Junior Eurovision: Your Favourite Revealed before the Final Tonight

junior eurovision 2015 smallJunior Eurovision – Earlier this week we asked the readers of Eurovision Times to vote for their favourite in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The Final takes place tonight in Sofia, Bulgaria and we can now announce who our readers want to win…

1st – Slovenia 14%

joint 2nd – Australia 13%

joint 2nd – Malta 13%

4th – Ireland 12%

5th – San Marino 11%

So the votes were very close! Congratulations to Lina Kuduzovic of Slovenia and good luck to all the competitors tonight.

The show can be watched on Youtube, starts at 19.30 (CET) and here’s the running order:

Serbia: Lena Stamenkovic – ‘Lenina Pesma
Georgia: The Virus – Gabede
Slovenia: Lina Kuduzovic – ‘Prva ljubezen
Italy: Chiara & Martina – ‘Viva
The Netherlands: Shalisa – ‘Million lights
Australia: Bella Paige – ‘My girls
Ireland: Aimee Banks – ‘Réalta Na Mara
Russia: Mikhail Smirnov – ‘Mechta
FYR Macedonia: Ivan & Mgdelena – ‘Pletenka
Belarus: Ruslan Aslanov – ‘Volshebstvo
Armenia: Mika – ‘Love
Ukraine: Anna Trincher – ‘Pochny z sebe
Bulgaria: Gabriela Yoranova & Ivan Stoyanov – ”Colour of hope
San Marino: Kamilla Ismailova – ‘Mirror
Malta: Destiny Chukunyere – ‘Not my soul
Albania: Mishela Rapo – ‘Dambaje
Montenegro: Jana Mirkovic – ‘Oluja

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181 comments on “Junior Eurovision: Your Favourite Revealed before the Final Tonight

  1. I just got back in. Aw well done Malta, very deserved in my opinion! Sad to see Ireland not do a bit better, but it was quite a decent line-up this year. It’s definitely moving away from its old image of squeaky out of tune little kids in ra-ra dresses and shorts.

  2. Are Ireland always going to be singing in Irish, or can they change to English if they want. When the language rule was in place, Ireland always benefited as did Malta of being able to sing in English. Think it’d be wise of them to give it a rethink.

  3. Ireland should have sung in English. You have to play to your strengths and since Ireland has no neighbours or Diaspora they need all the help they can get. Singing in English is of course no guarantee of success, but it can be a key advantage.

  4. BTW, I loved the interval acts. Each of them were extremely entertaining adn unique with their own flavor. Well done Bulgaria, great looking and organized all around!

    • loved wheres my dress, and the sort of techno dance thing.

      The beat boxing will indeed talented and skilled was a bit boring to watch.

      But your great Bulgaria did a great job hosting. I misjudged them.

  5. Watched the show Saturday night (using the Dutch stream and not that ridiculous one from the official channel) without having heard the songs beforehand, and Malta was my personal winner as well! It was a great song that ticked all the boxes for a winner. It’s also good to see some youthful energy in the winner after two ballads and that crazy good dubstep song from Ukraine in 2012. Armenia’s close second is a little incomprehensible to me, but oh well, it was personally a little meh for me.

    The other songs I liked were the Georgian, Italian, Dutch, Russian, and Albanian songs. All of them except Albania deserved to do better (5th was a pleasant surprise). The rest were forgettable, and Australia and San Marino’s shouty messes were lowlights of the evening.

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