Poll: Who Should Represent Belarus?

BelarusBelarus – This month Belarus will be one of three countries to select their song for the Eurovision Song Contest in May. There are ten shortlisted finalists and one will be heading to Stockholm to compete in the semi final. The final takes place on January 22nd

You can remind yourself of the Belorussian entries by watching the videos below:

Alexej Gross“Flame”

Sasha Sakharik“Glory Night”

Valeria Sadovskaya“Not Alone”

Radiovolna“Don’t Get Crazy”

THE EM “Turn Around”

NAVI“Geta Zemlya” (This Land)

Aleksander Ivanov“How To Fly”

Anastasia Malashkevich“Pray For Love”

Kirill Ermakov“Running To The Sun”

NAPOLI“My Universe”

In 2015 Belarus were represented by Uzari & Maimuna who failed to qualify to the Grand Final with their song “Time”. The finished 12th in the First Semi Final.

Do you think any of the above will fair any better? Let us know in the comments and vote in the poll below.

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30 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Belarus?

  1. My Thoughts on Each:
    -Alexey Gross with “Flame” – Boring, doesn’t really go anywhere. There’s nothing much I can say as it’s just pitifully boring. 3/10
    -Sasha Zakharik with “Glory Night” – One of the better songs of the selection. It’s jazzy and pleasant, but still not something I’d choose to listen to. Also, I don’t see this doing very well and predict this to place last. 5/10
    -Valeriya Sadovskaya with “Not Alone” – After my first listen, this one was my favorite. However, I went on to realize that it’s actually not very good at all. The song’s messy and all over the place, but I still don’t hate it. 5/10
    -Radiovolna with “Radiowave (Ne shodi s uma)” – Okay this one is one of my least favorites, but it seems to be a lot of other’s favorite. I don’t like the guy’s voice or this type of music at all. Really bad in my opinion. 2/10
    -The EM with “Turn Around” – Belarus really isn’t impressing. While this one isn’t bad per say, in my opinion, it isn’t very good either. Another slightly below average one. 4/10
    -Navi with “Heta ziamlia” – This one would definitely be my favorite song. Perhaps the fact that we’re not listening to Belarusians try to speak English helps? I don’t know but it’s very pleasant to me and my pick to win. 8/10
    -Alexander Ivanov with “How to Fly” – Funny how he got so tired of waiting for Intervision he decided to go for Eurovision. Another one that isn’t horrible but isn’t good either. 4/10
    -Anastasiya Malashkevich with “Pray for Love” – This seems to be the big favorite but I can’t stand it. I hate her shouty vocals and all of her previous Eurovision attempts have been some of my least favorites as well. 2/10
    -Kirill Yermakov with “Running to the Sun” – This isn’t the type of song I’d listen to but I definitely appreciate the fact that there’s actually a somewhat well-produced nice pop song in the mix. It seems like this is another big favorite to win. 6/10
    -NAPOLI with “My Universe” – This seems very Belarusian to me. It’s average, consists of poor vocals and English, and is somewhat annoying. Also what’s the deal with Napoli, wasn’t it two girls and a guy last year? Who’s this lady? Do they replace their composition every year or something, lol. 4/10

    Average: 4.3/10

    Overall, Belarus likely won’t be qualifying to the final unless the winning song gets a good revamp and stage presentation. My winner is Navi, but I don’t think they’ll end up winning.

  2. Kirill Yermakov
    Kirill Yermakov
    Kirill Yermakov
    Kirill Yermakov

    …Belarus, please do the right thing instead of sending the poor man’s Gravity.

  3. after my vote, we were at:
    Kirill Ermakov 40% (4 votes)
    Alexej Gross 30% (3 votes)
    NAVI 30% (3 votes)
    Sasha Sakharik 0% (0 votes)
    Valeria Sadovskaya 0% (0 votes)
    Radiovolna 0% (0 votes)
    THE EM 0% (0 votes)
    Aleksander Ivanov 0% (0 votes)
    Anastasia Malashkevich 0% (0 votes)
    NAPOLI 0% (0 votes)

  4. Young Georgian Lolitaz doing a gig in the underground:

  5. Another weak Belarussian NF…

  6. And my personal ranking, based only on these jury auditions, and I tried to take into account the fact that the recording in these is just awful and tried to keep an open mind to wht they could turn out in a live show. With that in mind, I do think we have one of the bette Belarussian NF of late (with as many good/average songs than poor/awful):


    * Navi – Heta ziamlia (simple a good song, and very simple in its delivery, plus it’s not in English)
    * Anastasiya Malashkevich – Pray for love (i cant explain it, it’s very fun and maybe a guilty pleasure but i genuinely thought it was fine as is, and am curious how it’ll turn live)
    * Kirill Yermakov – Running to the sun (it’s good vocals and a very well produced song, as a favorite I expected to hate this and thought it was enjoyable all throughout)

    * Sasha Zakharik – Glory night (cute and harmless, at least trying someting else)
    * Valeriya Sadovskaya – Not alone (a bit messy and definitely amateurish but in a charming way)

    * Alexey Gross – Flame (it’s ok and decent, and I do think it would make an ok esc entry)
    * The EM – Turn around (bonus for them being so cute)
    * Alexander Ivanov – How to fly (this was close to impossible to listen to the end, but it’s not awful either)

    * Radiovolna – Radiowave (Ne shodi s uma) (awful vocals, trying to be schlagerish in all the bad ways)
    * NAPOLI – My iniverse (just no)

  7. voted for Anastasia Malashkevich btw

  8. I haven’t voted because I haven’t managed to summon the courage to listen to this line-up yet …

  9. My personal favorites are NAVI – “Geta Zemlya” (This Land), Kirill Ermakov – “Running To The Sun”,Anastasia Malashkevich – “Pray For Love”. My vote goes to NAVI :).

  10. I shall wait for the NF to listen to these songs. Good luck, Belarus. :)

  11. It is between Kirill Ermakov and NAVI ! Goodluck Belarus!

  12. Here we go. The Belarusian Final is on !

  13. Alexey Gross-Flame: A pompous nothingness. 4/12

  14. I have never been a fan of Alexey’s singing voice and the song is a Zzzz/ROFL affair. 3/12

  15. Sasha Zakharik-Glory Night- And now off to a kids’ show.It’s boring and flat. 4/12

  16. 1)Aleksey Gross – Flame. Song is awfully stereotypical. His vocals were good. 4/10

  17. Sasha’s song is rather irrelevant but nice and fluffy. Unfortunately, her voice isn’t strong enough to make this one the fun it could be with a better singer. 6/12

  18. Valeriya – They tried to sound contemporary for the first minute, but when they realised that they weren’t up to the task, they decided to go for schlager in the remaining 2 minutes. LOL 3/12

  19. 2)Glory night was piainful to listen to : 3/10
    3)Not alone : At least an eye candy. I enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons : 5/10

  20. Valeria Sadovskaya-Not Alone: Why did it have to turn to a flat europop?It’s still better than the first 2. 5.5/12

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