Malta: 20 Finalists Known

MaltaMalta – PBS, the national broadcaster of Malta, last night announced the 20 semi-finalists it had chosen to be held on Friday 22nd of January 2016. 14 will then go through  to the gran final on Saturday 23rd January 2016. 

The 20 songs are:

‘Alive’ sung by Jasmine Abela

‘All Around The World’ sung by Deborah C

‘Chameleon (Invincible)’ sung by Ira Losco

‘Empty Hearted’ sung by Domenique Azzopardi

‘Falling Glass’ sung by Corazon (Mizzi)

‘Fire Burn’ sung by Dominic

‘Flashing’ Lights sung by Raquel Galdes

‘Frontline’ sung by Danica Muscat

‘Golden’ sung by Brooke

‘I Love You’ sung by Dario Mifsud Bonnici

‘Kingdom’ sung by Christabelle Borg

‘Light Up My Life’ sung by Stefan Galea

‘Lighthouse’ sung by Kimberley Cortis

‘Little Love’ sung by Franklin Calleja

‘Right Here With You’ sung by Sarah Crystal

‘That’s Why I Love You’ sung by Ira Losco

‘The Flame’ sung by Jessika

‘Under The Sun’ sung by Daniel Testa

‘Young Love’ sung by Maxine Pace

‘You’re Beautiful’ sung By Laurence Gray

We’ll bring you a poll soon along with all the songs.

24 comments on “Malta: 20 Finalists Known

  1. I won’t dwell on Malta for too long, as the line-up is dreadful once again, with not even a chanceless outsider (à la De Bee) to maintain my vague interest.

    “Seis” by Mick Pedaja just appeared on Youtube, and it’s apparently. Eesti Laul is single-handedly saving the season for me so far.

  2. Copy/paste from the other thread:

    Now I’ve gone through the Maltese snippets, minus three I couldn’t comment because Raquel and Ira didn’t show up. :p

    Well, as for the actual songs. There was nothing interesting here for me yet. I’d say Corazon, Danica and (oh, this will hurt) Franklin are the best (least bad) in this bunch. Good luck!

    Maxine Pace – “Young love”: Cheeky teenage pop. Really annoying singing voice.
    Deborah C – “All around the world”: Nice enough radio pop. Relaxing but a bit anonymous.
    Lawrence Gray – “You’re beautiful”: No new shade of Gray. Same musical ballad as before.
    Brooke – “Golden”: Very Maltese mid-tempo europop. Plastic.
    Raquel Galdes – “Flashing lights”: Can’t comment.
    Corazon – “Falling glass”: Corazon is always good. A fragile ballad that unfortunately tries to soar.
    Kimberly Cortis – “Lighthouse”: Another ballad, but more ‘childish’. Got a lot of applause.
    Jasmine Abela – “Alive”: Tries to be a dramatic hurricane but in reality, a really flat and crappy piece.
    Domenique Azzopardi – “Empty hearted”: More r’n’b-ish mid-tempo. Boring.
    Jessica – “The flame”: Sounds like something from a b-Disney movie.
    Daniel Testa – “Under the sun”: The geek keeps on doing 90’s music. Well, at least not as annoying as his previous efforts.
    Ira Losco – “That’s why I love you”: Can’t comment.
    Franklin Calleja – “Little love”: It’s Franklin. You all know how it sounds.
    Dario Mifsud Bonnici – “I love you”: Lame MOR pop with a really off-putting singer.
    Dominic – “Fire burn”: Now we finally got a dance pop track. Honestly, what would Malta Song be without it? :p
    Danica Muscat – “Frontline”: Relaxing music about hearing something through the grapevine. Nice but chanceless.
    Christabelle Borg – “Kingdom”: Oompa oompa eurotrash, the same thing we got from Christabelle last year. Might win.
    Ira Losco – “Chameleon”: Can’t comment.
    Sarah Crystal – “Right here with you”: Had a nice, cool beginning but it soon faded out into nothing.
    Stefan Galea – “Light up my life”: Lowest level of eurodance pop. Not even any energy.

  3. Malta is such a comforting NF. You get pretty much the same artists every year, you know the show is going to go on forever, Crosscraft is going to pedal their goods, and the music is going to be positive and uplifting and wholesome.

    And at the end, we will finally celebrate a Sunflower victory that has been years in the making!

  4. I guess there are snippets available

    *putting them on the growing pile of songs that have been released I have to listen*

    But I am mostly looking forward to Jessika, Christabelle and Ira Losco.

  5. Eesti Laul song #16. Cartoon Immortality(feat. Kristel Aaslaid)

  6. Haven’t listened to the snippets and I won’t. I shall wait for the NF. I’ll spend the little time that I have with the Moldovan hpefuls and perhaps the Estonian ones. I’ll start with ‘Seis’ after having read Marc’s comment.

  7. Eesti Laul 2016.Púr Múdd – Meet Halfway:

  8. Eesti Laul-WINDY BEACH-Salty Wounds:

  9. Eesti Laul song #18 Kati Laev ja Noorkuu – Kaugel Sinust:

    • It’s denitely different than the rest of the entries.Not a sond that we usually get in an Eesti Laul line-up.More theatrical,more old-fashioned.I really wonder how it will fare.

  10. Since we already know the acoustic version of “Play”,there’s only one remaining song to complete the Eesti Laul 2016 line-up, “Unikaalne” by the La La Ladies.

  11. Oh my!Cartoon’s song has almost 300.000 views in one day. :/

  12. Ira Losco sounds the most promissing by far..quality is quite low it seems.. :( Corazon sounds all right…

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