Austria: AzRaH is the Wildcard

AzRaH Austria – Earlier this week, ORF, the Austrian Broadcaster announced the 9 automatic finalists of their National Final which will be taking place February 12th. They also revealed 5 wildcard hopefuls on their Facebook page where people could vote for their favourites and AzRaH  is triumphant

It has not been without contraversy however as originally she was 3rd in the ranking as shown below

Sara Koell “Closer To The Sun” 8069
Laura Kamhuber “Stay Tonight” 7280
AzRaH “The One” 7187
David Siedl feat. Madelene & MC Vio “Wah Wah Whine” 1921
Ola Egbowon “Addicted” 1192

Winner Sara Koell dropped out of the running having found out foreign votes from Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Brazil had voted for two of her competitors. This provoked ORF to validate the votes again and AzRaH  was declared the proper winner.

This means we now know one of the songs up for contention in representing Austria in Stockholm and you can hear this below:

AzRaH joins the other 9 finalists whose songs are still to be revealed:

Bella Wagner
Farina Miss & Céline Roscheck
Lia Weller
Orry Jackson
Sankil Jones
Vincent Bueno

What do you think of the wildcard entry? Did the right one win?

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9 comments on “Austria: AzRaH is the Wildcard

  1. This song sounds so annoying and amateurish.

  2. every. single. time. a country has done internet votes, webcards, selection, it turned out as a disaster, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the biggest mistake being Spain 2010 nf… i dont get why they’re still happening, an obvious spot for a 10th “possibly good” entry was stolen for something amateurish that’ll be ridiculous live

  3. Horrible song. Horrible selection method.

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