Finland: Snippets of UMK’s 18 entries Revealed!

UMK 2015 smallFinland – Finnish broadcaster, YLE, has today made available snippets of the 18 Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu participants. The release of the official preview videos will take place on 12th January at 11.00 (CET).  Each snippet features an instrumental part of the song, some lyrics and an outline figure of the artist. It would appear that there are 3 duos, 1 band, 2 trios and 12 solo artists (5 men and 7 women). 4 appear to be in Finnish, 14 in English.


Krista Siegfrids (Finland 2013) and Roope Salminen will be the presenters for this year’s Finnish national selection.

The dates for UMK are as follows:

  • 06/02/15 Semi-final 1
  • 13/02/15 Semi-final 2
  • 20/02/15 Semi-final 3
  • 27/02/15 Grand final

23 comments on “Finland: Snippets of UMK’s 18 entries Revealed!

  1. I’m not overly excited by what I’ve heard so far, but I guess we only need one little gem in there.

  2. Hmm. Not much to go off of and this teaser just reminds me of karaoke. The instrumentals that stand out most to me as of now are 3 and 13. And I can relate to the lyrics ‘Don’t wake me up. Don’t wake me up’. GL Finland :D.

  3. I will listen to the songs once they are fully available. Unfortunately, my hopes for the outcome of this NF are not very high because Finland tends to ignore the good songs on offer and send sth really awful to ESC instead. Out of 49 Finnish ESC entries, I would only call 4 songs great (61, 65, 79, 12), 3 more quality (93, 02, 14) and 6 more OK (74, 87, 89, 91, 08, 10). :( On the other hand, I have a huge Finnish folder in my music library due to the fact that there are always songs I love in the Finnish NF. In fact, some of my favourite ESC-related songs are Finnish. If I calculated country averages on NF basis, Finland would be much higher than the dismal 43rd place they are currently sharing with the UK and Switzerland on my list.

    Good luck!

    • So the UK (along with Switzerland and Finland) is currently your least favourite country in ESC???

      • No. LOL

        43rd FIN/SWI/UK 5.53
        46th SVK 5.38
        47th ROM 5.37
        48th RSM 5.17
        49th AUT 5.08
        50th CZE 5.00
        51st BLR 3.83
        1st SRB 9.22
        (2nd MAR/AUS 9.00 – only one entry each)
        2nd YUG 8.33
        3rd ITA 7.93
        4th BiH 7.89
        5th AZE 7.63

        • Oh it goes up to 51 lol, I see you don’t redistribute Yugoslavia, so I guess Serb&Mont are there as well? Still 49 seems higher than I was expecting,

          If my Croatian friend ever comes on the site (he doesn’t post but reads it around the time of the contest) and you say that Yugoslavia won the 89 contest, not Croatia, it won’t end well ;)

        • I’m missing a country,

          43 current countries, take off Australia as you don’t include it ( you put Yug as 2nd ,after listing Maroc and Australia so there on the list but not counting towards 51)

          So 42, plus Yugoslavia and Srb&Mnt as you still include them takes us to 44

          Then add, Andorra, Monaco, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovakia and Turkey takes us to 50, what other country is there? Lebanon?

          • I have SRB, AUS, MAR, YUG, ITA, BIH, AZE, FRA, POR, CYP, ALB, TUR, AND, ISR, ISL, HUN, ESP, UKR, MOL, MNE, GRE, SLO, MON, HRV, GEO, NOR, RUS, ARM, SWE, IRE, EST, BEL, POL, LUX, MLT, GER, NED, DEN, MAK, BUL, LAT, LIT, UKD, FIN, SWI, SVK, ROM, RSM, AUT, CZE, BLR (51 – the 2 S&M songs are attributed to SRB and MNE)

    • Finland only missed my top 10 fourteen times in esc history… and it’s in my top 6 fave esc countries of all time (with Bosnia, Serbia, France, Luxembourg, Italy)*

      *excluding Morocco

  4. No snippets for me, thanks. Good luck, Finland!

  5. Oh God!I just randomly picked snippet #9 and it sounds so ME.I loved it. <3
    Of course,these are not proper snippets just 10 seconds instrumental bits.
    Fake a smile and for a while i may love her more or wish that she could be you and on it goes….

  6. These aren’t snippets…

  7. I really wonder.Could by any chance snippet#9 be Mikael Saari?The melody,the lyrics sound familiar to me.Could it just be wishful thinking? :P

  8. Finally, some material to excite me :P Except not really. I’m sad to see that UMK is the least diverse it’s ever been. That being said, it sounds like a mildly competent lineup, probably the best thing they could do after last year’s fiasco. Here’s to getting on the road to ESC recovery.

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