Poll: Who Should Represent Belgium?

belgiumBelgium – Today as part of the Belgian National Selection, the five finalists have performed the songs they want to sing in Stockholm in May. Next week the finalists will perform again for the public vote where a winner will finally be revealed. The winner will follow the footsteps of Loïc Nottet 

You can now listen to the songs in full below:

Amaryllis Uitterlinden “Kick the Habit”

Adil Arab “In Our Nature”

Laura Tesoro “What’s the Pressure”

Astrid Destuyver “Everybody Aches”

Tom Frantzis “I’m Not Lost”

At the end of the show, there was a very short public vote that showed Laura Tesoro as the favourite of the night but she’s not in Stockholm yet. Next week the acts can make changes to their performances so it is still anyone’s game. Who would you like to see represent Belgium in Stockholm? We will find out on Sunday 17th January who will follow Loïc Nottet and his #4 song “Rhythm Inside”?

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103 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Belgium?

  1. Tom singing a simpler version of “I’m Not Lost”

  2. Austrian candidates revealed:
    Bella Wagner
    Céline Roschek & Farina Miss
    Lia Weller
    Orry Jackson
    Sankil Jones
    Vincent Bueno

    plus the winner of the online wildcard

    • Mikael Saari cut his hair. Good!

      • I think that his previous attempt was way better ! :)

        • I agree. This new song struck me as being a bit messy on first listening. On the other hand, Mikael has greatly improved in the hair style department. I still think that he might have beaten Krista if he had looked only a tad hot back in 2013. LOL
          I have listened to a couple of other songs too, and it seems to be a much stronger line-up than last year. So far, I liked Cristal Snow best. I hope that the Finnish won’t pick one of the 2 or 3 really awful songs on offer once again.

  3. Turkey will be present in Stockholm somehow… Serhat for San Marino !!!

  4. A day full of revelations ! Here are the austrian candidates http://songcontest.orf.at/stories/2751761/

  5. And here is a live version of Nur Ein Lied:

  6. Hello from beautiful (and a bit cold) Sweden everyone :) !
    So happy to be here and Lund is such a beautiful city :) !

    I did not have the time to check the belgian songs,I hope I will soon enough. Glad to see Zoe back in Austria. “Quel Filou” was such a good song and deserved to win IMO.

    The german hopefuls seem interesting and some of the song titles are intriguing (“Mystery of a blood red rose”, “Masters of chant”)

    • So you’ve made it. :) *applause*

      I love Lund Cathedral btw, in particular the Horologium mirabile and the crypt.

    • And isn’t your hometown beautiful too? I really liked all cities and towns I visited in Flanders (Brugge, Gent, Mechelen, Lier, Ieper etc. …) <3

      • Well I got a soft spot for such big campuses, especially when they are as old as the one here. The buildings of the older parts of the campus are majestic.You can’t find that anywhere :)

  7. Serhat presented by RTV.Maybe they aim at the Turkish diaspora vote.Is he in any way related to SM? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTT21nH4Qo0&feature=youtu.be&a

  8. Listening to the UMK hopefuls atm and it really is a much better edition than last year’s nightmare.It was evedient even while listening to the snippets. MIKAEL <3

  9. Ok.There’s a constant decline in quality after some point.

  10. LOL!What happened to Saara Aalto?Will she be dancing like that during the live show too?

  11. Ok, time to try and catch up with all the songs I’ve missed. Starting with Belgium, and these songs are sooo dull. Sorry to say this, but there is no way Belgium will be Top 10 with any of these songs. Not the best singers either. I think Amaryllis would be my favourite by now. Her song actually turned interesting after two minutes but the road until that was flat and without anything interesting to pay attention to.

    1. Kick the habit (5/12)
    2. I’m not lost (5/12)
    3. Everybody aches (4/12)
    4. What’s the pressure (2/12)
    5. In our nature (2/12)

  12. It was between Laura and Tom! I went for eye candy and not for normal vocals. Laura!!!! Anyways Belgium didn’t offer anything good this year!

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