Slovenia: EMA Finalists Revealed

sloveniaSlovenia – RTVSLO, the Slovenian public radio-television station has announced the ten finalists for this year’s Evrovizijska Melodija (EMA) contest and the chance to represent the country in Stockholm. The final will take place on 27th February in Ljubljana. There are a couple of familiar names, with the return of Regina, who represented Slovenia in the 1996 contest and Nuša Derenda who finished 7th in 2001.

EMA Slovenia

The line-up for this year’s EMA is:

  • Anja Baš
  • Anja Kotar
  • D Base
  • Manuella
  • Nuša Derenda
  • Raiven
  • Regina
  • San Di Ego
  • Sebastian Lukovnjak
  • Žan Serčič

The Slovenia jury will consist of:

Alenka Godec – Singer
Gaber Radojevic – Music producer
Jernej Vene – Editor of radio station Val 202
Aleksander Radic – Slovenian Head of Delegation

The format will be the same as last year, with two rounds. In the first round each act performs and then the jury selects the two songs that will advance to the superfinal. The superfinalists will perform their songs again and the televoters will choose their winner.

5 comments on “Slovenia: EMA Finalists Revealed

  1. Hopefully ema will be as good as last year. Maraaya and Jana Šušteršič were my top two last year. After their good result in JESC I think they want to do well in ESC

  2. Slovenia sits comfortably at #15 on my list of most favourite esc countries with an average of 6,38 (chasing Hungary at 6,46). Of course their most brilliant entry remains their 1997 one! Last year I gave them an 8/10. Good song (not outstanding though), underwhelming performance. I always said the headphones gimmick wouldn’t work…

  3. In my books:
    Average of Slovenian entries: 6.29
    Ranking: #21 out of 49 countries
    Best entry: 1997 = 12/12
    Worst: 2004 = 2/12

    Good luck!

  4. Whichever song Maraaya wrote is gonna win lol, Slovenia’s extremely predictable when it comes to national finals I’d say.

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