Switzerland: Watch the ‘Expert Check’ Today

SwitzerlandSwitzerland – The 19 candidates still in with a chance to represent Switzerland in Stockholm next May will tonight be subject to the ‘Expert Check’. Only 6 acts will make it through to the grand final  on February 13th, 2016. 

You can watch the ‘Expert Check’ live online on SRF’s website. Click HERE from 13:00 (CET). It is expected to go on for several hours!

Still in with a chance are the following:

SRF & RTR (Swiss German broadcaster)

  • Erica Arnold – ‘Ich bin ich’
  • Vincent Gross – ‘Half A Smile’
  • Samuel Tobias Klauser – ‘Asking Me Why’
  • Maika – ‘The Reason’
  • Stanley Miller – ‘Feel The Love’
  • Platzhirsch – ‘Holz vor dr Hütta’
  • Rykka – ‘The Last Of Our Kind’
  • Patric Scott feat. Abdullah Alhussainy – ‘No Boundaries’
  • Sunanda – ‘Ooops!?!’
  • Evelyn Zangger – ‘Have A Little Faith In Me’

RTS (Swiss-French broadcaster)

  • Bella C – ‘Another World’
  • Kaceo – ‘Disque d’or’
  • Stéphanie Palazzo – ‘Perché mi guardi cosi?’
  • Stéphanie Sandoz – ‘Flashback’
  • Loic Schumacher – ‘Génération demain’
  • Gina von Glasow – ‘Left With An Idiot’

RSI (Swiss-Italian broadcaster)

  • Nathalie Cadlini – ‘Share Love’
  • Elias – ‘Elephant’
  • Theo – ‘Because Of You’

18 comments on “Switzerland: Watch the ‘Expert Check’ Today

  1. According to Prinz Blog, “Ooops?!?”, “No Boundaries” and “Half a Smile” are Switzerland’s only options to get a good result.

  2. The Finalists
    -Rykka – The Last of our Kind
    -Vincent Gross – Half a Smile
    -Stanley Miller – Feel the Love
    -Stéphanie Palazzo – Perché mi guardi così?
    -Bella C – Anotehr World
    -Theo – Because of You

  3. Rykka seems to be the big favorite but her vocals are below average and her voice annoying!Plus,besides the cool verses the chorus is so underwhelming.

  4. After watching the live performances of the finalists i can safely say this is a really underwhelming final.What are they thinking?Get a grip and change this awful selection method.Vincent Gross is in with a chance too if he pulls it off live.

  5. I have quite bad memories of Swiss NF’s so my hopes aren’t high. I also missed the show because I followed the French election instead. But I’ll try to catch this up later.

    One of the most memorable moments of a Swiss NF was Lys Assia’s fight with some of the jurors after they addressed her as “Du” instead of “Sie”. :)

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