Switzerland:Stéphanie Palazzo Disqualified

SwitzerlandSwitzerland – Stéphanie Palazzo has been disqualified as one of the 6 finalists in the Swiss national selection as her song had previously been released in 2013 with a French title. It really is amazing that this can happen and that it’s not checked out more thoroughly.

Broadcaster SRF has already announced who will take her place in Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow on 13th February. It will be Kaceo singing ‘Disque d’or

7 comments on “Switzerland:Stéphanie Palazzo Disqualified

  1. The song isn’t bad but the singer is quite weak and I don’t like their stage show. It looks ridiculous.
    Bonne chance!

  2. *sigh* :-/

    She had the only decent song in the lineup, but thankfully another decent song is taking its place. “Disque d’or” is ok but it tries too hard to be funny when it the end, it falls flat. It’s better than the other songs for sure. 6/12 and send them to Stockholm.

  3. I like the new entry more personally. But still Rykka reigns supreme. Cant wait for that nf personally !

  4. I like it most than all other 5. Good luck

  5. Now this is more like it. More my thing. I love it.

  6. Still rooting for Rykka. Her audition was pretty messy but I can’t help but hope that she’ll be able to improve her performance for ESC.

  7. You’d think that after coming overall last in Vienna, Switzerland would try to change something about their NS, but nope, another year, another even more lackluster group of songs.

    1st | “Disque d’or” – Kaceo (6/10)
    Easily the best and most interesting (and only officially non-English) song in the lineup, as well as the one that has “the package” of presentation & performance ready.
    2nd | “Because of You” – Theo (4/10)
    Everything’s a mess but it all comes together in an endearing way? Kind of like a terribly wrapped gift with a nice bow on top. Also, IDK if we can call this English, it’s more like mumbled sounds assembled to sound like English.
    3rd | “Another World” – Bella C (3/10)
    She’s got an okay voice, but her English pronunciation is SO bad. The song sounds like it came straight from 1970, too.
    4th | “The Last of Our Kind” – Rykka (2/10)
    Okay wtf, she’s so awkward and poor live? The song isn’t good either, it’s very generic and “ESC by numbers” with someone’s idea of a contemporary twist added.
    5th | “Feel the Love” – Stanley Miller (1/10)
    How’d a cruise ship end up in the Alps?
    6th | “Half a Smile” – Vincent Gross (1/10)
    It made 3 minutes feel like 3 hours. Awful.

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