Belgium: Eurosong Final Tonight

Belgium 2016Belgium – Tonight Belgium will be the third country to show us their Eurovision Song when they pick theirs tonight. Tom Frantsiz, Laura Tesoro, Adil Arab, Amaryllis Uitterlinden, Astrid Destuyver will battle it out a third time for that ticket to Stockholm but who will it be?

In last weeks show the five sung their entries for the first time and in a public vote at the end it was Laura who rose triumphant but tonight the acts get to change their performance of the song in order to win the backing of the public vote and also the vote of ten international juries. The songs can be heard below:

Tom Frantzis “I’m Not Lost”

Laura Tesoro “What’s the Pressure”

Adil Arab “In Our Nature”

Amaryllis Uitterlinden “Kick the Habit”

Astrid Destuyver “Everybody Aches”

As usual there will be teo experts at hand to give their opinions on the performances. Tonight these will be Turkey’s 2009 representative Hadise and Producer Christer Björkman. The two singers with the most votes after the 50/50 Jury and public vote will make the superfinal where the winner will then be chosen by 100% televoting.

The ten international juries who will help decide the Belgian song will be Sweden, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, AzerbaijanUnited Kingdom, Latvia, Montenegro, France and Greece

Leading up to the contest it is Laura who is the favourite to win after winning last weeks show but our readers would like to see Tom get the ticket as you can see from the results of our poll:

Tom Frantzis 49%
Laura Tesoro 34%
Adil Arab 9%
Amaryllis Uitterlinden 4%
Astrid Destuyver 4%

The show starts tonight at 20:25CET (19:25GMT) and you can watch two ways. On the official Eurovision Website or on the Official Eurosong Website

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241 comments on “Belgium: Eurosong Final Tonight

  1. That was quick..Yeah Laura has no real chance to qualify imo. She is vocally decent but the whole act is currently very messy. It needs to tighten and to become more proffesional. There is time. As it is I am afraid it is my No.3 after Ireland and Albania (which has grown on me recently).

    Good luck Laura !

  2. A lame song and a poor vocalist. Though I got to say that the staging looks quite nice at least. (4/12) for now.

  3. Very poor, can’t see it getting out of the semi-finals.

  4. Yeah, she’s going to struggle.

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