San Marino: Artist Announcement on Tuesday

SanMarinoSan Marino – Broadcaster SMRTV have announced today that they are planning their Eurovision Announcement for Tuesday 12th January at 18:00CET (17:00GMT). The artist they have selected will be made known to the public and rumour has it, they have gone to Turkey to find them

The reveal can be seen on the Official Broadcaster Website http://www.sanmarinortv.sm where we can find out more details. For the past four years the San Marino Song has been written by German songwriter Ralph Siegel but it is unknown if he will also be the writer of their 2016 entry.

The rumour mill has gone to work into suggesting the artist will not be from San Marino but from elsewhere in the world, possibly from the absent Turkey.

In 2015, San Marino were represented by Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini who failed to make the grand final in Vienna after coming only 16th in the Second Semi Final with “Chain of Lights”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE1KJYNvVAE]

Who would you like to see represent the country in 2016? Comment below


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13 comments on “San Marino: Artist Announcement on Tuesday

  1. Ugh, I hate Eurovision outsourcing

  2. I dearly hope that this is the year the yearly Olya Polyakova rumours come true.

  3. I don’t mind outsourcing for microstates but always insist on some local talent to be involved, may it be the songwriter, the lyricist or the performer (or one of the performers). Well, their first entry still tops my RSM list:

    Average score: 5.17
    46th place out of 49 ESC countries
    Favourite: 2008 (9/12)
    Least favourite: 2015 (1/12)

    Good luck!

  4. My favourite song from San Marino happens to be the only one that made it to the final. I also consider it to be one of Siegel’s better entries.

    In case they’ve run out of local talents, then maybe San Marino could try to send one of those singers who never win their own national finals despite several tries.

  5. I would say Ralph Siegel is very likely to be involved again, but my expectations are not astronomic. I will wait for the song of course, as I might be up for a pleasant surprise.

    As for San Marino in general, my favourite is probably “Stand By” from 2011. A fine song, but unfortunately the performance was rather weak. I think their first song from 2008 is a bit boring.

  6. I’d like Michele on his own tbh

    The San Marino Party last year showed how much more superior he was to Anita. A song of his own written by someone his age would go down very well. He was really entertaining

  7. In my books it’s mostly about 2008 ! (9/10)
    Then it’s Maybe (7/10) and Crisalide (6/10)
    Everything else is weak, boring and bad

  8. Turkey huh ? That should be interesting. They went with Russia for JESC.

    As for the Sammarinese entries , “Crisalide” tops my list by quite some margin from the 2nd “Maybe”. The worst song is probably Valentina’s first effort…People just can’t seem to get a proper ironic entry on the esc stage..

  9. interesting they head to Turkey when they’ve recently been building up a voting alliance with the likes of Azerbaijan and Armenia… think SMRTV are playing dirty, quite clearly, because if they send a Turk then automatically Azerbaijan will give it 12 points… the ‘Turkish-Brotherhood” in action.

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