Lithuania: Three Acts Eliminated from Eurovizja

lithuaniaLithuania – Last night saw the first show of the Lithuanian Selection Eurovizja. Eight contestants each performed a song of choice and a jury and the public have decided on five that will go to the next round and three who have to go home. It was a good night for 2012 representative Donny Montell

The songs performed by the eight contestants were as follows:

Alice Way “Hero”

Dovydas Petrošius “Starlight”

Behind The Moon “Did It All”

Erica Jeniings “Leading Me Home”

Elena Jurgaitytė “I Won‘t Come Back”

Vlad Max “Don‘t Wanna Let It Go”

Petunija “Tomorrow”

Donny Montell “I‘ve Been Waiting for This Night”

As the show was pre-recorded, the jury had already given their scores and the jury consisted of Dalia Michelevičiūtė, Ramūnas Zilnys, Darius Užkuraitis, Donatas Ulvydas as well as the international jury of German Peter Freudenthaler and Britons Denis Ingoldsby and Dave Holmes. Their results were:

Donny Montell 12
Erica Jennings 10
Petunija 8
Behind the Moon 7
Alice Way 6
Dovydas Petrošius 5
Elena Jurgaitytė 4
Vlad Max 3

During the shows broadcast the public were able to vote for their favourites and their results were:

Donny Montell 12
Petunija 10
Erica Jennings 8
Behind the Moon 7
Alice Way 6
Dovydas Petrošius 5
Elena Jurgaitytė 4
Vlad Max 3

This means that Dovydas Petrošius, Elena Jurgaitytė and Vlad Max have been eliminated and the qualifying five will continue onto the next round. Next week we will have another bunch of singers / bands hoping to make the cut.

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14 comments on “Lithuania: Three Acts Eliminated from Eurovizja

  1. I got headache writing this…. how the Lithuanian selection works is just something I’ll never get my head around

    I don’t even know if the above songs are the songs they want to sing? I’m sure I saw somewhere that Montell’s song is the one he performed yesterday

  2. I won’t even start trying to figure out how the Lithuanian preselection works. I have checked the Petunija song now, which is much better than everything in Belgium. Donny is annoying as always. I hope that they won’t send them again. He still reminds me of cruise ship entertainers …

  3. Let’s see what the remaining 20 singers will have on offer. For now, Petunija is the best choice.

  4. Can we just skip to 7 weeks from now and announce Donny as winner with his own song now and have done with it? He’s the run away favourite, isn’t he? I actually quite like it (hated the last one). I HATE Petunija, it’s awful, and her vocals are dreadful in places. Erica needs a different song, that one is just an utter Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzfest. Doubt anyone else had a chance from this heat. Wait until we get to all the ones who don’t have their own songs, it’ll get even more confusing…

  5. I think Donny is the one to beat

  6. I finally caught up with this and all I remember is that the backings were great!

  7. Donny looks strange with his new hairdo but he is as competent as ever vocally and the song is ok, just decent.
    Petunija and her song reminded of Supernova entries for some reason, it has that quirk we saw there last year with MNTHA for example (not nearly as great though imo).

  8. ok Donny is SUPER HOT and to be fair Petunia was GREAT live and she made me enjoy the song a lot (obviously mentionning Supernova 2015 in her intro was a good hint that’s what she was waiting for) so maybe I’m joining that band wagon but the song on its own faileed to convince me yesterday…

  9. Week 2 coming up and still no Ieva. I guess Lithuania believes in the saying “good things come to those who wait.”

    The wait better not be too long though. The greatest Lithuanian alive today needs to be on our screens every week.

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