.

  10. Salvador Beltran is the best , electric nana and Xuso uff please maybe in some countrys in Europ where everything what is in english is good jaja can be a a litle hit , but i dont give any chance,Salvador Beltran have a beatiful song but for the latin world , sure can be big hit In Spain and America , and business is business

  11. I expected more from Spain.

  12. “Victorious” sounded so much like a MF reject it’s sad for Xuso, who’s stripped of all that could make a Spanish artist interesting. It’s even further off than 2007… he’s cute though

    As expected from the artists’ previous material, Barei is by far the best. The one I enjoyed as a snippet and wanted the full song.

    Maverick and Salvador overshadow one another in a genre I personally detest.

    Electric Nana was hyped before because she appeared different than your usual esc crowd, especially in Spain, but it’s mediocre at best.

    Call me insane but as dull and predictable Maria Isabel’s song was, I found it simple enough to almost pass as “charming” and it would be my second favorite as is.

  13. Maria Isabel- She seems ready for the contest, with the song already out, promo being done and all. If her live performance holds together, it can be top 20 in the final. 7/10

    Barei- Snippet sounded great until the chorus, which feels a bit cheesy. 5/10

    Maverick- It started off kind of like bachata (which I have grown acustomed to in an El Salvadorean neighborhood), but fell flat. 6/10

    Electric Nana- Expected a bit more, and TVE wants a Spanish language entry, so I don’t see this making it. 5/10

    Salvador Beltran- giving me Spain 2004 vibes, which is not a bad thing :) 8/10

    Xuso- He’s really attractive but completely anonymous, vapid song. I was hoping for something like Jorge Gonzalez from the last NF- at least it had a good chorus. 2/10

  14. It’s an average(at best)bunch of songs.I think i like Barei most and then maybe Maria Isabel and Salvador.Good luck!

  15. I already really liked Maria Isabel’s song and think it would be fun in May. I also liked the snippets for everyone else except Barei and Xuso Jones. I see Xuso winning the NF though since it will probably stand out as the most mainstream.

  16. Surprisingly good snippets!

    Maria Isabel’s one is EXTRAORDINARY, Maria Isabel go to Stockholm!! :)

    • we both got there, personally I love Barei song, not only because it goes against the typical Spanish stuff and despite however it would finish in 2016, but because it is somethig very different that TVE should consider, besides video (which doesn’t seem to be available ) is fantastic! all the male entries I found terminally boring, even Spanish wise, though I suspect final will be between Maria Isabel and Xuso Jones and both Barei and Electric Nana will be forgotten

      • I agree that Barei is nice and a different approach to esc after many very typical pseudo Spanish entries and big Diva ballads although i’m not exactly thrilled with it.
        Maria Isabel will win most probably and it’s a very mainstream,sort of generic Spanish esc entry but she’s a good performer and the song is catchy.

        • I agree with you , I think to express the idea of Spanish 2016 euro fans, would be to choose something like Barei or Electric Nena, and there is a big fan support for them
          however reality goes with mainstream Spanish type of song, “sin pena ni gloria “as we say in Spanish, maybe Maria Isabel live could change my opinion

  17. While I didn’t like Maverick or Xuso Jones (LOL) at all, I genuinely think this line-up is better than Norway’s (who would believe it!).

    Barei is my favourite so far, and I also quite like Electric Nana.

  18. The latin flavoured ones all sound similar imo…
    I think I prefer Maverick and Maria Isabel

  19. Spain up to its business; recycling random pop stuff. I don’t like anything!

  20. Very good Spain this year all the song i like , but my number one no doubt is Barei , sounds really songcontest winner 2016 , hope she goes, good luck Spain

  21. Maria Isabel has an AWESOME entry, finally smth with Latin American sound!! <3
    Maria Isabel go to Stockholm!! :D

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