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Israel: Six More Acts Through

IsraelIsrael – The quest to find next year’s Israeli entry has been continuing as The Next Star for Eurovision put through another 6 acts this weekend. You can now see their performances online… 

Israel The Next Star

The following qualified with over 70% scores:

Roni Silver 94% singing ‘Caruso
Mor Terry 85%
Mika Tzur 81%
Almog Hillel 79%
Ofir Haim 79%
Matan Elkayam 72%

4 other acts were eliminated. Israel is rivalling Lithuania for its complex process this year. It is expected that there are about 15 shows. These first 6 or so to date has seen acts having to get 70% of the vote..but the jury can give a 10% sympathy vote, we think. The next phase will see 15 acts per show performing for the jury and they have to get at least 3 out of four jury votes to go through. If more than 5 per show get 3 or 4 out of 4 votes, the jury must decide who does not go through. Then there appears to be duels and limitations to eventually get 5-10 acts in the grand final!

To watch last night’ performances click here.

The official The Next Star for Eurovision website is here and the Facebook page here.

Israel will perform in the 2nd semi-final on May 12th to avoid a clash with Israel’s Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of terrorism on 10th May.

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