Lithuania: Selection Marathon Begins on Saturday!

lithuaniaLithuania – It’s that time again… the marathon Eurovizijos selection process, with almost inexplicable rules, that is the Lithuania national selection contest. Over the next 8 weeks acts will perform all sorts of songs, alone and with each other, their own songs and other peoples songs.There are 28 entrants split into 2 groups of singers – those with their own songs and those entering without a song.

This Saturday, 9th January sees the fun start and the first 8 acts in the category of having their own song launch the selection process.

The first show has already been recorded but broadcasting starts at 20:00 (CET) and you can watch online here.

First heat:

Alice Way‘Heroes’
Dovydas Petrosius‘Starlight’
Behind The Moon ‘Did it All’
Erica Jennings – ‘Leading Me Home’
Elena Jurgaityte – ‘I Won’t Come Back’
Vlad Max – ‘Don’t Wanna Let It Go
Petunia – ‘Tomorrow’
Donny Montell – ‘I’ve Been Waiting for This Night

5 of the 8 acts will progress to the next round after a jury/televote. The Lithuania jury consists of Darius Užkuraitis, Ramūnas Zilnys, Donatas Ulvydas & Dalia Michelevičiūtė, and the international jury, Denis Ingoldsby(Producer, UK), Dave Holmes (Guitarist, UK) and Peter Fraudenthaler (singer Fools Gold, Germany).

The Grand Final will take place on 27th February 2016.

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105 comments on “Lithuania: Selection Marathon Begins on Saturday!

  1. Petunija was second with the televoters. Kudos to them.

  2. After all that, Petunija is the one to go for, imo. Go, girl! Good luck to all remaining participants.

  3. Team Petunija all the way

  4. So,Vlad Max, Elena Jurgaityte and Dovydas Petrosius were eliminated.Good!I agree they were the weakest acts.

  5. I will check Petunija’s song as soon as it becomes available. :)

  6. for anyone who is interested:

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