Moldova: 24 Semi-Finalists Revealed

moldovaMoldova – Yesterday, the Moldovan Broadcaster TRM revealed the twenty-four acts that would compete in the Moldovan National Selection. Only forty-seven entries were submitted for 2016 and the following have been chosen to compete on the 23rd and 25th February

The twenty four semi finalists will be split into two groups of twelve. One group will perform in semi final one on February 23rd and the second group will perform in the second semi final on February 25th

You can hear the semi finalists by clicking on the songs below:

Andrei Ioniţa & Onoffrei“Lie”
Diana Brescan“Till The End”
Felicia Dunaf“You and Me”
Katherine & Litesound“Imagine”
Rodica şi Ivan Aculov“Stop Lying”
Big Flash Sound“Când Vrei”
Doiniţa Gherman“Irresistible”
Valeria Paşa“Save Love”
Lidia Isac“Falling Stars”
Viola “In The Name of Love”
Cristina Pintilie – “Picture of Love”
Valentin Uzun“Mine”
Max Fall & Vozniuc Dan & Malloy“Game Lover”
Maxim Zavidia“La La Love”
Chris Maroo“Tonight”
Beatrice“Saved My Heart For You”
Anna Gulko“Never Let Go”
Che-MD“Voda E Cu Noi”
Emilia Russu“I Am Not The Same”
Criss Jeff“Good Life”
Nadia Moşneagu“Memories”

You will notice some familiar names in DoReDoS and Diana Brescan who both competed in the Moldovan Final last year. Another familiar name is Litesound who represented Belarus in 2012.

Do any of this years shortlist from Moldova appeal to you? Whoever represents Moldova in 2016 will follow Eduard Romanyuta who just failed to qualify for the Grand Final in Vienna with his song “I Want Your Love”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px1MoZ0k7qY]

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9 comments on “Moldova: 24 Semi-Finalists Revealed

  1. Well Moldova is the only country who can deliver my type of weirdness and there’s a few here

    Andrei Ioniţa & Onoffre have the rap I like
    DoReDoS I remember loving last year too
    Che-MD sounds like it has the Moldovan National Identity which is not a bad thing at all.

    I also like the Litesound song and ELLE are weird sounding. I just hope they don’t go with a ballad that all the other women are bringing

  2. Doiniţa … why does guitar come to mind instantly? ;)

  3. The majority of these really are terrible, but I genuinely enjoyed Big Flash Sound and Elle and Viola has potential as well.

    I’d also be perfectly fine with a Doredos win if they continue to insist on misspelling their song title.

  4. For me, this is the weakest NF line up so far. I kinda want Doiniţa Gherman to win, she’s tried so hard for the past few years and I think this song is one of her better efforts. Big Flash Sound and Elle could potentially be good too.

  5. I’m just amused that there’s a song called Lie and a song called Stop Lying, and I hope the latter gets performed immediately after the former.

  6. I have not heard all the songs (far from it). That said, I like 3 songs: ‘Când Vrei’, ‘Tare’ and ‘Lie’. The lives will most certainly be pivotal.

  7. The more I see it… the more I think this will be Doinita’s year. Is not as good as her last two numbers and definitely like the Romanian tone she has, but that style of song fits her greatly. she’s capable of a good live, good English… I think it may be her time.

  8. Viola – “In The Name of Love” is by far the best but it will not win. With the exception of DoRedoS (and somehow Andrei Ioniţa & Onoffrei) the rest songs and signers are rubbish.

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