Romania: Mihai Traistariu is Back!

Mihai TraistariuRomania – Mihai Traistariu (Romania 2006) finished in 4th place with ‘Tornero‘ and has been rumoured in the last two years with a return. He has confirmed today on Facebook that he has the perfect song for 2016 called ‘Paradiso‘. In previous interviews he had suggested it was between ‘When a woman loves’, a ballad, and ‘Paradiso‘ which is a fast paced up tempo number.


An official Facebook page has been set up here. We have yet to see whether there will be a national final or if he will be selected internally.

19 comments on “Romania: Mihai Traistariu is Back!

  1. Mehh…I’m not really excited about this.Too many comebacks…

  2. “Tornerò” was my favourite back in 2006, together with “Lejla”. Though it was of course only because of the song, because the lyrics were shit and Mihai was dull as a rock. So I’m not that hyped to see him back. But give us a new “Tornerò” with lyrics that make sense and I’ll be glad.

    Good luck!

  3. A funny memory I have of Mihai is back in 2010 when a Swedish ESC fansite hired him to comment and rate the entries. And he gave a 0 for like all the first 10 entries in semi 1. Everything was pure shit, apparently.

  4. I dub him the Shia LaBeouf of Eurovision.

  5. One of the better songs in ESC 2006, even if his vocals weren’t 100% in tune. The chorus is pretty effective. I think I gave it 7/12 last time I rated it.

  6. In the Nordic preview show the Danish commentator Mads Vangsø said it would win, and he gave it top marks btw.

  7. “the dutch on my face …” ♫♪♫

  8. Another comeback: Donny Montell will enter Eurovision Atranka the infamous Lithuanian selection saga.He says he was waiting to find the perfect song and now that he found it he can’t wait to share it with the fans.

  9. One of the better Romanian entries ever, there’s many things wrong with it but it’s got that mid-00s charm… I do think his duet with Nico in the 2005 Romanian NF (yes the Nico who did the duet in 2008), was a stronger song.

  10. “Tornero” was not among my big favourites in 2006 but it was catchy and well crafted nevertheless. Good luck to him !

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