Hungary: Misztrál disqualified from A Dal 2016

hungaryHungary – Yet another would-be representative seems incapable of reading or understanding quite simple Eurovision rules as we have a disqualification from this year’s A Dal competition in Hungary. The band Misztrál, singing ‘Reggeli reggae’ has been disqualified in Hungary when it was discovered their song had been published last summer, in advance of the September 1st deadline.

Misztrál will be replaced by Viki Singh singing Katonák (Soldiers):

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOp9shi0c7w]

2 comments on “Hungary: Misztrál disqualified from A Dal 2016

  1. I do not know the song that was disqualified but really like this one. In fact, it is the first song of the season I really like … although I am no fan of her voice.
    I haven’t listened to any other A dal song or the Estonian line-up yet.

  2. 18 A Dal songs are available here: http://esctoday.com/107599/hungary-listen-to-a-dal-2016-entries-upd-continuously/
    Unfortunately,till now it seems that it’s the weakest A Dal edition since it began in 2012. :( Andras should win it hands down given the current line-up.

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