Ukraine: Selection Starts Next Month

ukraineUkraine – After the welcome news that Ukraine is back in the Eurovision Song Contest for 2016 comes the news from broadcaster NTU about how they will select a representative. NTU will work in partnership with private TV channel STB, and hold public auditions around the country in December 2015. The TV shows will then broadcast on both TV channels in February 2016.

The auditions will be held as follows:

•December 5th, 6th – Zaporizhia, Kharkiv
•December 12th,13th – Odesa, Lviv
•December 19th,20th – Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv

The 20-40 finalists will be announced on the 31st of January.

3-4 shows with 8-12 participants will take place in Kyiv. Joint jury / televoting will select 2-3 acts per show to go through to the grand final to be held in Kyiv in February.*

Ukraine’s last entry, Mariya Yaremchuk, finished in 6th place with ‘Tick-tock‘.

*We’re unable to confirm as yet if the gimmick to be used by Ukraine will be selected at the same time.

6 comments on “Ukraine: Selection Starts Next Month

  1. “We’re unable to confirm as yet if the gimmick to be used by Ukraine will be selected at the same time.”

    As long as the girl gets picked, the gimmick can wait. Lol

    • Speaking of gimmicks, Mika Newton’s sand art is the greatest gimmick in ESC history. How good you ask? So great that I actually (even now) pay more attention to the art being produced on screening the back and mostly ignore the art singing on stage.

      You know that nothing distracts me when the artist is high quality, but this is one (possibly the only) exception.

      That gimmick needs to be stolen and reintroduced in the next 20 years.

  2. Give us something awesome.

  3. I should also say that I’ve changed my mind about “Tick tock”. I didn’t like it at all back in 2014 but it has grown. Nowadays, I find it quite catchy and enjoyable.

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