Finland: UMK 2016 acts revealed!

UMK 2015 smallFinland – Finnish broadcaster, YLE, has today revealed the full line-up for Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2016. 18 artists will compete for the ticket to represent Finland in Stockholm. All songs are available as well! Check them out!

After snippets were revealed earlier this month, we now have the full songs to enjoy. We can start discussing the quality of the new edition of UMK, after an edition that’s openly regarded as disappointing to say the least; we can also start predicting as a very popular returning artist, Mikael Saari (who won in 2013 ET’s “best one that got away” title), is taking part. Here’s the full line-up, so far in alphabetical order per semi-final.

Semi-final 1 (February 6th):

  • ClemSO – Thief
  • Eini – Draamaa
  • Mikko Herranen – Evil Tone
  • Pää-Äijät – Shamppanjataivas
  • Saara Aalto – No Fear
  • Stella Christine – Ain’t Got Time for Boys

Semi-final 2 (February 13th):

  • Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom – Good Enough
  • Attention 2 – Ready For The Show
  • Cristal Snow – Love Is Blind
  • Mikael Saari – On It Goes
  • Rafaela Truda – Rise Up
  • Ylona – Blazing Fire

Semi-final 3 (February 20th):

  • Barbe-Q-Barbies – Let Me Out
  • Gušani Brothers – Poom Poom
  • Lieminen – Pehmeiden arvojen vaalijat
  • Pietarin Spektaakkeli – Liian kuuma
  • Sandhja – Sing It Away
  • Tuuli Okkonen – Don’t Wake Me Up

You can read more about each of the artists on the official Eurovision site here. And of course, you can listen to the songs and even watch the promo vids to each of the 18 entries on the official YLE’s UMK site here. So what do you think, who should win? and who will?

75 comments on “Finland: UMK 2016 acts revealed!

  1. Sigh, another one to catch up with. Well, Pää-Äijät look… “interesting”. Feels like their song will be a new “Hulluna humppasta” or “En godt stekt pizza” (in other words, with winning chances). I’ll comment the rest when I get some spare time.

    Hakka päälle!

  2. It’s not a very strong line-up after all!
    Mikael Saari should win this but i’m afraid his song isn’t instant enough.They may as well pick Pää-Äijät – Shamppanjataivas.Mikael’s real contender could be Sandhja.But,this is Finland and i fear for the worst.
    Other songs worth mentioning:
    Ylona – Blazing Fire
    Barbe-Q-Barbies – Let Me Out
    Stella Christine – Ain’t Got Time for Boys
    Tuuli Okkonen – Don’t Wake Me Up
    Cristal Snow – Love Is Blind

  3. I listened to the songs earlier today while doing other things. I did not pay close attention and thus might not have done justice to the more subtle ones. I did not watch the video clips either:

    + Saara, Mikko, Stella Christine, ClemSO, Cristal Snow, Annica & Kimmo, Ylona, Mikael, Barbe-Q-Barbies

    0 Eini, Paa-Äijät, Rafaela, Lieminen, Tuuli, Gusani Brothers

    – Attention 2 (I wouldn’t be surprised if this one won … LOL), Pietarin Spek., Sandhja

    Unfortunately, nothing made me go WOW!

  4. there are a few good ones in Finland actually:
    *stella has a great song, my fave!
    *barbe-q-barbies who have an awful stage name but i really liked it lol
    *cristal snow has an ok song but ruined by its all pro-gay attitude…
    *mikael’s song better than his older one for me, it was very nice

    and then some ok ones:
    *clemso surprised me, not your usual schlagery-african tune we have in nordic entries
    *saara alto I’m… confused? but in a good way, this is your usual eurodance crap except this one feels genuine and charming in an impossible to explain way?

    all the other ones move from “poor” to “awful” and all sounded like the same radiofriendly trashy pop either in the balldy (mikko) or the dancefloor (gusan)… but nothing as awful as the many songs we had last year that no one could make sense of

  5. Saara Aalto is back?! Ilove her live and if there is anyone who can deliver that song live is her. She has the rare ability to make average songs soar on stage. Do not count her out! I also heard Saari’s song – strong proposal, but not at the same level as his last one. I did not hear anyone else, because I have no time atm. Can I say that I am really glad with Saara’s return again?

  6. Mikael Saari’s song is a grower. It feels like something out of a musical (not my type, but I know many people who disagree)

    Annica and Kimo Bloom have a good Disney-esque song. Not surprised to see Jonas Gladnikoff on the writers list, but this could make the superfinal. The last 30 seconds have a good moment for the golden rain like Emilee de Forest’s performance.

    Cristal Snow has some of the most cringe-worthy lyrics so far this season. Ylona does as well, but not to his extent.

    Rafaela has a really catchy song, but something tells me her live will be weak.

    Lieminen is my winner, only because I’m a fan of funk/disco and I can already hum the chorus. Why it has so many dislikes already is beyond me.

    Clemso was promising until about a minute in. Bonus points for diversity I guess?

    I do not understand the hype around Saara at all. Voice isn’t my cup of tea, nor is the song. Her dress in the promo video is giving Opera Skaala flashbacks.

  7. For some unknown reasons, Morgan always manages to persuade me. So now I’m going through the Finnish songs, lol.

    Eini’s song is just soooo Finnish. Draama disco!

  8. Yay, this is overall a better lineup then last year. My favorites are Mikael Saari and Saara Aalto. Two contenders that I wanted to win the last time they were in the Finnish NF lol.

  9. Semi 1:

    “Thief”: Very nice African harmonies and rhythms, but it feels more like some background soundtrack than an actual song. (5/12)

    “Draamaa”: Sounds like a fossil from Euroviisut in the early 80’s. Not without charm and actually kinda nice, but also quite outdated. (6/12)

    “Evil tone”: Boooring MOR. Feels like a copy of several such songs and nothing new or interesting. (3/12)

    “Shamppantavias”: I… liked it more than I probably should. I think it stayed on the right side of silly fun. Still far from a great song and I fear the worst from the live performance. (5/12)

    “No fear”: Interesting and rather original dance pop composition, and Sara has some sweet chemistry while not being that great as an artist. (7/12)

    “Ain’t got time for boys”: Sassy and elegantly written. Nothing bad or any flaws per se, but it lacks the inner magic to make me fall for it completely. (8/12)

  10. SEMI 2:

    “Good enough”: Worst kind of shallow music without any soul whatsoever. (1/12)

    “Ready for the show”: Some Finnish Jedward girls, but with less than half the energy (which still is more than enough). Cute but in a very childish way. (3/12)

    “Love is blind”: I found Cristal Snow way too bizarre back in 2008. This one feels like a parody in some way, and I didn’t like it at all. (3/12)

    “On it goes”: It lacks the real beauty of “We should be through” but a fine composition nevertheless. (8/12)

    “Rise up”: Dime a dozen radio girl pop. Ariana Grande or whatever they’re called nowadays… (3/12)

    “Blazing fire”: It’s sad because this one had some potential, and it was all flushed down the toilet with the lame chorus. (4/12)

    • “Ready for the show” was my last. Awful in every way and even in audio recordings quality the girls cant hit a note :/

      Cristal Snow is bizarre, but the song is fine melody wise. Now those lyrics…

  11. “Let me out”: Decent and light girl rock. With the right amount of energy on stage, it could actually be rather good. (6/12)

    “Poom poom”: With their picture, I expected some Il Volo copies, but this was something completely different. Okish harmless party music. (5/12)

    “Pehmeiden arvojen vaalijat”: Lol, this both sounds and looks odd. But not without charm. I’m actually finding myself liking this for what it is. (7/12)

    “Liian kuuma”: Some groovy brass makes this very enjoyable. It does also feel very Euroviisut, but this time more like the mid-70’s. (7/12)

    “Sing it away”: I just don’t know. It feels like this girl has absolutely no idea what she’s doing. Just doing something without even paying any thought to it… No song did she get either. (2/12)

    “Don’t wake me up”: Good singer, bland song with beats. (4/12)

  12. This is another disappointment for Finland. I see Saara Aalto is back but with a ridicilous disney-oriental tune… Oh my… I won’t even comment on the cringeworthy entry by Cristal Snow…Truly embarassing…
    There are some songs that do stand out on quality merits.
    1.Mikael Saari – On it goes
    2.Stella Christine – Ain’t got time for boys
    3.Lieminen – Pehmeiden arvojen vaalijat
    4.Pietarin Spektaakkeli – Liian kuuma
    and that’s all I’m afraid…

  13. And another bunch of songs to go through..I dont think I will have time anytime soon for that..Good luck though !

  14. I have just decided ! My top 3 in no particular order : Mikael , Saara and Sandhja ! Go Finland!! :)

  15. EINI – “Draamaa” is a killer!! :D

    EINI go to Stockholm!! :D

  16. The first poll on the UMK songs.Annica Milan and Kimmo Blom took the early lead.No surprise.It’s by far the most generic euroschlager of them all.Mikael follows and one of the worst songs is in 3rd place:

  17. My Top 5:
    1) Mikael Saari
    2) Stella Christine
    3) Saara Aalto
    4) Barbe-Q-Barbies
    5) Tuuli Okkonen

    Cristal Snow made me absolutely cringe. I’m such a sucker for strings, and “We Should Be Through” is one of my favorite Finnish nf songs ever, so if Mikael manages to pull off a win I’ll be forever grateful to the Finnish people. However, after last year’s disaster I have little faith in them.

  18. In no particular order, these are the songs I’m interested in in the Finnish nf.

    Saara Aalto – No Fear
    Stella Christine – Ain’t Got Time for Boys
    Mikael Saari – On It Goes
    Lieminen – Pehmeiden arvojen vaalijat
    Pietarin Spektaakkeli – Liian kuuma

    • Same here. The lives will be pivotal. We know that Saari and Aalto will most probably nail their songs live and Aalto has that rare ability to make average songs soar live on stage. I wish them all good luck.

      P.S. – my personal favourite atm is ‘Liian kuuma’.

    • I agree with four out of five (and the fifth isn’t far off).

  19. Krista handing the winner’s trophy to Saari would be a sight to behold.

    Good luck to my friends in Finland. The Finnish voters don’t make mistakes as you know.

  20. Having gone through all 18 songs, it’s definitely an interesting selection. UMK’s firmly on a different track than it was, and this is probably the kind of selection we’ll get from here on out. That’s sucky, imo, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

    1) Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom – “Good Enough” (9/10)
    2) Lieminen – “Pehmeiden arvojen vaalijat” (8/10)
    3) Eini – “Draamaa” (8/10)
    4) Pää-Äijät – “Shamppanjataivas” (7/10)
    5) ClemSO – “Thief” (7/10)
    6) Stella Christine – “Ain’t Got Time for Boys” (6/10)
    7) Cristal Snow – “Love Is Blind” (6/10)
    8) Pietarin Spektaakkeli – “Liian kuuma” (6/10)
    9) Rafaela Truda – “Rise Up” (5/10)
    10) Sandhog – “Sing it Away” (5/10)
    11) Tulli Okkonen – “Don’t Wake Me Up” (5/10)
    12) Saara Aalto – “No Fear” (4/10)
    13) Barbe-Q-Barbies – “Let Me Out” (4/10)
    14) Ylona – “Blazing Fire” (4/10)
    15) Mikko Herranen – “Evil Tone” (2/10)
    16) Attention 2 – “Ready for the Show” (2/10)
    17) Mikael Saari – “On it Goes” (1/10)
    18) Gušani Brothers – “Poom Poom” (1/10)

    Way better than last year’s atrocious mess, but definitely lacking after that insanely good period between 2012 and 2014 <3 I have a lot of shame in having the most generic, Euro-friendly song as my favorite, but it happens from time to time *eyes how high my play count of Denmark 2010 is in iTunes*. Since YLE seems to have embraced the ridiculousness, I figured I should as well, hence 3rd and 4th. All the names I recognized (which were the obvious ones, plus Sandhja) were underwhelming, so I hope that a newbie will win the ticket to Stockholm, preferably the fanwank duo or Lieminen's near-hit Daft Punk ripoff. Hyvä Suomi!

  21. I can’t stop playing Barbe-Q-Barbies. The lovely Tracy Lipp co-wrote it, I’ve known hm 10 years, he’s worked with Lordi previously. Pää-Äijät are hilarious and so Finnish, they remind me of many of my friends there lol. Most of the rest of it is just zzzzzzzzz for me and not the Finland I know and love.

  22. So I like a lot of these.

    The ones I really like:
    Pää-Äijät – MY FAVES and I’m sure no one is surprised
    Attention 2

    The ones that are alright:
    Saara Aalto
    Cristal Snow – remind me of Hurts slightly who are my dream UK entry but another token “gay rights” entry
    Pietarin Spektaakkeli
    Gušani Brothers

    I don’t like the other ones. I hated Mikael Saari in 2013 and I don’t like him this year either. Complete Zzzzzzzz

    My Winner!!!

    • jadeukesc WTF! You hated Mikael Saari “We Should be through” 2013???!!!!!! It’s one of the most beautiful, strong and fine composed ballad ever made!!!! You certainly have no taste in music, must be too difficult for your brains. xD

  23. Something of note: Kimmo Blom is the same Angelo de Nile who participated last year with “All for Victory!”

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