San Marino: Serhat to Stockholm!

San Marino – Broadcaster SMRTV has announced today that they have chosen the Turkish born singer Serhat will be the artist to represent the country in Stockholm. So rumors were true and San Marino is a new microstate outsourcing!

The rumor we revealed here three days ago was therefore true, that the artist will not be from San Marino but from elsewhere in the world, possibly from the absent Turkey. Microstates have often used this method in the contest, though there has been a tendency to go for “cultural close” countries (Monaco or Luxembourg sending a lot of French artists, Andorra Spanish ones…) but we have had some weirdness (a Danish girl for Andorra, many Canadians…) San Marino has often sent someone from Italy and the region close to San Marino; however, for the past four years their entry was written and composed by the german Ralph Siegel. As Turkey decided not to return to the contest, this is an interesting twist for esc fans… especially with Azerbaijan still participating, not to mention the big Turkish diasporas in Germany, Austria or other European countries, like in the Balkan.

Apparently, if we read between the lines of the article on the official Eurovision site, it is indeed a factor that counted in chosing the country’s fifth ever participant to the contest. Indeed, San Marino in its search for an entry, was contacted by producers and other companies and the fact that “a European production company highlighted an artist that last autumn was having breaking success in the German and British DJ and Dance charts [which] escalated the singer to the first position in Germany, and to second in the United Kingdom” mattered a lot in picking Serhat.

As for Serhat, you can read more on the official Eurovision site, but we can highlight that he had big European success in 1987 with Total Disguise which was sung in a duett with Viktor Lazlo (Eurovision 1987 host):

After this song lead to his fame in Germany, Belgium, France and Greece, he continued his work in Europe, mostly France and Germany. He reached international fame in 2013 with the big hit Je M’Adore:

SMRTV has announced that the decision was in the end made because of the actual song proposed for the contest, which is produced by 23 Music. What do you think of this pick? How high are your expectations on the song? Can San Marino return to the final like in 2014?

58 comments on “San Marino: Serhat to Stockholm!

  1. San Marino’s first top 10 result? at least this new esc approach (as in, giving up on Ralp Siegel’s yearly horrors for “famous enough” European artists who want a go at the contest they wouldn’t get otherwise) could lead to the same success Monaco enjoyed for two decades!

  2. I’ll keep an open mind and wait for the song. Not very enthusiastic though.
    Good luck.

  3. I wouldn’t call the choice of Susanne Georgi in 2009 weird. She was living in Andorra and probably still does.

  4. I’m sorry but getting a Turkish singer is a cheap, low blow way of influencing votes. It’s a joke quite frankly. I can’t support San Marino this year.

    • What about the North Irish singers representing Ireland year-after-year…

    • Completely agree with you SMRTV are playing dirty its quite obvious to see… they’ve recently built up an alliance with Azer and Armenia so they know send a Turkish singer this will mean points automatically from those countries… same with JESC last year, go for a Russian girl already established out there and in Ukraine because Russia always does well in JESC because of its unfair advantages with block voting… they picked 12 points from Ukraine last year in JESC. They know it’ll be the same case if they go for a Turkish singer in ESC it means they’ll pick up points from the likes of Azerbaijan for sure, Armenia, Germany, Cyprus, Netherlands and Belgium… its disgusting just hope they end up in semi final 1 with no Germany, Azerbaijan or Armenia and its very tough.

  5. Good Luck to San Marino and Serhat and thanks for a lovely surprise…As a Turk,I am very happy that my country will somehow be represented in Sweden ❤️ #inyourfaceTRT

    I don’t believe in “fishingTurkish votes” thingy…We saw how Turkish diaspora reacted to Turkish/Turkic singers representing other countries before…so….If there is no Turkey there will be no diaspora votes!!!

    San Marino’s fate is up to the song they will pick…I believe Serhat will put up a good show on the stage if he gets/prepares a decent song :)

    ps:Like many others in Turkey,I have just recently discovered his music……We’ve known him as a dentist/TV presenter :)

  6. Let’s see if he can top Miodio in my books.
    Good luck San Marino!

  7. Wow, how random haha. Never heard of him before but a song like je M’adore would be fun. Good luck San Marino!!!

  8. Unusual choice. I liked what I heard when mermaid introduced Serhat zu us a couple of days ago. Good luck!

  9. Not heard of him before, but a quite interesting choice, no doubt. Now Turkey will finally be represented in ESC again. But in the end, it all comes down to whether the song is good or not.

  10. Interesting choice. Good luck, Sam Marino!

  11. and Azerbaijans 12 points go to go to to…. San Marino…. cough cough Turkey #Predictable …. Azerbaijan will give them 12 regardless now just because of his nationality :/ did not want to see Turkey back

    • Honestly, I think that this comment is a tad racist. :(

      • its not it’l simply get 12 just because he is Turkish, not even the Azeri jury will cancel out the Azeri Televote, it will be 12 points from Azerbaijan and San Marino in May its almost certain.

        • And people predicted that the Turkish diaspora in Germany would support Azerbaijan after Turkey had withdrawn in 2013. They didn’t.

          • thats probably because of the German jury, it’ll cancel out the Turkish diaspora, its not the case with that with countries like Azerbaijan, wouldn’t trust their jury at all.

            • AZE in German televoting (last 2 years):
              2014 25th (= last!)
              2015 22nd

              You do know that you are insulting every single Turk living in Germany, don’t you?

            • you do know though or you should know though that Serhat had a number 1 in Germany with “Je M’adore” so they’re sure to do well with Germany again. I rest my case they’ll be getting at least Azerbaijans top points now simply down to nationality, because its Azerbaijan… and he’s a turk representing San Marino. Azerbaijan and San Marino also have been quite consistent exchanging points with each other in ESC if you’ve noticed, even if its only been low amounts.

  12. Je’M adore is cheesy af…. see if his entry is anything like that and he qualifies with it I’ll be ragging coz it’ll only qualify simply because of Diaspora and the pathetic so called ‘Turkish-Brotherhood’ the Turkish and Azeri fans have between each other… its disgusting… could have at least gone for someone near San Marino… what about an Italian, Portuguese, Spaniard…

    • Quite a rant no?
      Next time better check your facts. Armenia and Azerbaijan never exchange points. Actually they always end up last in each other’s jury voting…

      • read wrong ffs…. I know quite well that Armenia and Azer dont exchange points… Azer and Armenia however have given San Marino points recently.

        • “They know it’ll be the same case if they go for a Turkish singer in ESC it means they’ll pick up points from the likes of Azerbaijan for sure, Armenia, Germany, Cyprus, Netherlands and Belgium… ”
          Your words, not mine…

          • you’ve read it wrong, maybe I should have made said SAN MARINO at the start of that… “they” – was referring to SMRTV and San Marino… pretty sure it wasn’t any other country… and they would pick up points from Armenia because when Turkey participated Armenia gave Turkey points consistently… they were in the same pot as each other.

  13. “Serhat had a number 1 in Germany”

    ROFL … only 1 in some obscure DJ charts of which nobody knows how they are fabricated. LOL If he had a n° 1, let me assure you I would know him … which I didn’t until sweet mermaid made me aware of him a couple of day ago.

  14. I’m sorry but there is an voting bias between Azerbaijan and Turkey. It’s written all over the spokespersons faces and you can hear it in the crowds when points are exchanged. It’s the same between Greece and Cyprus. You can hear it seconds for it happens.

  15. I’m done with this thread. Too much hate and prejudice. Enjoy feeling superior, guys!

    • You obviously can’t tell the difference between hate and the truth my friend. You are obviously in denial. Look at the English dictionary and use words by the correct meaning if you don’t be laughed at.

      • bla bla bla … I don’t need a dictionary because I teach English literature at university. Thank you … and (sorry, I rarely say this but I don’t want racists on ET) … get lost!

        • he’s not racist… its fact Azerbaijan and Turkey exchange high points between them regardless of the songs music quality… your in denial. He’s also far left wing too so pretty sure he is no racist .

          • And what has this got to do with RSM exactly? I gave you an example that German Turks don’t vote for Azerbaijan above, but you ignored it because it didn’t fit into your racist/suprematist world picture. Let’s talk about the voting history of the UK and Ireland, shall we? LOL ROFL *faints due to the onslaught of bias and stupidity*

        • you’ve just got to see on facebook groups like Eurovision World and Eurovision.tv official site the whole “Turkish-Brotherhood” thing they’ve got going on…

        • You’re no good at it or we wouldn’t be having this conversation. You’re in denial. End of story.

    • hahaha lol the truth is always racist to those in denial… Azerbaijan and Turkey are the biggest culprits for geo-political voting, yes they have similar tastes, but its pathetic they would give them high points regardless of what each of them sent.

      • Too tensed and uptight for a frigging voting that most countries have been abusing???But you only pick Azerbaijan and Turkey?????
        I know your medicine….All you need is a muscular Turkish/Azeri boyfriend…then all your bitterness and prejudice will go away….I promise 😉It works 100%!!!

  16. And one last comment: The season has started … and we get the haters back. :(
    I already miss the civilized and well-mannered off-season. :(


    • #Don’t feed them

      • That was my last commment, I promise. Why can’t they just go away? :( You know, dear Donnie, it is probably a German thing (which explains too what Ms Merkel is doing atm … and difficult to understand for anyone who did not grow up with the German legacy …) … we have this terrible history and my parents have always taught me to stand up and fight against prejudice and hate. I know that I might feed the trolls/haters … but I can’t help it. If I don’t do it, I feel like betraying my grandfathers who died for what they thought right … I would fade and be gone if I didn’t speak out against them …

        • Don’t waste your precious energy on haters dear…Every year the same…they show up on Turkish-Azeri threads for self-satisfaction (probably this is the only way to relax for them…awwww…pity)
          I just laugh…and the funniest thing they do is always hiding under western names…LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂
          Pathetic losers!!!!

  17. I wait for the song if i dont like hope dont go to the final , if i like i look how many more entrys i like , i dont look if the singer is turkish of japanese ,if sing good and the song is good everybody must have the oportunity to win

  18. Don’t know what all the fuss is about. San Marino didn’t break any rules in choosing their entry so it’s a non issue.

    Being Turkish born doesn’t guarantee anything. Best case scenario (and a big hypothetical) even if diaspora voting wins out it’s nowhere close to the points needed to win.

    Australia isn’t anywhere near Europe and is allowed to enter. A Turkish born act representing San Marino looks tame in comparison.

  19. I don’t thing that because of his Turkish origin have sure benefits for many reasons. First of all I am not sure if Turkish diaspora will care so much, but even and if care then San Marino must be lucky and been in semi final with all countries with huge Turkish immigrant population or ” Turkey Brotherhood ” : Azerbaijan, FYR Macedonia, Albania, Germany, UK, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Bosnia . 3 – 4 countries from this list are not enough to help San Marino to make it to the final if countries with no Turkish diaspora don’t vote as well for San Marino . And don’t forget the juries. Since the rule that Jurors names and each juror points will published they can’t cheat so easy like before . That’s why since this rule have started Azerbaijan take very bad places and last year almost to stay in semi final.

    • I really don’t think UK is part of the “Turkey Brotherhood”

      When they sent the upbeat shake it songs they got high votes from the UK, but that was from voters like me, when they sent dull rubbish they didn’t get high points from the UK at all.

      We gave just as a high scores to Greece when they sent shake its and our Greek population sadly isn’t as large as our Turkish population.

  20. Sorry San Marino, no Monetta, Valentina, no Max Votes either!

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