Germany: National Finalists Leaked?

GermanyGermany – In 2015 German Broadcaster NDR planned an internal selection and selected Xavier Naidoo but Fan backlash made them pull him out of the contest. Now it looks like they are again going to choose their Eurovision Act via National Selection.

ESCToday have reported that photos of 12 singers and bands have been found on the NDR servers for their Eurovision Website eurovision.de. These acts are:

Four piece band from Cologne founded in 2011 and sing in both English and German. Their debut album “Wird schon irgendwie gehen” reached only 33 in the German Charts and their debut single “Oft Gefragt” reached #18

Benne is a singer and song writer from Berlin. He released his first album “Nie Mehr Wie Immer” in 2015.

BOY are a duo consisting of Valeska Steiner from Switzerland and Sonja Glass from Germany. Their debut album “Mutual Friends” was released in Germany, America, UK and Japan where it found most success. Their latest single “We Were Here” can be heard below

CÄTHE, real name Catharina Sieland has been singing since she was twelve and has released three studio albums in her native Germany. Her most recent single “Hallelujah” can be heard live below

Born in 1989 Joris Buchholz has been performing since High School. He started off as a drummer in his school band until eventually moving to the front and singing for himself. Hos debut album “Hoffnungslos Hoffnungsvoll” reached #3 in the German Charts in 2015.

Consisting of Daniel Stoyanov and Michael Vajna, Malky have been performing together since 2011 and they describe their sound as “Melancholic Gothic”

Fronted by Mieze Katz, Mia have been together since 1997. Their latest album “Biste Mode” was released in 2015 and their single from this album “Lauffeur” can be heard below

Real name Nina Graf, Miu started her career as a teacher at the Hamburg School of Music.Her debut album “Watercoloured Borderlines” was released in August 2015 with “Final Stroke” as her debut single from it. This can be heard below

Real name Hanan Hamdi, Namika is of Moroccan descent and is a rapper as well as a singer. Her first album “Nador” was released in 2015 and her song “Lieblingsmensch” reached #1 in the German Charts

Olli Schulz
At 42 years old, Olli Schulz will be the oldest of the leaked finalists. He is a TV presenter as well as a singer. He has released four albums between 2009 and 2015 which saw the release of 4th album “Feelings aus der Asche”. His first song from the album can be heard below

Sara Hartman
Sara was actually born in the USA but is currently based in Berlin. She is 20 years old so is the youngest on the list. Her debut single “Monster Lead Me Home” can be heard below

Wilhelm Tell Me
Three piece band Wilhelm Tell Me have been together since 2010. Their latest album “A Short Story for the Road” was released back in 2014 with “Let Me Take You Away” as the lead single from it

NDR are still to comment on the above names but it is said a statement is due to be revealed soon. Germany need a good entry this year after Ann Sophie failed to gain any points in the Grand Final in 2015 with her song “Black Smoke”

Do any of the above stand out to you? Which of the leaks do you really hope to see in Stockholm for Germany? Comment below

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113 comments on “Germany: National Finalists Leaked?


  2. Wilhelm Tell Me and Namika intrigue me the most. I’d like them to be true at the very least. I just hope we don’t have another mess of a National Final

  3. If this is true, the line-up perfectly reflects the music popular in Germany atm, which also means that I find it extremely dull. Mia have been around for what feels like a century but haven’t come up with a single decent song yet. And we have hundreds of larmoyant young men like Joris and Benne who narcissistically circle around trifles in their emotional set-up in every single song. Yuck! Most of the others aren’t much more promising either.
    My main hope lies with AnnenMayKantereit and Malky.

    Good luck to us.

  4. AnnenMayKantereit – sounded great and outstanding ;)

  5. Ooh I’ve known a German cutie whose last name was Buchholz :o (he was my first Dennis in the esc world :p)

  6. I just hope that whoever participates in the NF has been asked if they actually WANT to go to Eurovision if they win….

  7. I’ll wait to hear them sing the chosen songs before judging, I wonder if NDR will make them sign an official contract saying “You will have to represent Germany if you win”, I was surprised at Sophie’s 0 points last year , I was expecting a top 15 place at least despite the singer/song flaws..anyway viel gluck!!

  8. I saw this list yesterday but many fans argued it’s just rumors.We’ll know in a few days.

  9. There are actually some fine songs inbetween. My favourite is probably “Soon” (Malky).

    If anything, many of them are more or less in the same mood, and there is not so much edge to be found. It’s all very pleasant and feel-good-like, and a bit of disharmony would be welcome. It is not bad songs, but I often wish the broadcasters would dare to go a bit beyond the mainstream. But then, it is Eurovision, not an avant-garde or art rock festival…

    Why not Einstürzende Neubauten :P

    • I agree with you (maybe because I’m also a composer like you!), just like Spanish mainstream pop everything tends to follow the same kind of middle-of.-the road trend, personally stuff that I could write on the back of a cigarette packet in 5 mins as they say, (and I have done that I admit in a boozy bar!) but as you say it’s eurovision and nobody wants to do anything outside the box, especially nordic stuff, my favourite German song (I mean outside ESC) would the following, I (and many foreigners) loved their songs so much in the 90s, maybe Toggie can tell us what happened to them? and could they ever be back?!

    • “Why not Einstürzende Neubauten :P”

      Thanks for giving me the context to share this

  10. Nina Sublatti’s video for “Dark Desire”.This song proves there is so much more potential in her than “Warrior” :

  11. As the Germans say: Booo! :p

  12. I’m not crazy about any of them :(

    But I shall wait for
    1) The broadcaster to announce that these are actually the nf participants
    and 2) Their songs
    before judging them.

  13. New Year new me. none of these look that good, but germany rarely does (apart from Cascada) thankfully Xavier is gone though.

  14. Iv’s song for A Dal has been released:

  15. Scrap this list!The German final “Unser Lied Fur Stockholm” will feature 10 acts and will take place on February 25.The national broadcaster claims that the leaked lists on the internet are false.

  16. Off-Topic: The compelete Swedish television viewing rates for 2015 has been revealed, and 7 of the Top 10 programs are either MF or ESC:

    MF Heat 1 (3rd place)
    MF Heat 2 (4th place)
    MF Heat 3 (6th place)
    MF Heat 4 (7th place)
    MF Second chance (8th place)
    MF Final (1st place)

    ESC Final (5th place)

    • Wow I know Swedes love ESC, but that is bordering on obsession!
      An obsession I wholeheartedly support and encourage by the way!

      Love how serious Sweden take the contest. Politically am not a fan, but in ESCland Sweden is rapidly approaching Ukraine for the title of my favourite country.

      • I hate Sweden in Eurovision – they really make it bland for me

        • I love many of the early Swedish songs and really like one now and then these days too. My main issue with Sweden is that I have a strong dislike for most of their winners, first and foremost 1984 and 1991. 1998 and 2015 are professional yet generic, and Abba won with one of their weakest songs. All in all, I think that the Swedish approach to ESC since the 70s hasn’t helped the quality in ESC. And one rules applies almost every year: If I like the Swedish song, they are doomed. LOL

          • Generic best describes the Swedish Songs and the fact other countries would rather use their songwriters over their own depresses me

            ESC have put up a video of Iveta who said she’s had songs written from Canada, America, Sweden and Germany and I’m thinking “I bet they’ve gone with a Swedish song”

            • I don’t like the idea of foreign composers in general but would allow for an exception for microstates. All those G:sons & co are ESC mercenaries imo. :(

            • And she said that her song touched her heart… If it is our next peaceful song / ballad/ from Sweden I will eat my passport in front of AMPTV! Her last single composed by herself would be fine eatery for Armenia :(

          • Let me guess Toggie, you liked Sweden 2010 (worst entry they’ve ever sent (well during my time at least ;) )

        • We agree on so much (well I agree with you at least) I guess Sweden musically, is just not one of them :)

        • I like many Swedish ESC entries:

          “En gång i Stockholm” (1963, a near-masterpiece)
          “Absent Friend” (1965, for its dark flavour)
          “Som en dröm” (1967, ditto)
          “You’re Summer” (1973, folk-like and dreamy)
          “Satellit” (1979, nice, funky Toto-like groove, and GREAT vocal harmonies in the chorus)
          “Just nu” (1980, minimalistic pop/rock)
          “Fångad i en dröm” (1981, ditto)
          “Främling” (1983, yeah it is schlager, but damn catchy, and a very accomplished melody)
          “I morgon är en annan dag” (1992, perhaps not so well performed vocally, but a very lovely melody)
          “Se på mig” (1995, not so much to add here)
          “Den vilda” (1996)
          “Kärleken är” (1998)
          “It Hurts” (2004)
          “The Worrying Kind” (2007, one of the better rock songs in Eurovision, nice guitar sound)
          “Euphoria” (2012, again: very well proportioned and dynamic in terms of melody and form)

          When I last calculated the average of every country, Sweden did pretty well, somewhere between 8th and 12th overall.

          Sure, not all of their entries are exactly avant-garde, and some of them may be what many people in here refer to as “generic”, but they are nonetheless often well-crafted, containing a good sense of melody. There are some horrible songs too of course (“Herliga sommardag”, “Beatles”, “Diggi loo diggi ley” in particular) but that goes for most other countries in Eurovision as well.

          I think maybe people have a tendency of bashing Sweden for something that other countries are equally good (or bad) at doing.

          • While I do agree with most of the Swedish entries you like, I am very disappointed with you assuming about people’s motives too. Honestly, I did not expect that from you. Has it ever crossed your mind that I simply don’t like most of the entries Sweden has sent recently, and that my opinion has absolutely nothing to do with results? I honestly do not understand why it is virtually impossible to give your honest opinion on Sweden in ESC without being insulted. I am bashing noone …

            • Oh I didn’t mean to attack you…

              I’m sorry about the last sentence, the word ‘bashing’ was wrong of me, and I regret that. But I did not mean to point at you in particular. The comment was an answer to Jade.

              Don’t get me wrong. Of course it is OK not to like most of the entries from a country. There are a lot of entries from Sweden that I don’t like either, and I do find some of them clichéed and plastic like. No offence :-)

              What I meant to say in the last sentence was, that I have seen people, not necessarily you, and in other places, criticize Sweden for being bland in Eurovision as if it were a particular Swedish thing. Or, that is how I understood it, and I may be wrong, but I did actually get the impression that Sweden as a Eurovision country was becoming a bit of a scapegoat by some people.

              But I do notice that you have sometimes referred to yourself as the “Sweden hater”. I don’t know if it is ironic, but I would never refer to myself as an “Andorra hater” even if I don’t really like any of their entries.

            • Well, it is very easy to be misunderstood when talking to each other without being physically present. I am sure that you did not intend to offend anyone, and perhaps I was a bit oversensitive because I had been attacked innumerable times before when daring to criticze a Swedish entry. In fact, that is where “Sweden hater” comes from. It is what crazy HRH Princess Engla used to call me … and Morgan … and everyone else who dared to critizice anything Swedish.
              In the long run, most countries are pretty close to each other on my averages per country list. 38 countries have an average ranging from 5.00 to 7.00, and most of the entries that have a lower score (only 1 anyway) or a higher score are countries that haven’t participated more than 15 times. I expect most of those those to end up in the middle range too once they reach that number of participations. The only old country (with 30+ paarticipations) that is a bit ahead of everyone else is Italy (7.93). France, Portugal and Turkey are just above 7.00. Therefore, I dare say that most countries are pretty equal on my list when it comes to the like/dislike issue. This is about individual songs after all. :)

            • Oh, you see I was not on Esctoday, so I didn’t know about HRH Princess Engla.

              I fully understand how frustration that can be, also because it makes it very difficult to discuss the quality of anything.

            • Even though I didnt want to interfere coz I prefer moving on and staying a bit neutral as a webmaster… but it’s true, back in Esctoday, Toggie and I had a terrible “anti-Sweden” reputation which is totally uncalled for, both Toggie and I were at the time hugely behind MF (and it was a good MF era, 2005-2010) and have loved many Swedish songs, such as 2007, but were always poorly considered simply coz we didnt back up the “ABBAesque approach” as we’d call it.

              So I get Toggie’s frustration on the matter, but hey, we all know on ET that we all have quirks but are reasonable enough to be fair (for instance, I can say that UMK 2015 was AWFUL and I HATED it :p)

            • I haven’t loved a Swedish ESC entry since 1996 but I really like 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010 (minus the stage show) and 2012. I have even come to terms with their 1999 winner, which is a fine song in a genre I am not particularly fond of. That’s more than many other countries have on my list since 2004. :)
              Nevertheless, there are 2 things that drive me mad about Sweden:
              1. They have fantastic songs in MF every year but haven’t sent the best one since 1996. So much potential wasted.
              2. I tend to dislike their successful entries (2006, 2011, 2014) or think that their victories don’t bring the contest in the direction I wish for (2015). LOL

            • 1. their MF winner is my own winner only in 2007 in the whole 2004-2015 run, though “Euphoria” was my runner up in 2012 (and Loreen my 2011 MF winner)

              2. same, but Sweden 99 is my esc winner, but it’s my weakest winner ever (84/100)

            • And at least this shows that I care for MF and that I am as passionate about MF as guitar. :) Some countries stage NFs where the choice of songs ranges from awful to bland to average (Switzerland, Belarus, Spain if they hold a NF f. e.). In those countries the wrong choice doesn’t bug me as much as in Sweden. :)
              Caroline, Emelie etc. <3 <3 <3

            • Yes, that’s another one that is still popular in my playlist. :)

            • “1. They have fantastic songs in MF every year but haven’t sent the best one since 1996. So much potential wasted.”

              It is very rare that my favourite wins a NF or the ESC anyway, so I think I am used to it.

              Moreover, I have never really been passionate about NF’s – including Melodifestivalen and DMGP – and I rarely watch the shows again.

              In fact, I don’t think I will call myself passionate about Eurovision either. I try to keep a bit of distance, it makes it more enjoyable to watch, and there are worse things happening in this world than a bad song winning a contest ;-)

            • I totally fail to understand what being interested in national finals has to do with the state the world is in? If you re only interested in things of global relevance, I am surprised to see you being a HoD in FdlC. LOL

            • I think you misunderstood me.

              I didn’t say I was only interested in things of global relevance. Otherwise I wouldn’t be around here. I just meant that the state of the world worries me more; it’s not the same as saying that I’m not interested in song contests.

              And believe me, I go all in when it comes to FdlC :-)

            • And the one with a lower score than 5.00 is not Sweden. :)

            • Italy tops my “fave esc countries” list too :)
              Then it’s Serbia, Russia, Azerbaijan !, Norway, France, Estonia, Iceland and Moldova.
              Sweden is at #11

            • Italy tops my list of old countries. On my full list, Serbia is on top (then Morocco and Australia … but I only count countries with at least 3 participations), then Yugoslavia 2nd and Italy in 3rd place. Then BiH, Azerbaijan, Portugal and France (France has lost a lot of ground since 2010 … Only Amandine got a good score from me.)

            • I didn’t include Australia either cause they would win the whole thing with a great average of 9.0 :P
              I agree on France losing serious ground after Kaas. Azerbaijan has mostly scored 8s and 7s from me but that’s enough for a great average. BiH has been great only after 2006. I fail to see what’s great in them during 90s (99 excluded, ok 93 too maybe but still I wouldn’t call their debut great either)

            • I love BiH’s debut song … and then nothing until 2006. That’s enough for an average of 7.89.
              AZE: 1 x 12, 1 x 9, 2 x 8, 3 x 7, 1 x 3 (7.63)
              Australia and Morocco both stand at 9.00 on my list.

            • I forgot BiH99, which I like a lot too (not love though). In fact, it was my winner in the 1st of a string of really weak contests (1999-2006).

            • I agree on France. It was in contention with Bosnia and Serbia in top 3 until 2009 and since then only Amaury and Amandine got above average scores from me. Then Bosnia had great entries in 2006-2012 and then stopped participating, so they still have an almost perfect score. Serbia has the 2013 disaster and 2015 meh, so that dropped them a bit. On the other hand, having Italy in my top 5 in every edition 2011-2014 helped them overtake Finland’s 4th place, but Finland great songs in 2012 and 2014 helped it stay 5th!

            • I prefer SRB 13 to 15 actually :P

            • I dont like either, but Bojana makes Serbia 2015 a guilty pleasure, when Serbia is my last of 2013

            • Well I prefer the devil in SRB 13 anytime :P

          • Im glad to see my thee fave Swedish esc entries (1967, 1981 and 2007) in your list! I genuinely like plenty more and last time I checked Sweden was around 8th in my fave coutry list of all time!

          • I think a problem with “Satellit” is that it was such a carcrash live. Bad orchestration and Ted being nervous as hell. The studio version is SO much better, and the “Hold the line” elements came through even stronger there.

            And I have no problems saying that “Härliga sommardag” is my favourite Swedish entry of the 70’s. ;)

      • Well, what else are we supposed to watch? Quiz shows, Masterchef, Antiques Roadshow? :D

        UEFA Euro 2016 and some big skiing events might offer some competition next year, but apart from that, it will probably be the same procedure as every year. It’s Melodifestivalen and the annual Disney’s From All of Us to All of You on Xmas Eve who are always fighting for the crown every year. Melodifestivalen has won every year since 2000, except from 2014 which most people agree was a very poor MF year.

        And what’s wrong with Swedish politics? Our political parties have shown the way of surviving. They’ve been in the parliament for so long now that they can almost be considered as museum exhibits. ;)

  17. “I don’t like the idea of foreign composers in general”

    But Togravus, then we would never have had a “Senhora do mar” in ESC. ;)

  18. The EMA finalists have been announced:
    Anja Baš
    Anja Kotar
    D Base
    Nuša Derenda
    San Di Ego
    Sebastian Lukovnjak
    Žan Serchich

  19. All A Dal entries have been released in full version: http://www.mediaklikk.hu/a-dal-videok/

  20. Happy New Year sweet people :)
    Have been up to my eyes of late, gigging and enjoying the festive season. I hope everyone had a lovely time (whether celebrated or not). I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Everyone here at Eurovision Times a healthy and happy 2016. Here’s to a great Eurovision year. Cheers :)

  21. regarding Scandi song fight above, well here in Spain we got used to Swedish composers composing all our songs, Spanish public wouldn’t even know or bother about that, hoping for something different at least for Spain this year with the potential singers, so called Scandi music mafia just widened its horizons, why not, my dear ma , who is half Danish , got all Danish songs of the 80s mixed up in ESC, no doubt because they were all from the same writers year after year, (could be said for Norway in the 70s and 80s too) her favourite would be the following which indeed sounds like the winner by 1 point, she sings that one while cooking sometimes :-)

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