Hungary: First Heat Line-up Revealed

ADal 2016Hungary –  The first heat of Hungary’s national selection contest, A Dal 2016, is set for 23rd January, at 19:40 (CET). There will be three heats and the line-up for the first one has just been released. A 4-member jury will choose 5 songs to qualify for the semi-final.

The lineup for the first show is:

  1. Benji – ‘Kötéltánc’
  2. ByTheWay – ‘Free to fly’
  3. Egy Másik Zenekar – ‘Kéne közös kép’
  4. Freddie – ‘Pioneer’
  5. Fatima Mohamed – ‘Ott leszek’
  6. Mushu – ‘Uncle Tom’
  7. Odett – ‘Stardust’
  8. Reni Tolvai – ‘Fire’
  9. Jázmin Török – ‘Power of love’
  10. Petra Veres-Kovács –’Singing peace’

You can check to all the entries here.

The Grand Final of A Dal 2016 will be held on 27th February 2016.

9 comments on “Hungary: First Heat Line-up Revealed

  1. My vote goes to Pioneer ! Freddie all the way!

  2. Definitely Team Freddie <3

  3. Strong lineup for the first heat. Looks like it’ll be a bloodbath.

  4. Why is everything so mediocre this year?

    Freddie, Mushu 8/12
    EMZ 7/12
    Fatima 6/12
    Benji, ByTheWay, Petra (the song is OK but the lyrics are awful …) 5/12
    Odett, Jázmin 4/12
    Reni 3/12

  5. I have none of my favourites in this heat.
    Ok probably Egy Másik Zenekar.

  6. Don’t know the songs. Will get to know them next Saturday, I guess. Good luck to all hopefuls!

  7. I LOVE Mohamed Fatima’s entry, I hope she wins this heat!!

    Reni Tolvai is good too!

    But Olah Gergo is THE BEST!! :) And Palo Grazst is GREAT! :)

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