Denmark: Finalists Accidentally Revealed for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix?

DenmarkDenmark – Rather sooner than expected, and via Spotify, it appears that the ten finalists of this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix may have been revealed. They were chosen by an expert panel from a  record breaking 982 entries. Spotify appears to list the ten finalists as part of a forthcoming MGP album.

Danish fans took to Twitter to point out what seems like a mistake…

dmp error

“All the songs participating in Eurovision 2016 re on Spotify in error now. Oops! #drgrandprix”

Here are the ten finalists that Spotify listed:

David Jay‘Rays of Sunlight’
Simone‘Heart Shaped Hole’ 
Muri & Mario ‘To Stjerner’
Sophia Nohr‘Blue Horizon’ 
Veronicas Illusion‘The Wrong Kind’
Lighthouse x ‘Soldiers of Love’
Kristel Lisberg ‘Who Need a Heart’
Jessica ‘Break it Good’
Anja Nissen ‘Never Alone’

The songs can only be heard on Spotify if you are connecting from Denmark.

They were due to be presented on January 28th, and the final will take place on on February 13 at the Forum Horsens.


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62 comments on “Denmark: Finalists Accidentally Revealed for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix?

  1. Just listening to the songs now, and “Blue Horizon” stands out by a mile for me.

  2. Simone or Muri & Mario to Stockholm

  3. DMGP songs in my playlist (post-2010 and excluding the ESC entries):

    Anna Noa – Sleepless
    Bryan Rice – Breathing
    Christopher Brandt – Emma
    Frederikke Vedel – Jeg Har Hele Tiden Vidst Det
    Jeffrey – Drømmen
    Kenneth Potempa – Reach for the Sky
    Stine Kinck – Hvad hjertet lever af

    I only listen to Jeffrey’s and Frederikke’s songs on a regular basis though, plus AFiL’s and Basim’s songs.

    • I adore Stine Kinck’s song “Hvad hjertet lever af” and mostly her performance! Insanely good! Anna Noa was “nice” back then, but I didnt think much more of it and I’m surprised to say it aged well. Still not “great” per se, but still as good as then. And I of course really love the esc entry. As I said, DMGP 2011 was great (AWESOME stage and hosting)

      • I agree that 2011 was the last great DMGP but I would have preferred Jeffrey to win. But I still like “New Tomorrow” and I will always cherish AFiL’s reaction to Eric Saade and “Popular”. They were truly aghast when the Swedish entry was shown to them in the preview clip. :)

      • Btw, I forgot Joakim Tranberg’s “All about a Girl”, which is in my playlist too. :)

    • “Sleepless” is one of my favorite DMGP songs ever, I’m still annoyed it didn’t win.

  4. And finally … Denmark on my ESC list:
    Average 5.69
    Shared 36th place (with Macedonia) out of 49 countries
    Favourite songs: 1963 + 1995 (12/12) – 2005 (10/12)
    Least favourite songs: 1985, 1986 + 1992 (2/12)

  5. 982 entries, and this was the shit they sent through to the nf?

  6. Tomorrow it’s time…

    I’m finally gonna listen to the danish entries. Morgan has told me that my low expectations are true so I’m not head over heels at the moment. But my final comment has to wait until tomorrow, as I said. The only thing I can say for now is that I didn’t want Nanne Grönvall’s comeback to be as a songwriter for her sons… in the danish NF!

  7. Ok, I’ve listened now and I don’t know if there’s any idea to make a comment about each of the song. Harmless is the key word for DMGP 2016. There is no really awful song for me and several of these would actually be nice to play in the background on radio. But as for a Eurovision stage, nah.

    Break it good (6/12)
    Who needs a heart (6/12)
    To stjerner (6/12)
    Blue horizon (5/12)
    Heart shaped hole (5/12)
    Breakaway (5/12)
    Soldiers of love (5/12)
    Rays of sunlight (4/12)
    The wrong kind (4/12)
    Never alone (4/12)

    Held og lykke!

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