Spain: National Finalists Revealed

spainSpain – Yesterday RTVE made an announcement that Bertin Osborne was the first of six finalists who will perform in the Spanish National Final to determine their entry for Stockholm 2016. That was a prank though but today the actual finalists have been officially revealed

The announcement of Bertin Osborne had been a Fools Day prank so shame on me for being fooled so easily. Today RTVE have officially revealed the six acts that will be performing in their National Final. The songs are still to be revealed so to get a hang of the kind of music they release, I have put a video of previous music released by each. The finalists are…


1. Xuso Jones
Xuso’s Eurovision Song will be composed by Andreas Öhrn and Peter Boström. He has said that he was persuaded to take part by friend Ruth Lorenzo who represented Spain in 2014. Peter Boström is already known to the Eurovision Song Contest having co-written “Euphoria” by Loreen who won the contest in 2012. Boström also wrote “Amancer” for Edurne last year and “Popular” which came 3rd for Eric Saade in 2011. Xuso says the song is “very cool, that goes in crescendo and ends up being super big”

2. Salvador Beltrán
Salvador has been singing since 2012 when he won the Cadena Dial Newcomer Award in the same year. His song will be self composed with the help of Miguel Angel Arenas and will have a Latin feel. He has this to say about his dong… “The song that I composed for Eurovision speaks of the days of joy. That if we have bad days, we have to stay with the good experiences and the people who love us” he also says that the song “will have a touch of Spanish folklore by the prominence of the guitar and how my voice”

3. Maverick
Maverick took part in the Spanish version of The Voice in 2015 where he was one of the finalists. His Eurovision entry will be written by Juan Magan, Darlyn Cuevas and Luiggi Giuseppe Olivares. He has this to say about the song “It is a song intended to make the audience stand and to dance”. The song will have also have a Latin feel “because the Latin works well for us, it is in our roots”

4. Maria Isabel
Maria Isabel won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 with her song “Antes muerta que sencilla”. In 2016 she hopes to represent Spain in the main edition of the contest in Stockholm. Her song will be written by David Santisteban and she describes the song as “danceable, with very fresh air , which I think people will like and that makes the best of me”

5. Electric Nana
Electric Nana has been singing since since she was 14 years old and has even sung with Plan B. Her Eurovision song will be self composed and described she says it has a “fun, rebellious and unapologetic spirit” and that it “makes you smile and it makes you have a good time”. Electric Nana can speak three languages (English, Spanish and French) so will her song be in English or will it be bilingual like Ruth Lorenzo‘s “Dancing in the Rain”?

6. Barei
Barei’s song will be written by herself with co-writers Rubén Villanueva and Víctor Púa Vivó. She says her song has “pop electronic bases and a very modern sound” and thinks “it’s a song that everyone can relate to, that speaks of never giving up”. Barei sings in English so it is likely her song will be in the English language as well

So there we have the six finalists. The date of the National Final is still to be revealed but as we wait for the six potential songs to be revealed, who are you most excited about? Please comment below and maybe even vote in our poll below.

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30 comments on “Spain: National Finalists Revealed

  1. With three men in a row revealed surely the next two are women

    Will it be Brequette and Maria Isabell?

  2. I’ll check those once the downhill in Santa Catarina is over. :)

  3. I think Spain should skip the genre “divaesque dramatic ballad” and opt for something fresh and uptempo. I wouldn’t mind something like Maria Isabel’s posted song f.e

  4. I’m liking this selection… apart from Xuso because if his song is written by the Swedish I’m immediately against it.

    I’m liking Salvador and Maverick the most because I like Latino songs – Mavericks sounds like it will be more uptempo though so that gives him an edge for me

    I think Maria will win though since she won the junior version and the Spanish may think she’ll do well for them again. I’d like a male singer this time though because we just haven’t had one from them in such a long time

    • Lol why are you against Swedish writers? Is it because of how many songs are written by the Swedes now, or is it more general and you think the writers should be from the country?

      • I think Swedish written songs are generic.Sending songs from Sweden take away all national identity from that country. I like to hear eastern sounding songs from the Eastern blocs like Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. It’s why I like Bulgaria so much – their songs always sound like they’re from the region

        Spain is a country that has it’s own unique variety of music and I like to hear that in their songs and I’d hate for them to send a Swedish written song. Amancer obviously didn’t work did it

  5. Hi there , hope everybody have a good day, about this six candidates i cant really say much , i was looking in YouTube diferents videos from them, to know more and the most i like was Maverick , Electro Nana and really my dark horse is Barei , I am spanish from Canary Islands , if you want to swim in open see with 25 grads and much sun in December or January come to Canary Islands eternally spring islands

  6. The good news is that this line-up does not smell of disaster. :)
    Most songs will probably be very conventional and thus pretty predictable and a tad boring. Judging on the songs above, Salvador is my pre-NF favourite. :)

    Good luck to all of them.

  7. Off-topic: R.I.P. Lemmy from Motörhead :-(

  8. I’m not gonna say anything before I’ve heard the songs, but it looks like they’ve found a group of quite decent artists. I do think though it would be wise thing if they chose another path than the big diva entry they’ve tried the last years.

    Buena suerte!

  9. The only artist I know is María Isabel (only her JESC song), but I guess they seem somewhat promising. As long as there’s no big diva ballad or shake shake shake songs I’ll be glad.

  10. So,based on what they say:
    Xuso Jones will be singing a big male diva ballad which doesn’t sound very promising on paper.
    Salvador Beltrán is going for an ethno folk,guitar entry.Could go either way.
    Maverick is the hot guy singing a dance latin tune.
    Maria Isabel also opts for an up tempo latin song
    Electric Nana could give us a happy go lucky pop tune
    and finally Barei could be promising based on how she describes her entry but her song posted here is just a sweet ballad.
    It’s an ok line-up.Good luck Spain!

  11. Off-topic:

    Misztrál disqualified due to song release before the allowed date, replaced with Vikki Singh

  12. Nice group of singers, Electric Nana seems the most interesting. Hope for some songs that can get Spain a good placing. :D

  13. The esc songs that the Belgian finalists will perform during the 1st show on Sunday:
    1.Adil Araab-Hold me now(Ireland 1987)
    2.Amaryllis Uitterlinden-Euphoria(Sweden 2012)
    3.Laura Tesoro-Dum tek tek(Turkey 2009)
    4.Astrid Destuyver-Everyway that i can(Turkey 2003)
    5.Tom Frantzis-Rhythm inside(Belgium 2015)

    • Uninspired choices imo. We always get a selection out of the same 20 songs on occasions like this. In Germany f. e. it would be “Satellite” instead of “Rhythm Insde”. The rest would probably be the same … or “Waterloo”, “Nel blu dipinto di blu”, “Making Your Mind up”, “Fairytale” etc. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • True but i suppose they’re thinking about the ratings.However,it would be very interesting to mix some not so known esc songs with some more popular in a medley.

    • I wonder what the point of that exercise is. Didn’t they do a similar thing two years ago.

    • And I think the actual Eurovision Songs are being revealed on or after the second show Jan 6th

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