Switzerland: 19 Remaining Acts Revealed

SwitzerlandSwitzerland – The four Swiss broadcasters have announced the names of all of the 19 candidates still in with a chance to represent Switzerland in Stockholm next May. The next stage, the Expert Check, will take place on December 6th and see all the acts perform. 

A final 6 acts chosen by the experts will then battle it out in the grand final at the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen on February 13th, 2016.

Still in with a chance are the following:

SRF & RTR (Swiss German broadcaster)

  • Erica Arnold – ‘Ich bin ich’
  • Vincent Gross – ‘Half A Smile’
  • Samuel Tobias Klauser – ‘Asking Me Why’
  • Maika – ‘The Reason’
  • Stanley Miller – ‘Feel The Love’
  • Platzhirsch – ‘Holz vor dr Hütta’
  • Rykka – ‘The Last Of Our Kind’
  • Patric Scott feat. Abdullah Alhussainy – ‘No Boundaries’
  • Sunanda – ‘Ooops!?!’
  • Evelyn Zangger – ‘Have A Little Faith In Me’

RTS (Swiss-French broadcaster)

  • Bella C – ‘Another World’
  • Kaceo – ‘Disque d’or’
  • Stéphanie Palazzo – ‘Perché mi guardi cosi?’
  • Stéphanie Sandoz – ‘Flashback’
  • Loic Schumacher – ‘Génération demain’
  • Gina von Glasow – ‘Left With An Idiot’

RSI (Swiss-Italian broadcaster)

  • Nathalie Cadlini – ‘Share Love’
  • Elias – ‘Elephant’
  • Theo – ‘Because Of You’

26 comments on “Switzerland: 19 Remaining Acts Revealed

  1. Wonder if we are going to see people eating fondue on stage in Stockholm.

  2. Ok,i listened to the 5 available songs of RTS and there’s nothing to write home about here.Okish songs at best.I think i prefer Stéphanie Palazzo’s lyrical ballad in Italian.”Another world” is a very Bond-like pompous ballad.

  3. Why is it that I hear “Swiss preselection” and think “the horror, the horror”.

    I hope that Switzerland will get back on track next year. Hopp Schwiiz!

  4. Fun Fact: Canadians usually have doen historically well in the contest. IIRC, 4 in total hit top 5.

    So maybe is a good omen to send Rykka.

  5. Nothing special here. I think it’s going to be either “Half a smile” or “Feel the love”

  6. It’s a national final for Germany after all!

  7. Dalal Midhat Talakić, Fuad Backović-Deen and Ana Rucner to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina!

  8. Haven’t heard any of the songs yet. Good luck, Switzerland!

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