Malta: 49 candidates Announced

MaltaMalta –  49 songs have tonight been announced as having made it through the first selection stage. They were chosen from 153 entires, which was more than last year. Next will come semifinal and a national final, with shows on 22nd and 23rd of January 2016. 

The names still in the hat:

Artist Song
Francesca Bonanno 96
Jasmine Abela Alive
Deborah C All Around the World
Chaya Fenech Bare Your Soul
Kurt Cassar Battle Zone
Lyndsay Pace Beautiful
Andre Curmi (Dre) Brave
Cherylis & Mikhail Breaking Point
Cherylis Breathe
Jessika Can’t Let Go
Danica Muscat Castle
Ira Losco Chameleon (Invincible)
Francesca Borg Dancing in the Rain
Domenique Azzopardi Empty Hearted
Jean Claude Azzopardi Exceptional
Corazon (Mizzi) Falling Glass
Kelly Ann Mintoff Feeling Alive
Dominic Fire Burn
Iona Fireworks
Raquel Galdes Flashing Lights
Franklin Calleja Flawless
Danica Muscat Frontline
Paul Cuschieri Go Beyond The Shore
Brooke Golden
Nazjo Rotin Gone
Q Higher
Jessika Hush Hush
Dario Mifsud Bonnici I Love You
Franklin Calleja I Won’t Surrender
Christabelle Borg Kingdom
Stefan Galea Light Up My Life
Kimberley Cortis Lighthouse
Franklin Calleja Little Love
Neville Refalo MI-MI-MIND
Joseph Portelli Paper Boats
Panama Band -Simaria Reaching
Sarah Crystal Right Here With You
Aidan Cassar Rule The World
Klinsmann Coleiro Someday
Julienne Liberto Tell Me What You Wanna Do
Ira Losco That’s Why I Love You
Jessika The Flame
Kyle Mangani & Maxine Pace Tonight
Daniel Testa Under the Sun
Amy Agius Victory
Kaya Without You
Maxine Pace Young Love
Malcom Your Kiss
Laurence Gray You’re Beautiful

The final 20 songs will be revealed during next week’s MESC announcement show. 14 will go through to the grand final.

33 comments on “Malta: 49 candidates Announced

  1. It looks like many selections have been delayed this year and the first song of esc 2016 will be(?) the FiK winner.Good luck to Malta and i hope they’ll send something good as their jesc winner.

  2. A Malta article … and of course here I am. :)
    Well, as every year we know most names … and most of the names I know are people I don’t want to see in a NF again. My hopes mainly rest on Ira Losco, Corazon Mizzi and the newcomers. As for the Jessikas and Daniel Testas … I just say NO!

    Klinsmann is back. I hope that he can return to the quality of his early NF songs. The last ones he competed with were pretty weak.

    Good luck sweet Malta! And please leave the ESC stereotypes behind. Send sth daring!

  3. Another alert: one for caffeine. These shows are going to last 12 hours each. 50 entries. Does crosscraft sell knives if I decide I can’t take it anymore?

  4. I consider skipping the Maltese final – due to the almost absurd amount of commercials normally contained in their shows.

  5. And not a Faniello in sight!

    Agree with Anders the Maltese selection is unbearably long. But I might try and watch it, I dunno.

    Interesting how its early december and we still dont have a single song yet, usually we have about 2 or 3 by this stage.

    I guess Albania will be first (will it even be the song that goes to Stockholm) and Belarus second (again no guarantee it will go to Stockholm though they’ve got better)

  6. Only the Maltese NF would include a song called ”Chameleon” and ”96”. At least it isn’t 69….

  7. I just look at the list and go “Eh”. Although I do like Ira Losco- I think she’s talented and she follows me on Twitter. I also listened to Donny Montell’s new song. It’s certainly different from what Lithuania has sent recently!

  8. I would be curious to know the songwriters. When it comes to Malta, I think the songwriters tell us more about how the song will be, than the artists do.

    Interesting to see Ira Losco back. Right now she feels like the big favourite.

    • Thank you!

      Well, I’ve listened through the hopefuls (except two that were unavailable) and you can definitely tell the two trends of FiK: mid-tempo rock sung by a guy and shouty mid-tempo ballad sung by a girl. The variation is not that great and most of the songs are ranked as 5-7/12, ok to good. Orgesa’s song was certainly the best out of these imo and it might be a (10/12) if the performance is good.

      SEMI 1
      Orgesa Zaimi – “Një shishe në oqean” (9/12)
      Luis Ejlli – “Pa mbarim” (7/12)
      Dilan Reka – “Buzëqesh” (7/12)
      Simbol – “Artiste” (6/12)
      Adrian Lulgjuraj – “Jeto dhe ëndërro” (6/12)
      Kozma Dushi – “Një kafë” (6/12)
      Sigi Bastri – “Ëngjëll I lirë” (6/12)
      Florent Abrashi – “Të ndjek çdo hap” (6/12)
      Egzon Pireci – “Triumf” (5/12)
      Teuta Kurti – “Në sytë e mi” (5/12)
      Voltan Prodani – “Dëgoje këngën O ATË” (5/12)
      Erga Halilaj – “Monolog” (5/12)
      Nilsa Hysi – “Asaj” (4/12)
      Aslajdon Zaimaj – “Merrmë që sot” (3/12)

      Egert Pano – “Mos ik” (?)

      SEMI 2
      Eneda Tarifa – “Përrallë” (8/12)
      Enxhi Nasufi – “Infinit” (7/12)
      Rezarta Smajan & Klodian Kaçani – “Dashuri në përjetësi” (7/12)
      Jozefina Simoni – “Një det me ty” (7/12)
      Lindi Islami – “Për një mrekulli” (6/12)
      Renis Gjoka – “Ato që s’ti them dotë” (6/12)
      Kristi Popa – “Ajo çfarë ndjej” (5/12)
      Andi Tanko – “Dielli vazhdon të më ngrohë” (5/12)
      Genc Tukiçi – “Sa të dashuroj” (5/12)
      Besa Krasniqi – “Liroje zemrën” (5/12)
      Klajdi Musabelliu – “Ndodhë edhe kështu” (5/12)
      Evans Rama – “Flakë” (4/12)
      Flaka Krelani – “S’je për mu” (4/12)
      Revolt Klan – “Dashurinë s’e gjejmë dot” (3/12)

      Entela & Niku Zhula – “Muza” (?)

    • ooh thanks I wished I had the time!

  9. Donny Montell’s esc entry:

  10. The Supernova 2016 entries are online too: https://soundcloud.com/supernovaltv/sets/supernova-2016

  11. Oh my!So many songs.Now,i’m stressed. :/

  12. Listening to the FiK semifinalists wasn’t a very pleasant experience.I wasn’t able to listen to some of them.I don’t really know why.Anyway,i think the first semi is much betten than the second one.I liked Nilsa,Orgesa,Luis,Egzon and Diland from semi 1 and from semi 2 hmm…maybe Eneda,Jozefina,Lindi,Rezarta&Klodian,Enxhi…

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