Ireland: Nicky Byrne Confirmed as Irish Representative!

Nicky Byrne small IrelandIreland – After the rumours of the last week, Irish broadcaster, RTE, has today confirmed that former Westlife member, Nicky Byrne, is to represent Ireland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. He will sing the song ‘Sunlight‘ as he looks to launch his first solo album after a period of radio and tv presenting. 

Westlife were pretty well known around the world and Ireland will be hoping their fanbase will tune in to see Nicky and cast their votes. Westlife achieved a total of 26 UK top ten singles over their 14-year career. Will it be 12 points from the UK in May?

You can read more about Nicky’ career here on his official website.

Check out the song ‘Sunlight‘ now and let us know what you think to Ireland’s chances this year…

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115 comments on “Ireland: Nicky Byrne Confirmed as Irish Representative!

  1. It’s okay. Some of the lyrics make me cringe lol (Touch who you wanna, kiss who you gotta, I’ll be your lover boy. However, I do find it a decent feel-good song and it is catchy. I think it can get Ireland to finals but probably score near bottom.

  2. It’s pretty bland and generic but judging on the quality and results of recent years, I expect Ireland to make it into the final and end up in 15th to 20th there. Good luck!

    1. IRE
    2. ALB

    • Well, I suppose making the final is about as much as we can hope for at this stage. So long as it’s not a last place, I’ll take it. :)

  3. Nothing special, but it’ll get them to the final. Sweden and the UK are bound to give good points due to his Westlife days, but otherwise I don’t expect much. Comparing Brit boybands, I actually prefer “I Can” from 2011 compared to this (although live performance is TBD, but hopefully it’s better).

  4. So far:
    1. Albania (8/12)
    2. Ireland (6/12)

  5. I honestly do not get the rush in Ireland. The video is sloppy and while the song is good enough, it could use some twitching at the chorus (which it will hopefully get). Other than that I like it. Its not on the level of previous irish entries but it could actually do better at the contest itself. For now :

    1. Ireland
    2. Albania

    • It’s getting a mixed reaction here. Of course there is the whole ‘Ooh, it’s Nicky Byrne from Westlife, how wonderful’ brigade but there are also others who are quite underwhelmed. Quite a Marmite affair again for the Irish entry it would seem.

  6. Rest in peace, Alan Rickman :(
    That voice… and that perfect accent <3

    What a January! :(

  7. The Icelandic songs will be revealed tomorrow starting at 9 in the morning local time.

  8. Ukraine finalized its national final dates:
    Semi Final 1-February 6
    Semi Final 2-February 13
    Final-February 21

    They extended the deadline till January 20th and some big names such as Anastasia Prikhodko are entering. They have received about 2,000 entries so far. I’m expecting this to be one of the best selections tbh because they are upping the production and Ukraine wants a great result (like always)

  9. Some of my favourite Eurovision ballads, just off the top of my head not in any order

    Gravity Ukraine 2013
    Beauty Never Dies Serbia 2015
    Rise Like a Phoenix Austria 2014
    Undo Sweden 2014
    A Million Voices Russia 2015
    My Time United Kingdom 2009
    For Life Poland 2008 (ISIS lol what an unfortunate name)

    Not to mention pretty much all the balkan ballads. (Not bosnian ones really)

    Does Believe Russia 2008 count as a ballad?

  10. My condolences to Celine Dion and her sons.May her husband Rene Angelil rest in peace. :(

  11. The Icelandic songs are online: http://www.ruv.is/songvakeppnin/login

  12. There are 3 songs thats stand out in the first semi and those songs are:
    Ótöluð orð(Unspoken words)-Erna Mist and Magnús Thorlacius
    Raddimar(The Voices)Greta Salome
    Kreisí (Crazy)-Sigga Eyrún

  13. Laura singing “Supersonic” live.I hope she just had a bad day:

  14. A scandal in Austria.lol!The wildcard winner has been changed.Initially,Sara Koell with “Closer to the Sun” was named as the winner but after recalculation and removal of fraudelent votes AzRaH is the winner who will take part in the final.

  15. so ETA Spanish songs in full 20/1, off topic a little, your favourite Spanish songs?

  16. My favourites in Iceland

    EVA “Ég sé þig”
    Alda Dís Arnardóttir “Augnablik”
    Elísabet Ormslev “Á ný”

  17. Not bad actually, but nth special either.
    “Playing WithNumbers” is my favourite Irish entry by lightyears for the last …maybe ten years.
    Good luck!

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