Belgium: Eurosong Starts Tonight

belgiumBelgium – Tonight will see the first of three shows of the countries National Selection Show Eurosong. This year  VRT are to pick the Eurovision Entry. There are five finalists who will tonight perform a Eurovision Hit where none of them will be eliminated 

The three shows will be as follows:

January 3rd Show 1 – The finalists will perform a Eurovision Classic
January 10th Show 2 – We will find out the Eurovision Song each act hopes to sing in Stockholm
January 17th Show 3 – The finalists will perform their Eurovision Song again and a winner will be decided by the public and a jury

Which covers bring the candidates?

The finalists and the songs they will perform tonight are (from left to right in the picture above)

Adil Aarab – “Hold Me Now” (Ireland 1987)
Amaryillis Uitterlinden“Euphoria” (Sweden 2012)
Astrid Destuyver“Every Way That I Can” (Turkey 2003)
Laura Tesoro“Dum Tek Tek” (Turkey 2009)
Tom Frantzis“Rhythm Inside” (Belgium 2015)

Each show will have two music experts who will provide feedback to the finalists after their first performances. Tonight Stijn Kolacny and Alexander Ryback will be on hand to give advice.

You can watch the show on the websites telecast here and the show will begin at 20:25CET (19:25GMT)

It is said that Adil Aarab is the favourite to in the Belgian ticket to Stockholm but who would you like to see follow in the huge footsteps left by Loïc Nottet in 2015

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13 comments on “Belgium: Eurosong Starts Tonight

  1. I am not sure if I’ll be able to follow this show. Anyway I am more interested in the songs they’re going to perform next Sunday. Good luck to all hopefuls!

    P.S. – performing Begium 15 will be very hard. I hope Mr. Frantzis knows what he is doing. The other 4 songs are easier to tackle, imo.

  2. What is the point of singing a Eurovision classic?

  3. What NF has Alexander Ryback NOT touched yet?!

  4. Is anyone else watching this?

  5. Laura Tesoro – “Dum Tek Tek” : I didn’t like this at all!The orchestration was awful and Laura isn’t a good singer.
    Alexander Rybak said that she has this arrogant,childish,stupid look you need to win eurovision!Is he the new Ruslana?LOL!

  6. Adil Aarab – “Hold Me Now”: The first decent cover although i find him boring as Laila would have put it.Unless the one who wins has a very good song,things don’t look good for Belgium.

  7. Tom Frantzis – “Rhythm Inside”: Although this rockish version lacked the edge of the original song it was the most interesting cover version so far.

  8. Amaryllis won televoting in this 1st show.All performances can be found here: http://deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws/videozone/programmas/eurosong2016/2.42364

  9. The most interesting thing of this show was the fact that two of the candidates went for songs from Turkey…

  10. I watched all 5 and we’re not heading towards a repeat of Loic coz none of them had his stage charisma. Now many covers were boring and subpar to their originals, except maybe the take on “Everyway that I can”… and the best vocals went to Amaryllis…

    Now let’s wait for the songs!

  11. Belgian song titles and descriptions of the songs revealed:
    Amaryllis: Kick The Habit-An atmospheric and richly arranged pop song with an addictive chorus.
    Tom: I’m Not Lost:Tom throws out all restraints with a contemporary pop power number
    Astrid: Everybody Aches: Astrid’s fragile comes fully into its own in this contemporary combination of a soul ballad and electronic
    Laura: What’s The Pressure: energetic and driving funk pop coupled with a set of blistering wind instruments to give it a spark
    Adil: In Our Nature: Adil brings a song with a message,an honest and beautiful pop song

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