Poll: Who is your Favourite in Malta?

pollMalta – The 20 semi-finalists chosen by PBS will go head to head on Friday 22nd of January 2016. 14 will then go through  to the grand final on Saturday 23rd January 2016. Which one do you like best? Find out now by listening to the songs and voting for your favourite in our poll. 

The songs:

Alive’ sung by Jasmine Abela

‘All Around The World’ sung by Deborah C

‘Chameleon (Invincible)’ sung by Ira Losco

‘Empty Hearted’ sung by Domenique Azzopardi

‘Falling Glass’ sung by Corazon (Mizzi)

‘Fire Burn’ sung by Dominic

‘Flashing’ Lights sung by Raquel Galdes

‘Frontline’ sung by Danica Muscat

‘Golden’ sung by Brooke

‘I Love You’ sung by Dario Mifsud Bonnici

‘Kingdom’ sung by Christabelle Borg

‘Light Up My Life’ sung by Stefan Galea

‘Lighthouse’ sung by Kimberley Cortis

‘Little Love’ sung by Franklin Calleja

‘Right Here With You’ sung by Sarah Crystal

‘That’s Why I Love You’ sung by Ira Losco

‘The Flame’ sung by Jessika

‘Under The Sun’ sung by Daniel Testa

‘Young Love’ sung by Maxine Pace

‘You’re Beautiful’ sung By Laurence Gray

Now you’ve heard the 20 semi-finalists, you can vote in the poll below for your favourite…

4 comments on “Poll: Who is your Favourite in Malta?

  1. Oh my, I think that we do not only get the same singers year after year but the same songs too. Most of these are so lame, dated and heared a million times before (but not in this century …) that watching them sometimes really hurts because embarrassment intensifies to a point where it turns into pain. There was only one song (Young Love) and one artist (Corazon) I found any appeal in. Judging on one 3rd of the songs only, both might be a 6/12 or 7/12 on my list. I wish that Corazon for once brought a song that is as good as her to the Maltese NF.

    Of course Ira is the one to beat in this line-up, and all my hope lies with her now too. Judging on the very short snippets of her 2 songs, “Chamaeleon (Invincible)” might be the one pearl among the garbage here. I really liked what I heared. :)
    Finally, if Ira doesn’t win, I think that Domenique, Christabelle (Heaven forbid!), Franklin and Kimberley might be in with a chance. Out of those, I like Kimberley’s song most (melody, harmonies, rhythm, orchestration) but if a song begins with the line “There is always sunshine after the rain”, I am instantly done with it.

    Good luck, sweet Malta, you’ll need it for sure … unless Saint Ira saves you from total embarrassment.

  2. P. S. I’ll vote in this poll once I have heard the full songs. :)

  3. People on PB already have their knickers in a twist because of Domenique, Christabelle and Brooke …

  4. Having listened to the snippets, I think it’s safe to say I won’t be spending much more of my time on the Maltese NF this year.

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