Lithuania: National Selection Continues with Show 2

lithuaniaLithuania – The confusing and long lasting epic that is the Lithuanian National Selection continues tonight with the second show of the series. Eight will become Five to go onto the next show. The show will air at 20:00CET (19:00GMT) on LRT or on LRT’s webcast here

In a pre-recorded show presented by Andrius Rožickas and Gerūta Griniūtė a further eight acts sang a song of their own choice tonight in front of a National and International Jury. Tonight the show will be aired so the public can have a say. The acts today are:

Jurgis Bruzga “No One”
Ugne Smile “You Don’t Know”
Lawreigna “Falling”
Ištvan Kvik & Elada “Please Don’t Cry
Catrinah “Be Free”
Egle Jakštyte “Leisk dar buti”
Valdas Lacko “Stay Tonight”
Ruta Šciogolevaite “United”

The Lithuanian jury is made up of members Darius Užkuraitis, Donatas Ulvydas, Ramūnas Zilnys and Dalia Michelevičiūtė and the international jury is made up of Peter Freudenthaler (Germany), Denis Ingoldsby (UK) and Dave Holmes (UK).

Five will move onto the next round along with last weeks qualifiers Petunija, Erica Jennings, Behind the Moon, Alice Way and of course Donny Montell.

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59 comments on “Lithuania: National Selection Continues with Show 2

  1. Catrinah is leading :-|

  2. Ruta Šciogolevaite “United”: Brrr!Nauseating lyrics alert!This is so generic and dated it hurts. 3.5/12
    Who knew Jurgis would end up being the best out of this horrible bunch of songs.

  3. 8. Ruta Šciogolevaite “United” : old fashioned , boring ! So, Noooo … 3.5 /10

  4. Ruta Šciogolevaite – United : Lyricobombastic is the right word for this one. I quite like her voice and it overall comes across strong but I do hate the “let’s change our world together” songs…
    Probably a 6/10

  5. A quite underwhelming night.
    Don’t watch it later guys ;)

  6. I like how Dave Holmes is giving a little analysis of each performance. 12 points to Ruta though…no thanks

  7. What is this irrelevant guy from the international jury says?Is he that out of touch with good and contemporary music?”United” should win esc?I don’t even find it funny.

  8. Ruta has a huge lead.LOL!Donny should be packing his bags if the rest of the competition is like that.

  9. So Jurgis has been eliminated.lol!

  10. Is Ellada a lithuanian name or is she in any way related to Greece?

  11. Who got eliminated tonight?

  12. Lithuania is heading to one of the lowest national preselections’ averages in my books !

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