Germany: Xavier Naidoo NOT going to Stockholm!

GermanyGermany – A press release issued this afternoon by NDR states that it has reconsidered its announcement that Xavier Naidoo would be its representative in Stockholm and will now send someone else instead. 

NDR was certainly not prepared it seems for the backlash upon the original announcement, with Naidoo being accused of racism and homophobia by many. Tens of thousands people supported online petitions against sending Naidoo to ESC.

Thomas Schreiber, ARD entertainment coordinator and head of the program area fiction and entertainment in the NDR said:

“Xavier Naidoo is an outstanding singer who I am convinced is neither homophobic or racist. It was clear that he polarized opinion, but the brunt of the reactions surprised us. We have misjudged. The Eurovision Song Contest is a fun event where the music and international understanding should be the focus. This character must be preserved. The ongoing discussions could cause the ESC serious harm. For this reason, Xavier Naidoo will not represent Germany. We will respond as soon as possible to decide how the German contribution for the ESC in Stockholm is found.”



38 comments on “Germany: Xavier Naidoo NOT going to Stockholm!

  1. Honestly, NDR has been making a terrible mess ever since Stefan Raab pulled out of the ESC project. Since they obviously have no clue (neither on how to stage a successful NF … so many good artists burnt with average stuff representing Germany … nor on how to pick internally …), I would love to see them hand over ESC to another ARD broadcaster like WDR or SWR. Grrrrr …

  2. Democracy at work and NDR listened ! Congratulations and please no more mistakes in the future. Its the 2nd year in a row we have drama in Germany.

    P.S. Those opposed to Australia’s participation take note at how you lobby for a change of decision.

    Good luck !

  3. My God, Germany just can’t seem to get its ESC choice right in the last few years does it? Choosing in artist because he has brown skin notwithstanding his problematic political activism which has been well-known for many years shows that there is something wrong with people making these sort of decisions.

    Taking part in a rally that calls for the re-establishment of the German Reich is no laughing matter in today’s Europe. Releasing a song about killing satanists that abuse children with homophobic lyrics like “why don’t you like vaginas, we all got out of one” is reminiscent of jamaican murder music. The fact that he has dabbled in Rastafarianism among other things makes it even more suspect.

    “Those opposed to Australia’s participation take note at how you lobby for a change of decision.”

    You mean creating a Twitter shitstorm? It did not make EBU change their minds about Australia, that’s for sure.

    • I meant use real pressure. There was no twitter shitstorm or petitions signed etc simply because the majority has no problem with that decisiom unlike NDR’s choice – that was a shitstorm everywhere. The Australia thing was a train without steam to get it going really.

  4. So not serious… With this steps Germany becomes western Belarus…

  5. Well it was obvious a bad idea choosing him in the first place, considering what he stands for. So I am fine by NDR’s decision to withdraw him.

    It is of course a bit of a mess selecting an artist and then taking him out again. Especially in the light of what happened at the German final last year.

    But there is a big difference between changing an entry that is chosen internally by the broadcaster and changing an entry that is chosen in a national final. For the same reasons I didn’t have a problem when Esma and Lozano changed their song in 2013 too. Had Xavier Naidoo won a NF and then been taken out, then it would have been much more problematic.

  6. O’oer, controversy at the end of their last process and also at the start of the next, I hope Germany sorts their selection out, though judging by the sound of it, an internal choice looks likely, we’ll see. Good luck.

  7. I don’t think that it’s the online Twitter outcry or whatever that ultimately prompted their decision. More likely is the fact that major, non-German news outlets have also picked up on the issue and have started reporting on it.

  8. I found his selction underwhelming but honetsly NDR this is not how a proffesional broadcaster works.Get a grip!

  9. Just searched for Xavier Naidoo’s response and in a few words he says that it was NDR that proposed him to do esc in Stockholm.He had taken the whole project very seriously and now after they’ve agreed that they’ve done a lot of work NDR unilaterally changed its decision.This is ok with him.His passion for music and his commitment to love,freedom and tolerance will remain the same.
    He has received strong support from his fans.The above press release has already received nearly 54000 likes on fb.

    • There is a heated discussion going on on PB. It’s the first time that I have read personal insults on that site … :( … but only from 2 people …

      • Well,i don’t know what to think of all this.First,this is totally amateurish behavior from NDR.Didn’t they do a background check before picking him?Hell,he is a big star in Germany.I also don’t really know what his homophobic and racist comments are that have made people so angry.

        • They thought it will pass under the radar probably. Togravus and others posted links in previous threads about him remarks.

          • I don’t know if this explains things.It still sounds extremely amateurish.

            • They should know better from the beginning, true. I am glad they made things right though, I would be much more dissapointed if they stoos by this decision simply to not be exposed.

  10. PS:I think that Laila is venting all her anger now on FB. :P Apparently she wanted Xavier for Germany!Hello Laila!We miss your comments here.

  11. Lol Germany is the new Belarus. 3 years running now.

  12. It seems like no one in Germany wants to sing at ESC. :P Hopefully they’ll find someone good soon.

  13. Hahaha, what a shambles. Well done, Toggie ;).

  14. Well, well, I spent a few days away from the ESC universe and events have unfolded at the speed of light. I guess it’s best to let the dust settle before believing in what it is said. Good luck, Germany. :)

  15. Give the Germans a reason to boo. :P

    Good luck next time!

    • That wasn’t professional behavior on NDR’S part.They spent months planning this and they ditched Xavier Naidoo after the online fan community’s outcry.He’s so popular in Germany.Couldn’t they predict the controversy their decision would provoke?

  16. BILD reports that XN wasn’t ditched because of the internet shitstorm. NDR already confirmed that 40 editors (from the culture and documentary segments) passionately protested against his nomination in an internal “Brandbrief”.

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