Serbia: Rumours of Jelena Karleusa for Stockholm?

SerbiaSerbia – Serbian media and social media is rife with the news today that Serbian pop star  Jelena Karleusa may be selected internally by national broadcaster RTS this year. It was rumoured last year the broadcaster had approached her but it was unclear if she refused as she did not want to face a national selection or because she could not sing her own song.  The Serbian news site Srbija Danas now says it is a done deal for this year RTS will formally approach Jelena to tie up a deal before February.

Jelena is a huge star in Serbia selling hundreds of thousands of records over a 20 year career, and seeing out large area venues. She is also a large supporter of LGBT rights and has spoken of her desire to perform at Eurovision in the past. She is often known as the Lady Gaga of the Balkans.

Jelena herself has fuelled the rumours by tweeting reports about the new stories and Eurovision winner Marija Serifovic has also tweeted asking what people think about it. Surely it would be douze points from all of the former Yugoslavian states with the right song? Let us know what you think and if Serbia should send Jelena to Stockholm.

28 comments on “Serbia: Rumours of Jelena Karleusa for Stockholm?

  1. A big star!? Beside her very obvious qualities, this woman is known only for not being able to carry a tune in a bucket! There was a hilarious video of her “singing” live in a recording studio, but it keeps getting deleted from everywhere it appears. I wouldn’t be surprised if she supported the LGBT community just to avoid being hated by absolutely everybody. I really hope Serbia will avoid this huge embarrassment.

  2. There do seem to have been quite a lot of people on Twitter reacting in a similar way and it not being a popular choice. Not sure how well she’ll perform Iive with no autotune…

  3. I, for one, believe is not jumping to conclusions and giving everyone a fair shot.

  4. Lol. I liked that “Insomnia” song. It was rather strong meat in its own bizarre way, but fascinating. Not to forget that guy with the Struwwelpeter fingernails she was singing with. Don’t know about Jelena, but if it’s true she’s a bad singer, we have problems here. Good luck anyway.

  5. Sounds like a promising pick. Good luck Serbia! Let’s hope you deliver another smasher like in 2015.

    Also anyone else really pleased with the progress Serbia is making on LGBT rights? I’d say they could become more progressive than Croatia. Would never have imagined the Serbia of 2008 being like this. I remember so many saying how it would be unsafe etc, maybe we could be due a return to Belgrade?

    Oh and as for the vocals, remember if it is her there is likely a song already lined up and she has 6 months to practise it non stop to get the vocals to a good level. Just like Jedward who came 8th.

    Also its a song contest, not a singing contest, while vocals do play a part, we arent looking for The Voice of Europe, we’re looking for a great song.

    • “They could become more progressive than Croatia”

      Are a few Eurovision entries (Marija, Bojana etc.) a criterion for that? Croatia already has a civil partnership for same-sex couples and Slovenia has passed a same-sex marriage law (even though it’s subject to a referendum in December). I doubt Serbia is even close to passing something like that.

      You remind me of Lithuania that featured same-sex couples kissing this year, when only a couple of years ago they had almost passed a “gay propaganda” law like Russia’s. It seems that the ESC has become a platform for countries to project a “western-friendly” image irrespective of the actual facts.

      On that topic, let us congratulate Cyprus that just passed a long-overdue civil partnership bill for same-sex couples!


      • I meant the general attitude in the country not just a few eurovision stars.

        We were talking on here the other day about Disco Deen, many saying an out gay man couldnt have a career in Bosnia, whereas in neighbouring Serbia we have plenty of artists, who are speaking out loudly and proudly for LGBT rights. The fact some may turn up at esc, is besides the point

      • Also part of my comment was a joke, as the ILGA apparently list Croatia as the 5th most gay friendly country in Europe which is just beyond crazy, apparently it beats many Scandinavian countries like Norway and Iceland

  6. The MF acts have been revealed :


    Krista Siegfrids in MF ! I did not expect that !

    Other than that many promising names imo : Ace Wilder, David Lingren, Linda Bengtzing and Molly Sanden already stand out for me.

    Could be Molly’s year – I hope so. She was stunning in 2012 imo.

    Other names I know are Martin Stenmarck, Panetoz, Swingfly, Isa and Oscar Zia where I don’t know what to expect really – all have provided above average entries in the past imo. Samir and Viktor need to improve. A lot. Let’s see.

    Oh and of course there are Dolly Style as well…Should be fun..I guess !

    Also the number of songs in swedish seems increased.

  7. Krista Siegfrieds???Thanks a lot Christer Bjorkman! :( :cry:
    I hope she will fail to qualify.#TheNorthRemembers

  8. In other news,Anna Vissi just released her new album and this is my favorite song of those i’ve listened to:
    PS:I’m posting it after some hesitation.I hope it’s not one of the songs Donnie was considering for a future FDLC or ETSC edition. :P

    • Thank God no!
      There’s no fun in introducing an already known to others artist especially when it’s Greece we are talking about and I am blessed to have several options ;)

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