Congratulations to Destiny of Malta for Winning Junior Eurovision!

junior eurovision 2015 smallJunior Eurovision – Tonight’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest saw Malta’s Destiny Chukunyere win the coveted trophy with the song ‘Not my soul‘. It is the second time Malta has won in the last three years and they seem enthusiastic about hosting again next year already.

Armenia’s Mika came in 2nd place and Slovenia’s Lina Kuduzović finished in third place.

185 points – Malta
176 points – Armenia
112 points – Slovenia

Here’s the winning performance:

Congratulations go to Destiny and Malta!


54 comments on “Congratulations to Destiny of Malta for Winning Junior Eurovision!

  1. My thoughts on jesc this year :

    Malta totally deserved this. Destiny owned the stage – and she was in the top 2 of 13 out of 16 countries that could vote for Malta + the kids jury.

    I can see why Armenia was 2nd by jesc standards. I would never vote for it. That said, regional support helped here. Props to Armenia itself though for a completely non regional top 2.

    Slovenia more than deserved a top 3 placing and I did not think they would achieve it to be honest – seemed too adult like for jesc but maybe jesc is moving towards that direction anyway (more on that when I get to Georgia). I do hope their best placing ever in an esc event makes up for the esc dissapointment earlier this year. I also hope we will see Lina in esc in 3 or 4 years. She is classy and talented.

    I would never see Belarus 4th tbh but it won the memorability game I guess and stood out by stomping its way through. Congrats I guess.

    Albania : I watched the performance again and I am shocked this came 5th. Even without the diaspora 12p from Italy it would be high. I cannot explain it. At all. The good thing is this result may keep them in next year and it shows that even with a low budget everything is possible which is positive.

    Serbia deserved much more than 7th imo. And that even came because of the regional 12p from Montenegro. Could be the early draw or the competition in the genre but its a dissapointing result. Lena was mostly flawless vocally.

    Australia expected more I believe but it got about what it deserved. Bella came accross as aggresive and shouty. Not very pleasant imo.

    Bulgaria should be more than happy with the 9th place. I expected much worse when I first heard the song but these kids elevated the song – which also had an interesting orchestration. Really shined live.

    Georgia : The fact that Georgia is now coming 10th with entries that 5 years ago would have them in the top 3 is evidence imo that jesc may be entering a new, more mature era. That said, it deserved to come last imo.

    Ukraine was probably lost among the female ballads and was the worst performing result wise from the ex soviets. Again deserved better imo.

    Ireland was really underrated, and the fact that all of Ireland, San Marino, Netherlands and Italy scored outside the top 10 shows that regional bias may not create winners but it can downgrade entries like Ireland imo. Aimee was great.

    Montenegro should be happy with 13th – Jana’s performance and a lackluster song could not achieve much more anyway.

    San Marino also deserved better imo. Kamilla was anxious but the whole package was top 10 material. Also those 12p from Ukraine were one of those crazy esc moments I will bot forget.

    Netherlands : Early draw, competition in the genre (a competition won by Slovenia apparently) and lack of friends lead to this unfortunate result. Shalisa delivered good though.

    Italy : Could see it coming from miles. They are talented but that song..dated and dull. And with such an early draw..Even the 12p from Malta could not save them.

    And last..FYR Macedonia : last place for a 2nd time in a row after 2013..They did not deserve it. At all. But I guess they were a casualty among what ended up being a strong line up. I am afraid they will withdraw again.

    Also a big congrats to Bulgaria for organizing a great contest. Poli Genova was a natural as a presenter, lively and interesting. We need more of that in esc as well.

    I guess now Malta will be more than happy to host again. I am certain we will see Destiny in esc in a few years as well.

  2. Overall the song quality was up sufficiently but still no song came close to People of the Sun.

    Big congrats to Destiny, should have been the winner by miles, but neighbourly voting is still a problem.

  3. Big congrats to Destiny, should have won by an even bigger margin.

    • There were only 18 countries competing. It is not as in the big contests were up to 40 countries vote.

      • I know, I wasnt thinking about a 100 point landslide or something like that. But this came right down to the wire, ie when the last country was voting it was still possible for Armenia to win. Even in JESC usually the winner is certain before the final country votes.

        Now obviously it is more exciting having it that close, but it was only that close because Armenia let’s say had a little help from its friends it got 12s from all the ex soviet countries apart from Ukraine and 12 from Netherlands with the dutch diaspora.

        I did like the Armenian song, and Armenia is a country I love, but it did feel as though they were doing a bit too well.

  4. Big congratulations to Destiny, ideally the win should have been much bigger, Armenia was good but came far to close to actually taking the crown thanks to its neighbours and dutch diaspora.

    Think Malta should definitely host again.

    Song quality was up this year, but still none, not even Malta came close to people of the sun!

  5. Watched only the recap as I missed the first hour and Maltas song was the only one that stood out imo so congratz! :D

  6. Gosh, again:)) As they say in Armenia “They know just 7 songs and all those songs are about the same thing”! Guys Armenia recieved top points from such countries where there are not armenian communities! Mika did well just because he had childish fun entry, sang perfectly and had stage charisma but it wasn’t enough to overcome Malta! And unlike Malta, Mika didn’t get “benefits” from the votes of Armenia!

    Congreatulatians to Malta with welldeserved victory ! Wait for Destiny in the real ESC!

  7. JESC is popular only in 3 European regions these days:

    6 x Balkans
    5 x Ex-USSR
    3 x Italy and neigbouring microstates

    + Ireland + The Netherlands (which both got very bad results)
    + Australia

    JESC is dead in Northern, Central and Western Europe as well as in the Levant. :)

  8. I didn’t watch the contest. Having heard snippets of the songs, I came to the conclusion that there are things more important in this world, so I skipped it. However, I have heard the winning song from Malta afterwards.

    I have to say, I am not overly impressed by it. She is an OK singer, but the song sounds a bit clichéd, and lines such as “They can never take away my soul” are not exactly revolutionizing pop music.

    Also, I think that JESC is coming down to a dilemma these years: Some years ago it was very much about horrible songs with silly concepts about bees and things like that. But to make the songs worth listening to, they are beginning to sound very adult, and then they might as well participate in the real ESC instead. For instance, I think it was a big shame that the Bulgarian song last year was not performed in Vienna by an experienced singer. It would have brought Bulgaria to the final without any doubt.

    Also, I think it is pretty much of a burden to lay on children and teenagers, especially when the contest is taken so seriously.

    • Do you expect 13 year olds to revolutionize pop music? Give them a couple of years more … although I don’t think that we’ll get a revolution from Destiny. She’ll probably try to become the new Aretha Franklin …

      • “Do you expect 13 year olds to revolutionize pop music?”

        No, I did not :-) It was just a very Jutlandic way of saying, that I don’t hear the song as anything special.

        You see, people here in Jutland have a tendency of saying things in a somewhat understated and “bypass” way, and I sometimes do that myself without really thinking about it. An example: if you want to praise a meal, you might say “It wasn’t directly poisonous”, meaning “That was really delicious”.

      • But did she write the song herself?

        • I am no expert but if I remember correctly, all the JESC participants need to be co-authors of the songs they perform … whatever that means. LOL
          On the other hand, would you expect an adult composer to write a song revolutionizing pop for a 13 year old? I’d rather save that masterpiece for an established singer. :)

        • It is a requirement that the kids are involved in the composing or writing process. I know all the top 3 were.

    • Agree. Made a similar comment yesterday, about how the songs are exactly the same as in the real contest these days. There are also no very young singers anymore. Lots of 14 and 15 year olds.

    • The clash between the wannabe-mature entries and the more childish hits for kids has always been a dilemma for JESC, I’d say. It’s true that the adult stuff has gained more and more power the latest years, especially because of the juries. Personally, I think the best would be a mix between those two. Too much of kids trying to be adult will just make the whole competition fade and turn into a lame ESC copy. Too much childish stuff (like the “Bzzz” song you mentioned, ugh) will just turn everything to a chaos of effects and cynical plastic products (because, yeah, the adults are of course pulling a lot of strings in the songwriting process).

      Personally, I don’t really care about JESC, as I wrote in the other thread. But as our Maltese nuns put it: “It’s all about the children, it’s not about us”. It’s their party, not mine, and I think JESC has some qualities in that spectrum.

      If I had to make up a top ranking of the JESC songs I can remember, it would probably be;

      1. France 2004
      2. Sweden 2006
      3. United Kingdom 2004
      4. Spain 2005
      5. Serbia 2007

  9. 12 – Malta (Stunning. Can Malta request to lower the age average for ESC for themselves? It seems is the only way to craft great songs)
    10 – Armenia (Very fun entry and a great standard on keeping it kid friendly but not jarringly random, extremeyl catchy and well done)
    8- Serbia (extremely impressed, amazing)
    7 – San Marino (liked this song more, but Serbia overtook it)
    6 – Montenegro (this was underwhelming live, but still fun to look at and listen too)
    5 – Slovenia (well done, but a bit… lacking. Not undeserving of its high place though)
    4 – Ireland (I KNEW she wouldn’t do as well. Song was great, but operatic in your exotic Gaelic language in a kids show can take you so far. Well done though)
    3 – Ukraine (Don;t recall much, but it was staged brilliantly)
    2 – Albania (simple, yet with a powerful hook. They didn;t aim for musical excellence, but staying power and they got it)
    1 – Georgia (Live was not good, but I liked the studio version enough, as well as it being better than their last 3 entries)

    • “Can Malta request to lower the age average for ESC for themselves? It seems is the only way to craft great songs”

      I’m not surprised. In Malta, ESC is a big deal and singers do the NF every year and almost always win on their second, third or fourth (if not more) times trying… So in the end, they tend to lose themselves a lot and take a big europop balladesque-popesque tune to win and do esc with something that in turns doesnt interest Europe much (hence the exception of 2013 which sounded fresh by Maltese standards and therefore by esc ones as well)… But with kids, they’re less formatted and expected to do esc by the book, so they would sound much more genuine!

      • Wouldn’t it be great if a fresh artist turned up in the Maltese NF and won it? :)
        As far as I know, Gianluca was the only newcomer who has won the ESC ticket. And his song was just OK (by normal standards … great by Maltese ESC standards though …)
        Well, Thea was a newcomer too … but her song was as stale as a 3 day old cup of tea …

      • But so many times without any song that provokes… something… Is all boring and predictable. Not asking for brilliance, but something that makes me feel something. They had the chance this year with “Rush” (not brilliance, but distinct and perky), but they sent discount Survivor by Helena Paparizou.

        Either step up or say “Screw it, sending something fun” like Israel did.

  10. Just got done watching the show. Bulgaria done a wonderful job; it was as equally good as was Malta’s hosting last year. Destiny was amazing and is a deserving winner!

    My ranking of the songs:

    1. Malta
    2. Albania
    3. Armenia
    4. Bulgaria
    5. Slovenia
    6. Russia
    7. Serbia
    8. Ireland
    9. Belarus
    10. Australia
    11. The Netherlands
    12. FYR Macedonia
    13. San Marino
    14. Georgia
    15. Ukraine
    16. Montenegro
    17. Italy

  11. The Greek version of “Grande Amore” has just been released:

  12. Destiny enjoys a hero’s welcome as she arrives in Malta :


    Of course she also met the prime minister.

  13. This Celine Dion tribute to Paris from last night’s American music awards is just spine-tingling:

  14. According to Bild Helene Fischer may fly the German flag in Stockhom :P

  15. Off-Topic: The Melodifestivalen entries will be revealed in a press conference on 30th November.

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