Moldova: First Entrants Revealed

moldovaMoldova – With only 5 days left before the closing deadline, Moldovan broadcaster TRM has today revealed the entries so far and is encouraging a last minute rush of entries as it had in previous years.  

You can listen to the 6 entries that TRM has published so far HERE. Let us know if you think any can go all the way.

TRM has planned two semifinals and a final for O Melodie pentru Europe, and the final is scheduled for February 27th 2016.

2 comments on “Moldova: First Entrants Revealed

  1. Forget the selection process, just bring Aliona back.
    It’s no coincidence that it has been all downhill for them since then.

  2. Moldova have been really upside-down. There are plenty of entries I really like: 2007, 2009, 2011 (surprisingly being my favourite), 2012, 2013… But then there is also 2006, the worst Eurovision entry of all time or, to quote Eirikur Háuksson: “Not just the worst Eurovision I’ve heard but perhaps also the worst song I’ve heard in my life period”. So everything is possible.

    Good luck!

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