Norway: 10 Finalists Revealed

NorwayNorway – NRK has today revealed the names of the finalists for this year’s Melodi Grand Prix. The final will take place live at the Oslo Spektrum on 27th February 2016. 10 finalists will battle it out for a place at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm in May. 

The 10 finalists and a snippet of their songs:

Agnete participated in junior Melodi Grand Prix back in 2008 as part of the band Black Sheep.

Silya Nymoen and Kåre Magnus Bergh will again host MGP. You can buy tickets for the event here.



24 comments on “Norway: 10 Finalists Revealed

  1. This is the weakest Melodi Grand Prix since 2012 imo D:

    Out of the snippets I really liked “Afterglow” and “Laika”, but “Icebreaker” probably could be a good entry too. Pretty much everyone seems to only like Laila and Agnete so that makes me feel confident one of them will win.

  2. They all sound extremely weak… I mean that was the case in previous years too but at least there were 2 gems one of which won in the end…
    I don’t see Norway repeating a top 10 this year…

  3. This is all snippet based, so all the usuals apply (maybe the full songs will change, plus lives, etc.):

    *I really liked Laila Samuels’ snippet! So that’s my early on favorite!

    *Makeda’s song sounded promising too. At least it got me interested in hearing the full song.

    *Stage Dolls, Suite 16 and Stine sounded dull but acceptable. And could get a good live to make me support it from afar (not my music but a good live sort of support).

    *Agnete, Elouiz, Freddie, Pegasus souded awful and would be an obvious bottom result from me in esc, even with a good live.

    *I have yet no idea what to make of the Hungry Hearts, the fact they’re more than 6 and that the song is either a joke entry or a masterpiece lol.

    All in all, your typical NMGP from the last few years, though last year had definitely more great songs to support the rest than this year.

  4. I really like the “Afterglow” snippet but I don’t expect Norway to send a strong entry for the 4th year in a row. Freddy’s song is awful!

  5. Unfortunately none of the snippets sounded promising. Based on popularity Freddy Kalas has a lead (and I think he will be a part of the superfinal). I will wait for the full songs to judge completely.

  6. “Pinne for Landet” was actually really nice but Freddy Kalas’ song for MGP is so underwhelming; he should’ve stayed in Norwegian.

    Not feeling the love for “Afterglow” yet, but “Stand Up” is a nice retro song. The JESC winner did it better, though.

    Pegasus sounds like a Norwegian Nickelback, so I had to stop after two seconds.

    Suite 16….no. Even One Direction have moved on from these types of songs.

    Really weak this year, with no clear favorite (or top 10 result).

    • “Pegasus sounds like a Norwegian Nickelback, so I had to stop after two seconds.”

      Could have been me writing that.

  7. The snippets overall are underwhelming. However, Laila Samuels – ‘Afterglow‘ sounds promising.

  8. Laila Samuels – ‘Afterglow‘!It seems it’s a very week year for Melodi Grand Prix.

  9. I’m most excited for The Hungry Hearts. Eurovision hasn’t had a big lesbian anthem in a while.

  10. Wow, MGP just seems to get weaker each year but they just happen to choose the one or two really good songs of the line-up. Based on the snippets, I only really liked ‘Afterglow’ and maybe Stand Up could be good. Please no Suite 16.

  11. Norway deserves this punishment after eliminating both Karin Park and Jenny Langlo in last years NF. The only two songs I’m sort of interested in hearing live are “Afterglow” and “Laika”. The rest go straight to the bin for now.

  12. Freddy Kalas is being forced to change his song as it apparently sounds too similar to one of his previous releases.

  13. Listened to them again.
    Might sound harsh but to my ears this a NF of Belarussian level…

  14. Yes, based on snippets it’s quite weak…

    “Icebreaker” sounds the best, but voccals seems quite bad even in studio version.. :(

    So I think i will go for Suite 16 – “Anna Lee”, but we will see when they are released in full and live..

    The Hungry Hearts featuring Lisa Dillan – “Laika” sounds interesting, but i see 8 persons in that act..hmmmmm :S

  15. Some bands sound bit younger than they look :) Avarage songs and I guess Laila Samuels has the best offer here!

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