Belarus: 10 Finalists Announced!

BelarusBelarus – The jury in Belarus has sifted through the dozens of songs published as part of the live auditions, survived the trauma of listening to them all again, and announced their 10 finalists. The final will take place some time before the 25th January 2016 and the winner will be chosen by 100% televote. 

Here’s the 10 finalists:

Which do you like on first listen?

15 comments on “Belarus: 10 Finalists Announced!

  1. Initial thoughts…

    Yes these really were just about the best 10 they could get.
    4 of them have performed in Junior Eurovision
    Aleksandr has good hair
    The EM strangely fascinates me. How many male duets have we had in ESC??
    Sasha for Barbara Dex

  2. KIRIL! :D

    That song starts at 9/12 for me. Modern, great arrangement, and oozes international hit. 2016 has a shot at being great. I’m on the Sunscreen bandwagon!

  3. Also, LOL is Ivanov, the Russian singer for the failed Intervision. Tired of waiting? XD

  4. The Põhja-Tallinn Ft. Jaagup Kreem official video for their Eesti Laul entry has been released:

  5. I’ll check those on the weekend. Still waiting for the first Belarussian ESC song I like …

  6. Hm, the zombies are not among them?

  7. “Pray for Love” is an ok song, and it is well performed vocally. A shame the sound in the video is so bad.

  8. “Glory Night” has got some charm too. A little touch of jazz in the vocals.

    The rest sounds pretty uninspiring. Sometimes there are some really weird style confusions, f.e. a sudden two bars of a hip hop beat in the middle of a pop song, or some bars of African rhythms in a song where they do not fit at all.

    The last song has some potential, but it feels very overdone.

  9. They teased us with a stack of legendary rehearsal performances and then selected this drab bunch of songs? Damn it, Belarus..

    Alexey Gross has got this, I think, although he sucks just as much as the rest.

    And I can’t believe that this Sasha Zaharik is the same woman who was a part of this http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7yvir_2009-belarus-veter-v-golove-semifin_music

  10. I will listen to them in a few days. Judging from the comments I brace myself for the usual sub par things..

  11. Sasha Zakharik – 8/12
    Valeria Sadovskaya – 6/12
    Alexey Gross – 6/12
    Kirill Yermakov – 5/12
    Navi – 5/12
    The EM – 5/12
    Anastasiya Malashkevich – 4/12
    Radiovolna – 3/12
    Aleksandr Ivanov – 2/12
    Napoli – 1/12

    Good luck, Belarus!

  12. I’ve just listened to those while doing some paperwork and oh my … this is torture. I will have to wait for at least another year for the first Belarussian ESC entry I like.
    Sasha is the best option they have but I think that this one will be between Alexey and Anastasiya.

    Good luck!

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