Belgium: Second Show of Eurosong Tonight

belgiumBelgium – Tonight, the five Belgian finalists will perform their competing entries a week before the Grand Final where a winner will be chosen and the Belgian representative will be known. Earlier this week snippets of the five songs were released but tonight we will hear in full

The finalists and the songs they will sing are as follows:

Adil Arab “In Our Nature”

Amaryllis Uitterlinden “Kick the Habit”

Astrid Destuyver “Everybody Aches”

Laura Tesoro “What’s the Pressure”

Tom Frantzis “I’m Not Lost”

Tonight’s show will also see Tom Helsen and Beverly Jo Scott on hand to give advice to the five ahead of next weeks final where a winner will be revealed.

You can watch the show at 20:25CET (19:25GMT) on the offical website

Who are you looking forward to seeing based on the snippets above?

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44 comments on “Belgium: Second Show of Eurosong Tonight

  1. 1. I’m Not Lost
    2. What’s the Pressure
    3. It’s In Our Nature
    4. Kick the Habit
    5. Everybody Aches

  2. i’m between Adil and Tom .. I have time to decide :) :)
    3. .What’s the Pressure
    4. Kick the Habit
    5. Everybody Aches

  3. My favorites are Adil and Astrid but i think it will be between Laura and Tom.What’s with the voting right now?

  4. Tom’s song reminds me of Ulrik Munther’s “Tell the world I’m here” from MF13. A song I really detest because of it’s forced anthemic sound.

    • I really like that one, but mostly for Ulrik who was incredible with it, better than the song was. But Ulrik remains too young, or was at the time at least, to fully control his performance and was definitely a pupper in the hand of the song producers and MF pushing his win (bjorkman?)

      as for Tom’s song, Id need to listen to it, but the 25s snippet did not thrill me at all and did feel force at least

  5. I did see it coming… :(

  6. Waiting for the videos to be put on YT so I can run a poll article. Amarylis has been up for an hour now but they have stopped putting them up which is annoying

  7. All of tonight’s performances are online: https://www.youtube.com/user/welkombijeen/videos

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