FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi Returns!

macedoniaFYR Macedonia – Eurovision fans are celebrating tonight on hearing the news that fan favourite Kaliopi has been chosen to represent FYR Macedonia again! Kaliopi last represented the country in 2012 in Azerbaijan. 

Kaliopi performed the song ‘Crno i belo‘, with lyrics by Kaliopi and music by Romeo Gril. The song qualified from the second semi-final on 24 May 2012 and was placed 13th in the final on 26 May 2012, scoring 71 points.

Are you pleased to see Kaliopi return to Eurovision? We think Terry Vision will be…!

36 comments on “FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi Returns!

  1. Well that’s just great, already spent the whole of 2012 and half of 2013 hearing from my Croatian friend that my Mum looks like Kaliopi, had rather hoped we’d put that behind us.

    Speaking of annoying Croats :P There now the only former Yugoslav country to not have confirmed. Would be nice to have all 6 together again, they do make great music. even if they do all vote for each other.

    I mean knowing the rivalry between them, surely Croatia can’t just sit back and watch while Serbia scores Top 10 and Slovenia comes just outside the top half. Not to mention 3rd in JESC.

    Anyways looking forward to Kaliopis next offering, loved her in 2012 hoping she’s still on top form in 2016! :D

  2. Macedonian panther is back! I think it will be tough for her to top her cool entry from 2012, but she is just an awesome performer so that will most probably be of no problem.

  3. They must be relly desperate …
    Good luck Kaliopi. I hope that your song will be as good as your vocals and interviews. :)

  4. Act of desperation…

  5. After 3 years of sloppy attempts to make it to the final i suppose Kaliopi is their last resort.Welcome back!

  6. Interesting choice. Bringing an old success doesn’t always work; especially not if the song is weak (Elitsa & Stoyan for instance). But of course we don’t know the song yet.

    In any case, she’s an experienced singer, and not all Eurovision contestants are. I think she is not so much an artist of my taste (I wouldn’t want to buy a CD with her f.e.), but she is clearly talented. As for “Crno i belo”, it was an ok song. I don’t think I voted for it.

  7. It is interesting, btw. that Yugoslavia was never represented by a song from Macedonia.

  8. Given that “Crno i Belo” is my all time fav entry from them, I couldn’t be more happy with this news.

  9. 12/12 news. Would like to read again in a few years.

    Seriously, “Crno i Belo” is one of the three most recent 12/12s I’ve given, with “Kedvesem” and “Suus” being the other two. I hope she comes with another song as great as “Crno i Belo” because I have no doubt her live will be impeccable.

  10. Such a perfect artist❤️
    Such a perfect choice❤️

  11. Excellent choice of an artist but her 2012 entry was nothing to write home about…

  12. ALB 10 = 7/10
    EST 10 = 8+/10
    SRB 11 = 9/10
    ITA 11 = 10/10
    FYR 12 = 8/10
    ALB 12 = 12/10
    HUNG 13 = 9,5/10
    NOR 14 = 9,5/10
    NETH 14 = 12/10

  13. Great news, Crno i belo was superb, I hope for another great song from her.


    This is the way to come back, 2012 was my symbolic winner for years. It also helps that she’s a blast in interviews.You BETTER vote her and her amazing voice in the final.

  15. I didnt like her 2012 song much, and I’ve never really warmed up to her like others have on this forum. It’s still better news than anything FYROM usually brings to the table anyway…

  16. Good luck to her.

    Coincidentally, I have been listening to the 2012 entries a lot the last 2 weeks. From top to bottom, it’s probably my favorite year since I started watching in 2004.

    Besides being in a great venue, it was the show that lit the fire for me to want to go to one live.

    And the show included:
    The best winning entry ever, and the greatest entry ever for Cyprus, Romania, Denmark, Bulgaria, Latvia (greatest entry not to make the final), a wonderful entry from Greece, Spain, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Italy, the Netherlands (another underrated tune).

    It was so good that there were at least a couple of solid male entries too: Moldova and Estonia.

    And let’s not forget a duet from Iceland. And the fun Irish entry.

    It’s a show that had a solid top 15 never mind a too 5. Great show.

    Speaking of great, I contacted Amandine and she told me her and her family are safe.
    That’s one esc return I would celebrate!

  17. I did enjoy Kaliopi back in 2012 and am hoping for another solid entry from her this time around. I shall be watching Macedonia with more interest this year.

  18. Wow I was away a few days and so many things happened !

    Its obviously a decision that has to do with her sucess in relation with their recent failures. I am all for it, she was stunning in 2012 and I hope for the best. I am also afraid that if she fails they may withdraw though.

    Good luck !

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