Italy: San Remo Hopefuls Announced

italyItaly – The 66th San Remo Musical Festival, the vehicle used to choose Italy’s representative, will take place on 9-13th February 2016 at the Ariston Theatre in San Remo. The festival runs over 5 nights and consists of Champions and Newcomers categories. 

The 20 names for San Remo Champions section are:

  • Alessio Bernabei – ‘Noi siamo infinito’
  • Annalisa – ‘Il diluvio universale’
  • Arisa – ‘Guardando il cielo’
  • Clementino – ‘Quando sono lontano’
  • Dear Jack – ‘Mezzo respiro’
  • Deborah Iurato & Giovanni Caccamo – ‘Via da qui’
  • Dolcenera – ‘Ora o mai più’
  • Elio & Le Storie Tese – ‘Vincere l’odio’
  • Enrico Ruggeri – ‘Il primo amore non si scorda mai’
  • Francesca Michielin – ‘Nessun grado di separazione’
  • Irene Forniciari – ‘Blu’
  • Lorenzo Fragola –’Infinite volte’
  • Morgan & Blu Vertigo – ‘Semplicemente’
  • Nefa – ‘Sogni e nostalgia’
  • Noemi – ‘La borsa di una donna’
  • Patty Pravo – ‘Cieli immensi’
  • Rocco Hunt – ‘Wake Up’
  • Stadio – ‘Un giorno mi dirai’
  • Valerio Scanu – ‘Finalmente piove’
  • Zero Assoluto – ‘Di me e di te’

The programme is as follows (we think!):

February 9th –  9 artists in the Champion (‘Campioni’) category.

February 10th –  9 remaining artists in the Champion category.

February 11th –  18 Champions cover past songs. One will win a special prize.

February 12th –  18 Champions singing their own song. 13 will qualify onwards. One of the remaining 5 will be given a wildcard.

February 13th –   The 14 singers of the Champions category sing their song. The winner will have the chance to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Alongside this also runs the new proposal category which looks for the winner of the newcomer category. You can see the entrants for this part of the competition here.

Last year gave us Il Volo. Will San Remo 2016 do as well?


25 comments on “Italy: San Remo Hopefuls Announced

  1. i think Arisa or Elio the winner..but i hope Francesca Michielin for Stockholm 2016.

  2. Great to see Arisa again, shame that Giusy Ferreri is not on the list (I somehow think her latest song “Volevo te” would make a perfect ESC entry for Italy). I also like Lorenzo Fragola, Noemi and Dolcenera.

  3. All Estonian songs have been released (including studio versions for Patience and Play as well as Unikaalne). All I have to say is that Estonia is the best selection. I wouldn’t mind half of the songs at Eurovision.

  4. All Eesti Laul hopefuls in a playlist:

  5. In the wiwiblogs poll on who should win Eesti laul 2016,Jüri Pootsmann and Laura are going head-to-head with 118 and 117 votes respectively atm.Grete is in 3rd place with 87 votes.Cartoon and I Wear* Experiment conclude the top-5.

  6. I would put Grete 3rd and Seis 4th

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