Spain: Songs Released in Full on Wednesday

spainSpain – The 6 entrants’ songs in this year’s Spanish selection will be premiered with a 30 second snippet tomorrow, followed by the full song release on Wednesday 20th January at 17.00 (CET), to be streamed live on http://www.rtve.es. 

Also announced on Wednesday will be the date, venue and host city of the 2016 Spanish Eurovision national final.

spain 2016 final

As previously confirmed, the 6 entrants are:

Maria Isabel
Electric Nana
Salvador Beltran
Xuso Jones

Our recent poll shows that ET readers are most excited about Barei, closely followed by Electric Nana.

At the last moment, after the artists have recorded their songs, TVE has requested that the entrants include at least some Spanish language in their songs. Those singing in 100% English must be a little frustrated!

6 comments on “Spain: Songs Released in Full on Wednesday

  1. Apparently some of the entries have had to modify their songs at the last minute due to the fact that TVE (let’s say still “mouthpiece ” of the current nationalistic, government “en funciones” as we say till we get a new government) has insisted on all songs either being 100% in Spanish language (or “castellano” as we make a difference here), or at least incorporate castellano into the song, also there will be an international jury voting on the songs

  2. Wiating for songs!! Such impression that Spain this time took care about the look of artists :)))

  3. Norway reveal tomorrow too. I’m
    Hoping for something of my standard from Norway

  4. Just doing an article on the snippets now. I like what I hear of Electric Nana

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