Sweden: Melodifestival Draw Revealed!

Melodifestivalen 2016Sweden – The home country of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 has released today the running-order for its famous national final, the Melodifestivalen 2016. Discover the draw for the 28 artists in the four semifinals!

We discovered the full line-up on the end of November, and now we have the draw! If you want to read more about the artists, their previous MF or ESC work, and the detail on the authors and composers, you can find it on our old article here. For now, this is the draw:

Semi-final 1: Gothenburg (February 6th)

  1. Samir & ViktorBada nakna
  2. Pernilla AnderssonMitt guld
  3. Mimi WernerAin’t No Good
  4. Albin & Mattias AndréassonRik
  5. Anna BookHimmel för två
  6. Robin BengtssonConstellation Price
  7. Ace WilderDon’t Worry

Semi-final 2: Malmö (February 13th)

  1. David LindgrenWe are Your Tomorrow
  2. Victor & Natten100%
  3. Molly Pettersson HammarHunger
  4. IsaI Will Wait
  5. Krista SiegfridsFaller
  6. Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson & Uno SvenningssonHåll mitt hjärta hårt
  7. WiktoriaSave Me

Semi-final 3: Norrköping (February 20th)

  1. SaRahaKizunguzungu
  2. Swingfly feat. Helena GutarraYou Carved Your Name
  3. SMILO – Weight of the World
  4. After DarkKom ut som en stjärna
  5. Lisa AjaxMy Heart Wants Me Dead
  6. Boris RenéPut Your Love on Me
  7. Oscar ZiaHuman

Semi-final 4: Gävle (February 27th)

  1. EclipseRunaways
  2. Dolly StyleRollercoaster
  3. Martin StenmarckDu tar mig tillbak
  4. Linda BengtzingKiller Girl
  5. FransIf I Were Sorry
  6. PanetozHåll om mig hårt
  7. Molly SandénYouniverse

Just like last year, there will be four semi-finals of 7 artists, with 2 making it straight to the Stockholm final, 2 to the Andra Chasen (Second Chance) round and 3 eliminated. The shows will be hosted by Gina Dirawi and someone else: Petra Mede (semi-final 1), Charlotte Perrelli (semi-final 2), Henrik Schyffert (semi-final 3) and Sarah Dawn Finer (semi-final 4).

36 comments on “Sweden: Melodifestival Draw Revealed!

  1. So, now we know who the huge favourites are and Mr. Zia seems to be among them… Good luck, Sweden!

    P.S. – ‘My heart wants me dead’ is the most dramatic title of the season so far! I have a good feeling about this one (and no, I haven’t had wine for diner, but I am about to open a bottle.)

    • Hello!!!! :)
      Hmmm three faves this year, Oscar Zia, Ace Wilder and Mly Sanden, I can’t decide whom I dislike more?! :(
      But who knows maybe faves won’t win this time..did you like Panetoz former MF entry “Efter solsken”? I LUVED it, they were my faves that year, I hope they won’t let me down this time..

  2. Who is Wiktoria? And why is she placed last? Is she popular? I have never heard of her … Or are they breaching the MF constitution which prescribes that the favourites always get the privilege to perform last?

    • maybe they are, or maybe like Mariette she just has one of the better songs of the year ;)

    • It’s just there isn’t anybody WOW in that semi for their merits..maybe David Lindgren, but he is a bit “dated”..

    • This is Björkman’s own words why he put her last in semi 2:

      “She is a completely new one here, but she has a fantastic energy, and the song has an exciting expression. It will be fun to see how she will be recieved”.

      • Thanks!
        So he put his favourite last. That’s perfect proof of everything that is wrong with having the running order decided by people instead of a draw. (Other people … probably me … would favour different songs …) It’s nepotism. Why don’t we call this show Björkman Festivalen … because that’s what it is imho. :(

        • It’s completely wrong with calculated running orders imo. But I wouldn’t say that Björkman puts his “favourites” last, but rather the ones that are most wanted by the audience and will keep them interested (some sort of TV psychology, make the viewers stay until the end of the show by having the most wanted last).

          • I agree. It is still wrong imo because it gives an advantage to those that are favourites for various reasons already … :(

  3. Considering I am exploring the possibility of going to semi 2, I find it very interesting Wiktoria were (was ?) put last given that we basically know nothing about them.

    On the other hand seeing Molly Sanden last in semi 4 does not surprise me. It may be her year !

    Good luck !

  4. 2015: Who is this ‘Mariette’ in Semi 2 no. 7? ….. 3rd place
    2016: Who is this ‘Wiktoria’? in Semi 2 no. 7? ….. :)

    Molly Sandén to win regardless

  5. Hello Guys . I have some bad news. Poland participation maybe is under question due to the new Polish Government rules for Media . http://www.afr.com/lifestyle/arts-and-entertainment/music/poland-risks-getting-kicked-out-of-eurovision-over-controversial-new-media-law-20160112-gm4nrm

  6. Off-topic

    Nicky Byrne (lol) will represent Ireland with “Heroes”

  7. On the Irish entry : I liked it, it’s a grower though. The verses are much better than the chorus which seems weaker. The video is sloppy. Plus I dont get the rush in Ireland this year tbh. I did not expect a song that soon.

    • On Poland : My heart goes to all fair minded citizens and eurofans but under the regulations the far right administration is implementing I dont think Poland should participate. The EBU has to send a strong message in general when it comes to freedom of speech – to other broadcasters, outside the EU, as well.

  8. On Irish entry , is ok song but i afraid that just because last year was winning a boy with strong song this year much countrys go to send a boy with the same style , can be boring

  9. Panetoz had the best entry 2 years ago. So much better than what won.
    They better make the final this year, which of course is the greatest MF of all time without question.

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