Belarus: Audition Videos Online

BelarusBelarus – The national selection process has started in Belarus with the release of the audition videos and there are some real gems in there. One of the early favourites so far seems to be Anastasiya Malashkevich. Our old friends Sweet Brains are back as zombies… 

We’re really not quite sure what Vesna Dyadi is up to…

You can watch all of the auditions via this Youtube playlist. We don’t think the chance of Minsk 2017 is looking good tbh!

11 comments on “Belarus: Audition Videos Online

  1. Ah, the wackiness of Belarus. Now the esc season has truly begun.
    100% televote should produce something good.

    Or just fix it so Lanskaya can return.
    I just remembered the discussions we had in here a few years ago with the friend of one of the songwriters for the entry. He was a historian by day if I remember.

  2. Since I haven’t learned from last mistakes, I’m going to watch all of the audition videos by the time the weekend is over.

    I’m not asking for sympathy because I can easily avoid the pain but am choosing to go through with it after all these years. At this point my addiction deserves no pity. Hopefully this isn’t the batch that finally drives me over the edge. Lol

  3. Off I go, 52 songs. Definitely not doing it in one sitting.

    First song called “Game Over” Truer words have never been uttered.

    And there’s a Marina Karri. Luckily Mariah’s attorneys don’t pay attention to the music scene in Balarus. That’s a lawsuit or cease and desist letter just waiting to happen.

  4. 10 down, around 40 to go. Help!

  5. Business has picked up in Belarus. This batch of 10 had something you can work with.

    Volga to get your Saturday diva ballad fix. This was real good.
    Blue rose was good too. I love the concept, a fling in Italy. If you get some better performers, or improve the performance, you have something here too.

    I’m going to quit for now while I’m ahead.

  6. In the event that one of the two songs in this article should win Eurovision, then it must be because people find it so weird that it’s fascinating.

    A bit like when the worst low budget films from the 50’s and 60’s receive cult status today.

  7. I’m planning to listen to all these songs one day when I’m very drunk. To maximize the effect.

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