Bosnia & Herzegovina: They’re In!

bosniaBosnia & Herzegovina – More great news today as Bosnia & Herzegovina made the late and welcome announcement that they will be taking part in Stockholm! National broadcaster BHRT said that that funds have been raised by sponsors. 

Bosnia & Herzegovina has not participated in ESC since 2012 in Azerbaijan, and this year it has been a roller coaster with them submitting an application before withdrawing again.

Rumours earlier in the week suggested that Fuad Backović, Dalal Midhat-Talakić and Croatian cellist Ana Rucner have been approached to represent the country.


31 comments on “Bosnia & Herzegovina: They’re In!

  1. Or are they? Through the years, I’ve learnt to be suspicious when these kind of news appear. But if they’re in, hooray!

    1995, 2006 and 2007 form the great Bosnian Top 3 for me. Overall, I think Bosnia were good every second year: 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001… ok, not 2003 and 2005. :p

    Good luck!

  2. I’m really excited about this after all the frustration i got with Australia’s inclusion.I hope they’ll come back with their usual high quality entries.Good luck!

  3. Excellent news. They have been one of the best ESC countries in recent years :-)

  4. *opens a bottle of champagne*

    “gets off the cloud*

    I’ll wait till i see them on stage.
    They are among my most favourite esc countries.
    Their best moment in esc: 2009
    Their nadir: 2004

    • 2009 is my favourite BiH entry too, but I also love 1993, 2006, 2007 and 2012. :)
      Most of their entries from 1994 to 2005 were pretty weak though. 1997, 1999 and 2001 are the only songs I like from BiH’s dark ages.

      • 1993: 8.5/12, 1994: 7/12, 1995: 6/12, 1996: 6/12, 1997: 5/12, 1999: 8/12, 2001:8/12, 2002: 5/12, 2003: 5/12, 2004: 2/12 (for that discotheque glittering ball :P ), 2005: 4/12, 2006: 12/12, 2007: 10/12, 2008: 9+/12, 2009: 12/12, 2010: 6/12, 2011: 9+/12, 2012: 7.5/12

    • Btw, I have just had a delicious Bifteki in the Greek restaurant further down the road. :)

      • Don’t really remember when I last had a bifteki. My late grandfather used to make it deliciously and used to serve it with purée de pommes :)

  5. Fantastic news, best thing I’ve heard all month :D

  6. Yayyyyyyyyy 😊
    I am here to celebrate💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  7. I agree with Toggie that most of their pre-2006 entries were weak to average (1999 excluded) and of course there’s the ultimate horror of 2004 but :
    2012 <3<3<3
    2007 <3<3<3
    2006 <3<3<3
    2009 <3<3
    2011 <3<3
    2008 <3

  8. So many good news today! I liked their 2008, 2009 and 2011 entries, I hope for something great again.

  9. On their last years they haven’t given me anything to write home about, but overall so glad that they’re back finally. Maybe this si the year to blow me away?

  10. Well let’s hope it’s for real this time. Coz that would be freaking awesome.

  11. The Bosnian public broadcaster is holding a press conference is a while.Will we know the name of their hopeful?Will they change their selection method this year?

    • Shit…

      “In the disco” was sooo annoying, but of course an obvious Top 3 for my country’s televoters. I hope Deen will come up with something better this time. Is he still a twink or has he evolved?

      • lol!He has gone bald since then.Yiu can see for yourself.I feel Morgan will be disappointed :D :

        • Unfortunately not my taste at all.

        • Did they hire someone from Malta Song for Europe to do the camerawork? Now I feel dizzy…

          A bald Deen looks bizarre. Bosnia should nourish the few blonds they have :p. Apart from that, I’m with Anders. Not my thing at all. But it was the same with both “In the disco” and “Taxi” too.

          • It’s a disappointing choice even more so because B&H had spoiled us with they post-2006 selections.I hope they will surprise in a positive way.

  12. I just heard some of Dalal’s songs.Oh my… :/

  13. Ana Rucner is the only ray of hope atm:

  14. Deen? LOL … at least he looks like a man now …

  15. This girl is apparently representing Croatia!!! I love her! I hope we will get official confirmation soon!

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