Switzerland: 6 Finalists Chosen

SwitzerlandSwitzerland – Today’s marathon ‘Expert Check’ session has finally ended and the 6 finalists are now known. These 6 acts chosen by the experts will next battle it out in the grand final of Die Entscheidungsshow at the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen on February 13th, 2016. 

The 6 finalists:

Rykka – ‘The Last of our Kind‘ (SRF) Swiss-German
Vincent Gross – ‘Half a Smile‘ (SRF) Swiss-German
Stanley Miller – ‘Feel the Love‘ (SRF) Swiss-German
Stéphanie Palazzo – ‘Perché mi guardi così?’ (RTS) Swiss-French
Bella C – ‘Another World‘ (RTS) Swiss-French
Theo – ‘Because of You‘ (RSI) Swiss-Italian

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67 comments on “Switzerland: 6 Finalists Chosen

  1. I do not know the songs and judging by your comments, I do not care. We’ll see and hear what the NF will bring. Good luck, Switzerland. :)

  2. Stéphanie Palazzo – 6/12
    Vincent Gross – 5/12
    Bella C – 4/12
    Rykka – 4/12
    Theo – 3/12
    Stanley Miller – 1/12

    This is Eurovision 2016, right? It feels more like Eurovision 2006 in the direction we’re going. But I will not jump to any conclusions.

    Good luck, Switzerland!

  3. Theo is God awful

    Not a loss that the Stephanie bird got disqualified

    I like Bella C and Vincent Grosse who are okay but sweet

    Rykka will be good with some theatrics I think. Reminds me of our Chloe Jasmine

    I just need the hear the song who replaced Stephanie now

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