Austria: The Full Line-up Revealed!

Austria –  National broadcaster ORF has revealed the 9 artists chosen internally to participate in the national final, Wer Singt Für Österreich?, that will be held on the 12th February. The 10th song will be chosen online later. Check out the names!

So the nine artists chosen internally are:

  • Bella Wagner
  • Elly
  • Farina Miss & Céline Roscheck
  • Lia Weller
  • Lizza
  • Orry Jackson
  • Sankil Jones
  • Vincent Bueno
  • Zoë

One can recognize last year’s Zoë, but in general, the producers led by Eberhard Forcher and Stefan Zechne insisted they wanted local newcomers. Zoë’s song’s Quel filou took part in BoNF 2015 last year:

Among other news revealed today, the national final will take place on February 12th at 20:15 CET, it will be hosted by Andi Knoll, Austria’s usual commentator, and Alice Tumler, one of the hosts of Eurovision 2015 and the decision will be 50/50 between a jury and televote.

As for the 10th entry, it will be chosen online, on Facebook no less! There was a list of 37 entries which has now been cut to these five:

  • Laura Kamhuber
  • Ola Egbowon
  • AzRaH
  • Sara Koell
  • David Siedl feat. Madelene & Mc Vio

Today was a big day, and just like Finland and Germany, you can read more about the artists on the official Eurovision site here.

7 comments on “Austria: The Full Line-up Revealed!

  1. I seem to remember that someone called Zoë had an interesting song in not so distant past. Good luck, Austria!

  2. I think this is Zoe’s song!

  3. The Black Widow has returned. Hopefully the result is better this time around.

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