Spain: National Final to Find 2016 Act

spainSpain – Spanish Broadcaster TVE yesterday announced that they will be holding a National Selection to choose their 2016 representative. Six acts will be in contention for the prize and are all said to be well known to the Spanish Public. TVE asked fans to tweet #europuesta along with the act they would like to see…

TVE are still to announce the acts that they have shortlisted but the six most popular from the Twitter Campaign #europuesta are:

Maria Isabel – She won the Junior contest back in 2004

Maverick – He was a finalist in the Spanish version of the Voice in 2015

Raul Gomez – Raul was among those rumoured for last year before Edurne was eventually announced

Dasoul – Dasoul’s music has a Latin American Sound and has been singing since 2012

Xuso Jones – Xuso has opened for the likes of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Jessie J

Brequette – She cam second to Ruth Lorenzo in the 2014 National Selection

The last time the public were able to choose their Eurovision Song was in 2014 when Ruth Lorenzo had success coming 10th with her song “Dancing in the Rain”. Whoever represents Spain in 2016 will follow the popular Edurne who only managed a 21st placing with “Emancer”.  It is no surprise that TVE are giving power back to the people.

Who would you like to see in the Spanish Final and onto Stockholm?

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33 comments on “Spain: National Final to Find 2016 Act

  1. I’m afraid that none of the above hopefuls sounds very promising. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually bad.
    After all these years I’ve come to the conclusion that out of the big5 countries, Spain has the weakest mainstrean music scene.
    Why don’t they opt for sth more daring for once?

    Buena suerte, querida España <3

  2. Btw, I only know Brequette and Maria Isabel whose JESC 2004 entry is the epitome of guilty pleasure methinks :P

    • Hola querido amigo mío, I got your mail and am going to reply properly very soon, for the moment just to add to your comment here, I agree with you about Spanish mainstream music, to me it always sounds like a variation on the same theme although of course there are lots of other styles that are well-known locally or with a limited fan base who try to break away from it but of course will never be in the mainstream, it’s the typical issue of what we call in Spanish: “enchufados” , who you know, who your family knows, who you slept with , helps a lot! as for the report, I’m glad that there will be a final but looking at the above singers it seems that the “enchufado” system still works. However it seems one good thing here is that there seems to be a revival of interest in ESC for some reason, even other channels apart from TVE have started to mention it, as for Maria Isabel, her Junior ESC song is still very famous here after all these years and is a kind of evergreen song to sing in karaoke etc, I think if she’d been older and in adult ESC 2004 Spain would have done well! more to follow beso x

  3. to add to the Eurovision interest here in Spain last night the winner in one of Spain’s most popular shows was the following (Pablo Puyol is a famous actor here, well-known for sexy roles in TV series/sit coms etc), it seems here in Spain, who will represent Spain is more important than the election results!! :-), besides he did well with his imitation I think!

  4. Well,congratulations to Spain!I just read that Miss Spain is the new Miss world. :P

  5. I can hardly remember when Spain last sent a competetive entry … Well, 1995 methinks, although that one was more about Anabel’s fantastic live performance than the song. Ever since their entries ranged between abysmal and average. Although I personally like some songs (2003 in studio version, 2005, 2010 …), none of the entries since Anabel deserved a top 5 result imo.
    Get a grip, TVE!

    Buena suerte! :)

  6. tell me more :-)

  7. Off topic but today marks the centennial of Edith Piaf’s birth:

    • A legend … :)

    • Btw, Maria Tanase is also known as the Romanian Edith Piaf. They both passed away the same year and at an untimely age. :(
      German Nobel Prize winner Herta Müller cites Maria as one of her major influences too. (Herta Müller was born into the German minority in Romania) … she always adds that she never felt anything when listening to traditional German Humtata music though.

      • I just checked the wikipedia page and it also refers to her as the Edith Piaf of Romania.

        • And btw, I totally agree with Herta Müller. I love folk music from all countries … except Germany. German Volksmusik is awful and mind-numbing. I guess that the German Romantics (Brahms, Schubert, Schumann) thought the same (common sense … :) …) and therefore felt the need to invent a new German Lied:

        • This is my favourite interpretation. Goosebumps alarm. To fully appreciate it, you need to understand the lyrics. A translation can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Der_Erlk%C3%B6nig

          • Those lyrics are spine-tingling!It’s a beautiful dark poem that is 100% me.It reminded me of this old tradition Greek poem.It’s called The Dead Borther’s Song: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dead_Brother%27s_Song
            Isn’t it strange how different cultures appear to have similar recurring themes?

            • Well, it is mainly about love and death in all cultures, as our literary pope Marcel Reich-Ranicki (who died recently … :( …) once said.

              That’s a beautiful dark ballad I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing. :)

              Btw, I think that the way Jessye Norman interprets the narrator and the 3 characters of the poem is fantastic. She does it by intelligently using her voice and her body language. She is actually acting the song. :)

          • indeed!! ;:)

  8. Arisa wants to win San Remo because she realy wants to go to Eurovision: http://esctoday.com/107464/italy-arisa-wants-eurovision/

  9. The 24 semifinalists in Moldova
    Andrei Ioniţa & Onoffrei – Lie
    Anna Gulko – Never let go
    Beatrice – Saved my heart for you
    Big Flash Sound – Cînd vrei
    Che-MD – Vodă e cu noi
    Chris Maroo – Tonight
    Chriss Jeff – Good life
    Cristina Pintillie – Picture of love
    Diana Brescan – Till the end
    Doinița Gherman – Irresistible
    DoReDoS – FunnyFolk
    Elle – Tare
    Emilia Russu – I am not the same
    Felicia Dunaf – You and me
    Katherine & Litesound – Imagine
    Lidia Isac – Falling stars
    Max Fall feat. Dan Vozniuc & Malloy – Game lover
    Maxim Zavidia – La la love
    Nadia Moșneagu – Memories
    Priza – Rewind
    Rodica & Ivan Aculov – Stop lying
    Valentin Uzun – Mine
    Valeria Pașa – Save love
    Viola – In the name of love
    AND their audition videos.A nice Saturday night gift.LOL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLijTlneprfrBn05fm6XYRyErNsFUOB0bB&v=Pv3F__e0Bfk

  10. My comment awaiting moderation so we go again.The 24 semifinalists in Moldova and their audition videos.A nice Saturday night gift.LOL! http://esctoday.com/107475/moldova-o-melodie-pentru-europa-2016-participants-announced/

  11. Loved Edurne and Amanecer

    Spain, just like Georgia is another real hit and miss. Love some and they become faves, hate others (what was 2013 about?)

    Have never actually watched a Spanish NF, and will make a real effort to catch this one. Looking forward to it!

  12. Reni Tolvai’s entry (Andras K-S’s girlfriend afaik)

    There’s this Major Lazer production vibe to it, hard hitting dark pop sure is needed. Not perfect, but really enthusing and memorable.

    Another of her songs which I am currently HOOKED to

  13. Looking back at the past 20 years of Spain in ESC, I am more interested in what will happen in Spanish politics now. Well, at least we had an election without a hateful right-wing populist party for once. :)

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