Belgium: Laura Tesoro to Stockholm

Laura TesoroBelgium – Courtesy of Belgian broadcaster VRT we now have the third song that will be performed in Stockholm. After the Eurosong final it is Laura Tesoro that will fly to the Swedish capital with her song “What’s the Pressure”

The songs were performed live in front of the studio audience, the public at home and ten international juries from Sweden, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, Latvia, Montenegro, France and Greece

You can see tonights performances of the songs by clicking on the song links below:
Adil Arab “In Our Nature”
Laura Tesoro “What’s the Pressure”
Tom Frantzis “I’m Not Lost”
Astrid Destuyver “Everybody Aches”
Amaryllis Uitterlinden “Kick the Habit”

After a 45 minute break in broadcast the result show provided us with the results, a superfinal and more results. The scores given to each act are as follows:

The following are the act that each jury gave 12pts to:
Sweden – Tom
Azerbaijan – Tom
Greece – Tom
Netherlands – Laura
Ireland – Laura
United Kingdom – Tom
Latvia – Laura
Montenegro – Laura
France – Laura
Hungary – Laura

The public tele-vote results went as follows:
12pts Laura Tesoro
10pts Tom Frantzis
8pts Adil Arab
7pts Amaryllis Uitterlinden
6pts Astrid Destuyver

A super-final then took place between Laura and Tom where people had a minute to vote once more for who they wanted to win. At the end of the night it was decided that Laura Tesoro would represent Belgium at Eurovision 2016

Laura follows Loic Nottet who reached #4 in the Grand Final in 2015 with his song “Rhythm Inside”

What do you think of Belgium’s choice of song? Let us know in the comments below

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41 comments on “Belgium: Laura Tesoro to Stockholm

  1. Gutted Tom lost out…. 60secs is not enough time for a superfinal. They should have times it so they could sing again and people could vote during like Latvia used to

    I do like Laura’s song though but Belgium would do better with Tom. They do better with men

  2. It’s a grower.
    Congratulations and good luck.

    So far:

  3. I think this song lacks all the kind of energy it needs. Lame, anonymous, plus that I don’t think Laura has the vocals to lift this thing up. But nice staging at least, looks retro glamorous. (4/12) for now. Good luck.

  4. Buena suerte Laura Rebaja!

  5. So far :
    1. Belgium
    2. Ireland
    3. Albania

  6. The song (putting aside the humorously blatant bassline rip) a funk pastiche that forgets to be funky, and instead winds up sounding like a talk show theme. The singer is naive and irritating, completely overshadowed by her backings, and doesn’t suit the song at all.

    I don’t see Belgium in the final this year.

  7. It’s fresh and she will stand out for the energetic performance. Suddenly my least fave esc countries (Belgium, Ireland) provide likable entries for a second year in a row.
    Good luck Belgium !

  8. It’s a bit better than Ireland i guess but still it’s so generic and anonymous.I’m not so sure it’s a non qualifier atm.We only know 3 songs.Adil and Amaryllis were my favorites and much better songs than this one.

  9. off to watch my most favourite Greek movie of the last 20 years.
    Good night, people :)

  10. well, I doubt her vocals will imrpove (we always hope they do in NF seasoon and singers never do, once they’ve won a NF they think they can get away with the vocals with which they won the NF on esc)… as I said to Marc, I have big Austria 2013 vibes from it: amazing backings that put to shame the main singer who cant sing or move, and I see it bottom 3 of its semi ;)

    • As I said during the show, I also think that Laura will find it hard to qualify to the final if we get an at least average line-up. Laura is so amateurish, but not in a charming way like Lena 2010 but (as you rightly pointed out) more like Austria 2013.

  11. The Belgian entries charting after the final:

  12. 1-Albania

  13. How can you put visually stunning Ireland last?

    Btw, I always wanted to ask you what you think of the depiction of mermaids in “Pirates of the Caribbean 4”. Do you feel pain when watching it? :(

  14. I don’t hate it, and it’s performed with high energy which is a breath of fresh air. I think it’s a borderline qualifier, depending on the overall quality of the other songs and if Belgium’s semi is competitive.

    1- Albania
    2- Belgium
    3- Ireland

  15. Laura won. I did not watch tonight’s performaneces, but I can’t say that I am surprised. I sort of like it, that’s all. Good luck, Belgium.

    1. Albania
    2. Belgium
    3. Ireland

  16. eh. Don’t really like it but maybe it’ll grow on me. Hoping for an entry soon that I’ll love cause right now I just find all 3 average but at least there’s nothing really bad yet lol.


  17. The Belgian line up was horrible to begin with. First NQ known :p

  18. Well at Eurovision what matters most is the performance of the song, not the quality of the song itself (see: Austria 2014, Australia 2015). So I think she will qualify.

    1. Albania
    2. Belgium
    3. Ireland

  19. My top 3 so far:
    1 Belgium
    2 Ireland
    3 Albania

    All 3 are below average.

  20. Snippets of the Spanish songs are online: http://www.rtve.es/television/eurovision/aspirantes/

  21. Optimal choice!! For ranking 3 enteries so far I need the live performance of Irelad! Albania is in the bottom for sure!
    Goodluck Belgium! 6.5/12 but may grow if Laura does well with vocals!
    This is not Belgium’s year I guess :(

  22. Hmm I like the moves and dance in the behind, it’s so groovy!

    But generally it’s quite weak..I can give 5 in the poll maybe..

    I can see jury voting it, comes May, it can easily qualify IMO!

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