Iceland: Songs Revealed for Söngvakeppnin 2016

Iceland.jpgIceland – RUV, the Icelandic broadcaster, has tonight revealed the 12 finalists for Söngvakeppnin 2016. They were chosen from 260 entries. There will now be two semi-finals on the 6th and 13th February 2016, and a grand final which will be held on 20th February 2016. 

The entries are:

  • Sigga Eyrún – ‘Kreisí’ (Crazy) (Karl Olgeirsson, Sigríður Eyrún Friðriksdóttir)
  • Helgi Valur Ásgeirsson – ‘Óvær’ (Uneasy) (Karl Olgeirsson)
  • Erna Mist & Magnús Thorlacius – ‘Ótöluðorð’ (Unspoken words) (Erna Mist, Magnús Thorlacius)
  • Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir & Hjörtur Traustason – ‘Hugurminner’ (My mind is) (Þórunn Erna Clausen)
  • Þórdís Birna Borgarsdóttir & Guðmundur Snorri Sigurðarson – ‘Spring yfirheiminn’ (All over the world) (Júlí Heiðar Halldórsson, Guðmundur Snorri Sigurðarson)
  • Alda Dís Arnardóttir – ‘Augnablik’ (One Moment) (Alma Guðmundsdóttir, James Wong, Alda Dís Arnardóttir)
  • Karlotta Sigurðardóttir – ‘Óstöðvandi’ (Unstoppable) (Kristinn Sigurpáll Sturluson, Ylfa Persson, Linda Persson, Alma Rut Kristjánsdóttir)
  • Ingólfur Þórarinsson – ‘Fátækurnámsmaður’ (A broke student) (Ingólfur Þórarinsson)
  • Elísabet Ormslev – ‘Á ný’ (Again) (Greta Salome Stefánsdóttir)
  • Greta Salome Stefánsdóttir – ‘Raddirnar’ (The Voices) (Greta Salome Stefánsdóttir)
  • Sigríður Eir Zophoniasardóttir & Jóhanna Vala Höskuldsdóttir – Égséþig’ (I see you) (Sigríður Eir Zophoniasardóttir, Jóhanna Vala Höskuldsdóttir)
  • Pálmi Gunnarsson – ‘Égleiðiþigheim’ (I lead you home) (Þórir Úlfarsson)

The semi-finas and final shows are as follows:

  • 06/02: Semi-final 1 (6 competitors, 3 qualifiers)
  • 13/02: Semi-final 2 (6 competitors, 3 qualifiers)
  • 20/02: Grand Final (7 finalists; 6 semi-final qualifiers and 1 wildcard act)

Tickets for the shows are on sale 6th January 2016 via tix.is.

30 comments on “Iceland: Songs Revealed for Söngvakeppnin 2016

  1. Greta is back! :-o

  2. Also,go Erna! :P
    It’s good to see there are many names i’m not familiar with.

  3. And Pálmi Gunnarsson, who sang the very first Icelandic Eurovision entry, “Gleðibankinn”. Hooray! :D

  4. So Greta is back..Not too excited tbh, both her entries in 2012 were ok but overrated imo.

    Good luck Iceland !

  5. The Maltese semifinalists:
    The chosen acts are:

    Maxine Pace – Young love
    Deborah C – All around the world
    Lawrence Gray – You’re beautiful
    Brooke – Golden
    Raquel Galdes – Flashing lights
    Corazon – Falling glass
    Kimberly Cortis – Lighthouse
    Jamine Abela – Alive
    Domenique Azzopardi – Empty hearted
    Jessika – The flame
    Daniel Testa – Under the sun
    Ira Losco – That’s why I love you
    Franklin Calleja – Little love
    Dario Mifsud Bonnici – I love you
    Dominic – Fire burn
    Danica Muscat – Frontline
    Ira Losco – Chameleon (Invicible)
    Christabelle Borg – Kingdom
    Sarah Crystal – Right here with you
    Stefan Galea – Light up my life

  6. They do love “Augnablik” as a title, don’t they?
    I see Greta Salome and Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir are back. Fátækurnámsmaður’ (A broke student) sounds the most promising for now :P

  7. Alda Dís Arnardóttir is the winner of Iceland’s got talent.Here is her audition.The blonde judge is sexy. :-o https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=226&v=xRs26nKrHIo

    Elísabet Ormslev is a contestant of The Voice(currently in the semis) and here she’s covering “Hello”.She looks and sounds like the Icelandic Adele: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2D2nrYtrck

  8. Not sure if this has been posted already, but Jüri Pootsmann performed his song (co-written by Stig) and it sounds really good.

  9. Now I’ve gone through the Maltese snippets, minus three I couldn’t comment because Raquel and Ira didn’t show up. :p

    Well, as for the actual songs. There was nothing interesting here for me yet. I’d say Corazon, Danica and (oh, this will hurt) Franklin are the best (least bad) in this bunch. Good luck!

    Maxine Pace – “Young love”: Cheeky teenage pop. Really annoying singing voice.
    Deborah C – “All around the world”: Nice enough radio pop. Relaxing but a bit anonymous.
    Lawrence Gray – “You’re beautiful”: No new shade of Gray. Same musical ballad as before.
    Brooke – “Golden”: Very Maltese mid-tempo europop. Plastic.
    Raquel Galdes – “Flashing lights”: Can’t comment.
    Corazon – “Falling glass”: Corazon is always good. A fragile ballad that unfortunately tries to soar.
    Kimberly Cortis – “Lighthouse”: Another ballad, but more ‘childish’. Got a lot of applause.
    Jasmine Abela – “Alive”: Tries to be a dramatic hurricane but in reality, a really flat and crappy piece.
    Domenique Azzopardi – “Empty hearted”: More r’n’b-ish mid-tempo. Boring.
    Jessica – “The flame”: Sounds like something from a b-Disney movie.
    Daniel Testa – “Under the sun”: The geek keeps on doing 90’s music. Well, at least not as annoying as his previous efforts.
    Ira Losco – “That’s why I love you”: Can’t comment.
    Franklin Calleja – “Little love”: It’s Franklin. You all know how it sounds.
    Dario Mifsud Bonnici – “I love you”: Lame MOR pop with a really off-putting singer.
    Dominic – “Fire burn”: Now we finally got a dance pop track. Honestly, what would Malta Song be without it? :p
    Danica Muscat – “Frontline”: Relaxing music about hearing something through the grapevine. Nice but chanceless.
    Christabelle Borg – “Kingdom”: Oompa oompa eurotrash, the same thing we got from Christabelle last year. Might win.
    Ira Losco – “Chameleon”: Can’t comment.
    Sarah Crystal – “Right here with you”: Had a nice, cool beginning but it soon faded out into nothing.
    Stefan Galea – “Light up my life”: Lowest level of eurodance pop. Not even any energy.

  10. Will be paying attention when this elegant NF takes place. Good luck, Iceland!

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